O Come All Ye Empaths


O Come all ye empaths

Honest and so decent

O come ye, O come ye to my illusion,

Come and be ensnared

By my golden period

O come let you fuel me

O come let you fuel me

O come let you fuel me

Narc the Lesser

O cry tears of sadness,

Cry in sheer frustration,

Cry and be hurt by

My manipulations

Give to your narc fuel

In the plenty

O come let you fuel me

O come let you fuel me

O come let you fuel me

Narc the Mid-Range

All hail Greater we worship thee,

Malevolent and so handsome,

O Greater for always will you hoover us,

Words are your weapons

Devaluation appearing

O come let us fuel him

O come let us fuel him

O come let us fuel him

And never stop


101 thoughts on “O Come All Ye Empaths

  1. Kim e says:

    Might be worth the airfare just to witness it

  2. Angie says:

    a fuel filled extravaganza,,,must be lonely in that place.

  3. Alexissmith2016 says:

    Where has he gone?

    Who is he with?

  4. Kellie Mccoey says:

    Mr Tudor has your sessions with the good doctors changed the way you interact with people, at least in the workplace? I would be interested to know what caused you to pop up on their radar in the first place if you would care to divulge.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes to an extent. It was an agreed arrangement involving my family.

      1. Clarece says:

        Hi HG! Have you had any episodes to the extreme of what the behavior was that caused the family intervention since you have been in therapy?
        You brought up on the blog about two years ago in December that you had punched an individual in a bar (or that type of setting in a social outing) that had triggered your fury. Have you had any episodes like that in two years?

        1. HG Tudor says:


          1. Clarece says:

            I bet the doctors do view that as progress with you! That’s really good to hear HG!

          2. NarcAngel says:

            He may not have punched someone publicly since, but there could still be bodies in the moat. If no one saw it, it never happened.
            Bwa haha

          3. Clarece says:

            Nooooo. No dead bodies in a moat, NA. That thought makes my tummy hurt…

          4. NarcAngel says:

            Sorry. I was trying to scare the plaid off those pants – not make your tummy hurt.

          5. Clarece says:

            Bahahahaha I know NA. That plaid is like white on rice. Not going anywhere.

          6. MB says:

            K, please find the fury ignited punching incident thread.

          7. NarcAngel says:

            Hey! K is not your minion!

          8. K says:

            Ha ha ha…thanks for the laugh!

          9. MB says:

            NA & K, that did sound like I was being Miss Bossy Britches! I’m sorry for taking you for granted K.

          10. K says:

            Ha ha ha…you don’t have to say sorry and I don’t think you take me for granted.

          11. MB says:

            K, HG is Da Man and you are Da Woman at Narcsite. What a delight you are!

          12. K says:

            Ha ha ha….flattery will get you everywhere, just saying, and thank you for your kind words, I really do appreciate them!

          13. NarcAngel says:

            I see you have always been adorable.

          14. Clarece says:

            The girl with the curl…haha

        2. K says:

          Do you remember any of the words in the comment?
          Was it a bar or a pub? And what caused the incident?

          1. NarcAngel says:

            I’ve tried looking also. I believe it was near Christmas but not last year. Im trying to think of keywords but failing. I thought the incident took place in the bathroom at a bar or pub and was in response to HG having been badgered /annoyed earlier by him. Wait……maybe that was me…I’m getting flashbacks. I’ll keep thinking.

          2. K says:

            Ha ha ha… I went through dec. 2016 and nothing turned up. Keep digging.

          3. Clarece says:

            K, let me ponder this. I remember the incident happened around now 2 years ago but wasn’t referenced in comments until a few weeks later in January 2017. I may just scroll thru the archives myself later tonight to see if I can find it.

          4. K says:

            It isn’t in Dec. 2016 so I had a feeling it would be in Jan. 2017. Good luck!

          5. MB says:

            Or maybe HG will take the notion to share the story 😉

          6. k says:

            Clarece, NA and MB
            Here it is!

