The Expanded Narcissistic Truths – No. 1


The heart of an empath is treasured by our kind. Whilst our own hearts are black and iced, the heart of the empath radiates with fuel. It is capable of love, desire, admiration, compassion, concern, hurt and so many other emotions which radiate from it. The empathic heart is a veritable fuel pump and as such is coveted by us. It has so much more to it than that which we have in our hearts. We are envious of this but recognise how such a heart is there to serve us and cater for our needs.

You, as an empathic individual, also have one further major difference between your heart and ours.

Yours is free.

Your heart is free to choose who it engages with. Who it falls in love with, who it wishes to show joy to, who it wishes to share its innermost desires and secrets with. It is free to show its pain to those that it chooses.

We are jealous of that freedom. Our desire to receive the bountiful fuel which is pumped from you by this delicious heart brings with it our desire to capture it and prevent you exercising this freedom any further.

Our dark hearts are bound to the venom that flows through us, to the vitriol which we spray over those around us and the adherence to hatred, envy, fury and other such dark emotions. Our hearts know no such freedom like yours. The nature of our hearts is that they are pre-ordained in how they will function.

In capturing your heart for the purposes of fuel, we also desire to capture your heart to take away this freedom that you have and the absolute method of removing this freedom is to bring about the effective ‘death’ of your heart.

We are insidious agents, proponents of the salami-slicing approach which enables us to secure our aims through a thousand deft and delicate cuts so that you never notice what is actually happening. We are no different in this modus operandi when it comes to the ‘killing’ of your heart. The death of your heart is effected through the removal of its freedom.

Each and every day we advance our cause to gain fuel and to secure the bondage of your heart, little by little, as we strip it of its freedom. Through the dazzling love-bombing we invade it, taking it piece by piece so that it belongs to us. We permeate your life through our compliments, our apparent love, our fabricated passion for you, our illusory desire as you are gradually over run and conquered. With each passing day as we unleash our charm on you, our legions of text messages, our battalions of telephone conversations and the marching foot soldiers of love, we take a piece of your heart and capture it. Thus a part of it has effectively ‘died’ since it has lost that free will.

Of course, entirely consistent with the notion of romance that you have been indoctrinated with, the capture of your heart in such a way is regarded as a wonderful thing. You are  regarding this capture as one which is healthy, respectful and you do not recognise that it has been predicated on a false premise.

Once we have you embedded your heart is ours. It has been captured. You no longer are afforded the choice of where your emotions can be directed. They must be directed towards us and us alone for the purposes of our fuel provision. The onslaught continues as having captured your heart, we then set about our scorched earth approach through devaluation as our despicable manipulations and horrid machinations are deployed against you for the purposes of maintaining the occupation of your heart and the total hegemonic control of its emotional output.

We captured the good – the love, the admiration, the compassion, the happiness, the joy and so forth.

Now we capture the bad – the pain, the hurt, the fear, the terror, the hatred and all other negative emotions.

Little by little, day by day, we invade your heart and occupy it, making it ours, commandeering its emotional resources for our own use and in so doing we strip away its ability to function in a free manner.

The removal of this freedom is how your heart dies when you are with us.

This happens on a daily basis as we slowly cause your heart to ‘die’ through our polluted control of you.

30 thoughts on “The Expanded Narcissistic Truths – No. 1

  1. Melissa says:

    At least you admit that your kind has a heart whilst black and iced. Your heart is thawed and blood returned by our free heart. And once you realize your weakness you revolt against it and punish us.
    Our kinds heart never dies. I’ve been abused since childhood from a father, boyfriends to a husband.
    Regardless, my heart will love forever and the dream of a healthy relationship with excitement and passion will never die! I will never give that power to anyone undeserving.
    Keep up the good work of educating me! Forever grateful!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you and you are welcome.

  2. J.G says:

    Hello, H.G.Tudor.

    How much damage you do, stealing and breaking hearts. Because at the end of it all, the hearts you steal don’t matter to you. And that’s a shame. You steal something so precious and perfect, so innocent and pure. That you traumatize the victims. The pain is so intense, so painful and takes so long to heal, but I’m going to tell you H.G. If you know everything and despite everything continue to assert. You feel so powerful, taking the blood from our hearts.

    Like Aztec priests you take out our hearts and leave our bodies inert.
    The video can hurt the sensibility of the spectator.

    1. J.G says:

      That’s the sacrifice we must make to have loved you, I suppose.

  3. Joanne says:

    “You no longer are afforded the choice of where your emotions can be directed.” Wow, if this is not the truth. I almost feel incapable of directing my affections and emotions back to my husband whom I love. It feels like forced effort. How is it even possible to get this back?