            HG Tudor
            FEBRUARY 2, 2017 AT 14:11

            I lost control on an evening out prior to Christmas. There was a long simmering tension between he and I. He purposefully pushed in front of me at a bar we were in. Ordinarily that would not be a problem, but because it was him and I knew how deliberate it was and that he was trying to show me up in front of my coterie and his friends, it ignited my fury. I erupted and attacked him owing to this loss of control. It was swift and he had no chance to defend himself because of the frenzied onslaught. He deserved it, is an unpleasant person and I know he will not take the matter further because of the other matters I know about him which would cause him far more trouble than it would to me. The impact on him was hospitalisation and he has not dared to appear in my spheres of influence since. His reaction (and those around him) provided a considerable injection of fuel which abated my fury so it abated as quickly as it appeared and I turned to my friends and asked them what they wanted to drink.


            Nice coda HG.

          7. HG Tudor says:

            I am returning to the same bar Thursday evening for a night out. I doubt he will be there, but if he is….

          8. MB says:

            He will get another overnight stay at A & E for Christmas?

          9. HG Tudor says:

            Nah, I will buy him a drink and say, ‘Let’s put it all behind us, it’s Christmas!’

          10. MB says:

            Pro social progress. I love it HG!

          11. HG Tudor says:

            I was being sarcastic actually MB!!

          12. MB says:

            Just another display of my sin of positivity, HG. My rose-colored glasses didn’t allow me to see the sarcasm.

          13. HG Tudor says:

            Typical empath!

          14. MB says:

            Yep, I drive my co-workers crazy! They try to talk that shit and negativity and I always turn it around to being positive. Everybody gets the benefit of the doubt in my presence. I can almost always find a silver lining. They know, if MB is at a loss, we’re screwed for sure!

          15. K says:

            If he knows what’s good for him, he will go to another bar.

          16. kmac says:

            what bar is it?

          17. Clarece says:

            Is this a traditional holiday outing in your hometown or something? Haha

          18. HG Tudor says:

            It Christmas Night Out for the football team that I play for.

          19. Clarece says:

            HG, that you play for now or in the past? I thought you didn’t have time to play anymore?
            Was the person you hit two years ago from an opposing team or not sports related?

          20. HG Tudor says:

            That I play for.
            Not sports related.

          21. Clarece says:


          22. MB says:

            I told y’all he played!

            HG, why didn’t you just say that back when we were talking about it. Why say now? You like games!

          23. k says:

            Of course he likes to play games, he is a narcissist after all.

          24. MB says:

            You’re right K. If he wasn’t mysterious, he would have to turn in his Narc Card!

            I just listened to “Secrets” on YouTube. All is explained there.

            It’s not a deliberate manipulation of the readers. My loyalty makes me sure of that. Besides, it adds to the allure.

          25. MB says:

            K, you’re awesome!

          26. K says:

            I know, right! (that is just my narcissism coming to the fore, ignore it and it will go away)

          27. MB says:

            K, you don’t have to be narcissistic to appreciate a compliment! You’re amazing. The way you find things and share them is so helpful. I’m sending you some good time brownies for Christmas. Virtually anyway.

          28. K says:

            Thank you MB! Looking forward to those good time brownies.

          29. Clarece says:

            Yeah, that’s it. I was halfway thru January 2017 archives. I knew it was discussed after the incident and was guessing I may have to go into Feb.
            That was an intense situation. K and NA, did you remember this?
            I always greatly appreciated when HG would share these personal stories. Especially ones of a delicate matter where he admits he erupted and lost control and what transpired because of it. I especially appreciate that the honesty to share that side of him in an actual encounter shows progress and strength. That the honesty is not a weakness.

          30. K says:

            I logged on circa April 21, 2017 so I missed that thread. I do like to read about HG’s personal stories so I can see the world through his eyes. It makes it much easier to understand the dynamic.

          31. windstorm says:

            I didn’t remember it till I read it again. I really appreciate HGs sharing of these type of personal events, too. I think it’s good for all of us as well as for him.

          32. Clarece says:

            Hi WS! This story of HG’s really affected me at the time…most likely scared the shit out of me, so I’ve always remembered it. I think it is a good benchmark for HG to draw on his progress with therapy. Or if it has become stagnant for him. I think it’s great when he shares these stories too because as much as he says he operates as an efficient machine, this shows a true to life example of his very human side affected by NPD.

          33. windstorm says:

            Perhaps I’m more inured to violence, that the story didn’t surprise me at the time. Many of the male narcs in my family might have told that story. Violence out of nowhere seems fairly common between two narcs. It’s a way of establishing dominance.

            Even my Pretzel has gone off in public fairly recently and threatened to kill someone. And my Pretzel is a non-violent cerebral, but he refuses to be intimidated by anyone. This guy was a lesser narc whom he had prosecuted and had been following the Pretzel to try to intimidate him. Pretzel deliberately confronted him in a public place, erupting on him out of nowhere. Put an end to his stalking with no actual violence. It’s just a narc thing.

            But I agree with you that’s it’s great HG hasn’t actually physically hurt anyone else like that. I see it as a sign of personal growth.

          34. Twilight says:


            I remembered the incident, like you it affected me.
            I do hope if HG runs into him tonight, it will only be a pint he shares and not a punch to.

          35. Clarece says:

            Btw K, it’s amazing how you were able to find this post once you knew the timeline to look. Great job finding this one!

          36. K says:

            Thank you Clarece
            The timeline makes a big difference.

          37. Clarece says:

            HG, you have said yourself that you have become more pro-social over the last couple of years with therapy. Only you know what triggered you to lose control that night two years ago. Do you think the same reaction would happen now from you if the same scenario unfolded this year instead of 2016? If not, what can you tell about how you’ve changed?

          38. HG Tudor says:

            It would with that particular individual because he had it coming. With other individuals, the threshold for the release of that ignited and frenzied fury has moved upwards. Certain individuals however are the targets of my malice and therefore there is no change in that regard, but the ability to control my ignited fury (which is a different consideration to malice) has increased and in part is directed towards being pro social.

      2. kel says:

        You! HG, I’m so gullible. I take my ‘Like’ back on your Nah, I’ll buy him a drink, and say let’s put it behind us, it’s Christmas 🙄. I thought whoever was making you fun and sassy lately had put you in a really good mood. It’s a long learning process for me, clearly.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Ha ha, who knows I may buy him a drink, depends on whether he is black or white and as you know, that alters in an instant. It could be a pint and a punch!

  5. Wendy armitage says:

    Hi hg just listened to the Hoover blog on you tube. I have recently been communicating with my ex about a finance car I have but in his name and he is delaying sorting out tthe payment I missed for last month . He’s now saying we should both go out and look for a new car together and trade both our vehicles in he has also started to call me by his pet name he had for me and phoning me almost every day about the car or Emailing me . My question is is this a Hoover as he has new supply that he went off with after disengaging from me 7 mths ago or is he just simply trying to be nice to get what he wants my car back and a new one for himself? Any info would be greatly appreciated . Thank you .

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are being hoovered for fuel and for the residual benefit of a new car.

  6. Chihuahuamum says:

    Never mind empaths what happened to our favorite narcissist???

  7. Trin Tragula says:

    Question: At what point does a “woke” empathic primary source who has been–by nature of an increasingly but partially enlightened status–who has been, I say, engaged in (futilely) railing against the narc with facts about narcissism which match up exactly with the abuses of the narc—HG, from the narc’s perspective, at what point does the enlightened/enraged empath go from “good fuel source” to “bad person = black.”
    Another way of putting it: At what point does the narc cross over from relishing the fuel and not being threatened by the enlightening of the empath vs the narc being annoyed enough or even concerned enough to nevermind about the fuel and start seeking a new replacement primary fuel source?
    An addendum question would be: How would this affect future hoover attempts? Would the knowledge the old empath now has of narcs make future hoover attempts less worth it to the narc?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      The staleness of fuel or its lack of frequency and/or diminished amount commences devaluation of the IPPS. It is during this devaluation that the narcissist is likely to engage with alternative intimate sources. Dependent upon their traits, their fulfilment of the prime aims and susceptibility to control, they may well replace the IPPS who is then disengaged from. If they do not, they will be treated in a shelf manner most of the time, their interactions influenced by the white/black relationship between the narcissist and the IPPS as the IPPS has periods of devaluation and then respite (renewed golden periods).