  4. Honey Bee says:

    I have some questions about your childhood. I don’t think they are too personal in nature, but maybe they are to you. I don’t know where your boundaries are here on narcsite.

    Who was the kindest person around when you were a child or the kindest person you ever met as a child? Can you describe what this person was like? What made them kind? Would you be willing to share that with us?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      My piano tutor. This will appear in ‘Little Boy Lost’.

  5. Vicki Lewis says:

    What would happen of I showed my narc this? I believe he is a mid range narcissist.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No point in doing so.

      1. Vicki Lewis says:

        Care to elaborate?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          On what?

          1. Vicki Lewis says:

            On what happens is you show this article to a mid range narcissist.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            He will not see any applicability to him or her and you will be met with a challenge fuel response most likely.

    2. Cindy says:

      You think there’s something wrong with me? Why do you think that? I didn’t say anything bad. What are you talking about? You know, it’s always been YOU with the problem. Accusing me of things I never did. How dare you ? I do everything for you! You’re the one who needs help! You are always bitching at me for shit I didn’t say or do? Who died and made you Queen Shit??? You are just an ungrateful Bitch! You don’t appreciate anything I’ve done for you! All you do is nag me! You are one crazy cunt! I’m the one who should be hurt! I just can’t believe you would think that!!
      Want more?
      That’s what happened when I told my mid ranger he was a narc.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        That last sentence was needed, I thought I was witnessing some major smackdown between you and VL – I was just sending the minion for some popcorn!

      2. Vicki Lewis says:

        Absolutely spot on! Sent him the article . Jusr needed validation. Thank you Cindy!

      3. K says:

        For a minute there, I thought Cindy was talking to you HG.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Ha ha, if she was it’s a dollop of fuel, K.

      4. alexissmith2016 says:

        That must have been awful Cindy! So glad you’re here now and can share your experience with us and understand and rationalise his reaction.

        I’m intrigued if anyone has ever confronted a greater?

        The most I’ve ever said to one is, ‘I know you’re bad for me’. The response, a silent smug look on their face then carry on as normal.

  6. WW says:

    This is exactly what I feel. Worse, he has made me hate my heart for it was naive and gullible. I turned on my own heart. I no longer trust it. All I have done by escaping is pull it out of the cage. It is in my hand and it is nothing but a cold hard stone now.

    1. Twisted Heart says:

      Try not to hate your heart. You will bounce back from this and you will be so much more stronger and wiser. You will learn to guard your precious heart and will only give it to those most deserving of this special gift. I know it doesn’t feel this way now but your value just went up.

      1. lisk says:

        “…your value just went up.”

        Nicely put, Twisted Heart.

    2. Alexissmith2016 says:

      Keep holding onto it WW and I promise you that it will slowly warm once again x

    3. amanda SNapchat says:

      it can be warm again. do not let the narc win. love again

  7. Strong enough says:

    So is this strong control the main aim in a relationship for you? I still have not understood the mechanism of refueling yet. If the fuel level is high, everything should be OK, right? The wife of my ex-narc (Mid Ranger) told me that within the months of our golden period he was absolutely terrible at home. Nobody could please him, always in a bad mood and mostly watching TV. I was so full of energy that I almost bursted and the people around me benefited from this energy. It is strange to hear that it seemed to be the opposite for him. His plan was to remove his wife as his IPPS. He felt repressed what really is a good joke.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      The aim is to fulfil The Prime Aims and control is central to that.

  8. Amanda Snapchat 5 says:

    The greater narc I know has literally said to me that my heart is fantistic and beutiful I find it fasconating that he also uses that term “heart” Like it could be my soul etc but he just refers to my heart.

    He wrote me a short story and gave me a painting as a new year’s gift. Both items refereced my heart. The painting was literally a heart, like a real heart and around it things I like. I showed the painitng to my mom. She said it looked like an addict had made the painting. My mom has good intuition. I thought how interesting it is to think that narcs are drug addicts. They need your heart to live.

  9. Twisted Heart says:

    This is precisely how it felt post escape. I looked back and realized that whatever was left of my innocence was now completely gone. Something I held sacred for almost 40 years was stripped away from me in 3 short months. This is the devil’s work.

    1. WW says:

      We could be twins my dear. I think there is something additionally horrifying about escaping. The word itself, escape, means you drop everything and run. Literally you leave your heart behind and then look at it from some (hopefully) safe vantage point and wonder if you should even want it back, it is ruined. What a narcissist does to your heart is an assault to all who have shown you kindness and compassion and real love in the past. But the lesson in this is found in the contrast. You likely didn’t appreciate the compassion, love and kindness you received before you met this narcissist. This is the only thing I am thankful for.

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