      If the narcissist perceives that the victim is ‘onto them’ this may cause an increase in devaluing behaviour to tighten the grip or it may result in disengagement.

      This awareness is a factor in the Hoover execution Criteria and is one of many factors which govern the likelihood of hoovers.

  8. Leslie says:

    I am not a feeding ground.

    I am not a resource, exploitable, extractive, or otherwise.

    I am a distinct individual.

    Narc blindness to these facts does not invalidate their reality.

    It does show the limitations of narcs.

  9. Original Overthinker says:

    O Come all ye Narcies

    Narcissist Bastard

    O come ye, O come ye to a living Hell,

    Come and be an abuser

    Destroy a beautiful person

    O come let me like you

    O come let me love you

    O come let me adore you, in this living hell

    Narcie the Bastard

    Made me cry tears of sadness,

    Cried tears of frustration,

    Angered and hurt by


    What the hell is happening

    Oh my head is battered

    O come let me understand you

    O come let me help you

    O come let me love you, in my living hell

    Narc the Mid-Ranger

    Destroyer of empaths

    Happiness, joy and bliss

    Move onto the next one

    with your confident dick

    Words are your weapons

    Actions are your bullets

    O come let you discard me

    O come let you use me

    O come let you destroy me, in my living hell

    In the darkness

    Broken and wasted

    Forgotten and bewildered

    Discovered HG’s Narcsite

    O come let me hate you

    O come let me know it’s your narcissism

    O come let me heal, heal, heal, heal

    Rot in hell! PDW

    1. K says:

      Original Overthinker
      Ha ha ha…that was awesome!

      1. Caroline R says:

        Just tossing around an idea:
        Empath Carol for covert/victim-Ns:

        “Oh fuck all the co-verts
        Let them die with violence
        Let their smug faces
        Be smashed, flat roadkill…
        Oh let me stab you,
        Stab you re-peat-ed-ly
        Oh come now as I kick you
        Oh come I’ll punch your face in,
        Oh come now you deserve this

      2. Caroline R says:

        Verse 2 begins:

        “Oh fuck all the co-vert
        oxygen de-plete-ers
        Let them and their excuse-es
        Go down in flames
        “Oh but it isn’t, never was my fault”
        Oh yes it is, you’ll pay now
        Oh yes it was, admit it,
        Oh yes it was you dick-head,
        It’s Doomsday to day”

        Glory to God
        Who sees through all your bull-shit,
        Your lies can-not con Him
        Deflection will not sway Him,
        He will hold you to ac-count,
        And we will all cheer!

        It’s written that one day,
        He’ll wipe away our tears,
        And there’ll be no crying, or pain again
        We’re going to where, real love is valued,
        and we’ll be loved in re-turn,
        and we’ll be loved in re-turn,
        and we’ll be loved in re-turn,
        Just as we deserve!

      3. Caroline R says:

        So, as you’ve noticed I’m feeling quite angry today…

      4. Caroline R says:

        “Oh fuck all the co-vert
        Silent treatment-givers,
        Tramplers on boundaries
        Spiteful bastards, all
        May you suffer
        As you’ve made us suffer,
        And may you be ig-nored,
        And may you be ig-nored,
        And may you be ig-nored,
        In fuel-free eternity.”

      5. Caroline R says:

        Verse 1 alt line:
        “Oh come now you deserve this”
        “Oh come now you’re en-ti-tled”.

      6. Caroline R says:

        Verse 4 alt line:
        “And may you be ig-nored,
        And may you be ig-nored,
        And yes, you will be ig-nored
        In per-pe-tu-ity”

      7. K says:

        Caroline R
        Ha ha ha….feel that anger and hatred, don’t hold back just let it all out. It feels damn good, doesn’t it.

    2. Caroline R says:

      Original Overthinker
      So clever!
      Would make a good chant.
      Very satisfying ending.

      1. Original Overthinker says:

        Love your anger vent … x x

    3. JJ says:

      LOVELY, OO.

      Am thirsty for more.

      1. Original Overthinker says:

        Thank you JJ for the compliment … I am having a shit day today… I think why couldn’t he see any good in me that others seemed to … x x

    4. Mercy says:

      Overthinker, this is great!

    5. Original Overthinker says:

      The Narcie and the Empath,
      When they are both full grown
      Of all the golden couples 

      That are in the wood
      The Narpaths bears the crown
      O the rising of his cock
      And the moaning as she nears
      The playing of his merry organ
      Sweet singing in the unknown mire

      The Narcie bears a history
      As dark as any mud
      And Empie bore sweet love
      Hoping to do the Narcie good
      O the rising of the Cock
      And the moaning as she nears
      The playing of his merry organ
      Sweet singing in the unknown mire

      The Narcie bears a fury
      As red as any blood
      The Empie try to understand

      But did Empie no good
      No the rising of his cock
      His moaning and smears

      No playing of the merry organ
      No singing in the mire.

      The Narcie bears a prickle
      As sharp as any thorn;
      His demeanour is filled with 

      Malice and scorn 
      The rising of his anger
      You should be running my dear
      The playing with Empie’s head
      Gaslighting in the mire

      The Narcie bears a bark
      As belittling as likes
      And Empie bore it all 
      Made her feel like shite 
      O the rising of the sun
      You should the running my dear
      Was there ever a merry organ
      I want to be out of this mire

      The Narcie and the Empath
      Now everything known,
      The Narcie is a bastard 

      Thinks he should bear the crown.

      O Empie is wounded hopefully will grow
      Narcie will never endear 
      Recovery of a merry life with very strife!

      Sweet singing of the HG’s choir.

      Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Very good.

      2. Original Overthinker says:

        Last line … Should be…

        Recovery of a merry life with very LITTLE strife!

      3. JJ says:

        Fine poetic talent, Original Overthinker.
        You are original, with a first class honor! 😉

  10. Pheonix says:

    and for the record… 1st Christmas I’ve totally looked forwards to since the narc… and it’s the 4th one.

  11. francetothaseen says:

    Would u like a glass of water

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Only if it is San Pellegrino, thank you.

      1. Original Overthinker says:

        Sweet but bitter … x x

      2. MB says:

        HG, I imagined you as a still water guy.

      3. foolme1time says:

        Must be the choice water of narcs?! That’s what my ex drank.

  12. Former Innocent Perse says:

    Thank you for that reminder..er NarcCarol.
    I would say I’m out of fuel, but I’m going to ask so…..
    Will you be “snowing” us again this year?

  13. Nika 💜 says:

    Words are your weapons, but the sword of Truth is mine.

  14. Caroline R says:

    So clever, so articulate..
    Losing my will to say “no”
    Must resist.
    Ooh, so handsome…
    Losing my will to resist…
    Ooh you smell good…
    (Slow, deep exhale)

    Wait! Who is that other woman?
    And that one?
    How many ARE there?
    (Comes to senses)
    Unhand me forthwith!
    Yes, I mean it.
    No, don’t kiss me
    Don’t call me “baby”
    Stop it
    (Gets emergency-N -repellent cards out of her hip pocket)
    “No emotion.”
    “Get out, stay out”.
    “Think of the STIs”

    Controls her feelings, looks as blankly as possible for an empath, tosses hair over her shoulder, turns on high heels, and makes dignified, wordless exit.
    Leaves lingering fragrance in the air: the fragrance of N-desire.

    1. mommypino says:

      Ha ha think of the STIs!

      I love it!

      1. Caroline R says:


  15. Kim e says:

    I will never hear or sing a Christmas carol again the same way.

  16. MB says:

    Will you be singing these carols for us HG?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Not at present, MB.

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