Wounded Creature

I would never hurt an animal, not intentionally. I am an expert marksman but I would never shoot a live animal. I am not fond of animals, I have never kept a pet and I never will. Caring for or hurting an animal has no interest for me. I should imagine that has taken a few of you by surprise. I should imagine that you saw the picture of this fox with his cast and thought, “This is where he shows more of his sadism by revealing that he tortured guinea pigs when he was  a child or shot at birds in the garden with an air rifle.” I am pleased to disappoint you. That never happened. I am well aware that hurting animals may be a sign of no conscience but it does not follow that a lack of conscience means that you will hurt animals. I know that certain individuals obtain an emotional gratification by hurting an animal as this is about exhibiting the ultimate control. I regard those that engage in that type of behaviour as low-functioning epsilon semi-morons. An animal cannot answer you back, it cannot tell you things or say the wrong thing. I do think that animals display certain self-centred narcissistic tendencies, feed me, wash me, stroke me, play with me, walk me, clean my living space and so on. They require a lot of attention and that is why I cannot countenance ever having one as a pet. I suspect that is the reason why I have never hurt one.

No, my ire exists for the wounded creature, the pathetic person that is weak. I do not like babies because they are weak and absorb attention away from me. I do not like the elderly, they are weak and they absorb attention away from me with all the help they need. I also want no reminder of how mortality fades and they are the spectres hovering at the end, reminding us that the reaper’s scythe is nearing. I do not like the ill, they are weak and they absorb attention away from me. I think you are getting the picture now. I know you empathic people reach out to these people and that society dictates that these groups should be cared for. That does not resonate with me. They infuriate me. I would rather they disappeared and did not distract from my purpose. Should they come within my reach they find themselves subjected to my irritation and displeasure which results in me lashing out  with acidic tongue and savage words at them in order to exhibit my annoyance. I know you regard that as wrong but I am just being honest. It is what I feel. Now you know why my kind ditches you for a younger model, pays no interest to the birth of our child and why our kind always vanishes when you are ill or injured and in need of care. We have no desire to be reminded of weakness, not when it threatens us from inside on a daily basis.


34 thoughts on “Wounded Creature

  1. Maintenance Mode says:

    Ha haha… it amuses me how you put (OT) with ED, so nonchalantly. I was rereading your comments, and noticed this. 😊

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is a necessary addition.

      1. Nika says:


  2. Honey Bee says:


    No. I read it maybe a month ago and it should be in my browser history somewhere, so I would have to check to be absolutely sure. But from what i remember it was written by the psychotherapist who treated the woman, not the narcissist and in no way did the psychotherapist try to take credit for any of the events.

  3. Jett says:

    The Narc I know slow poisoned outdoor dogs / cats because it would hurt the dog owner, his current hostage. He would threaten to hurt the dog if the girlfriend didn’t do what he wanted.

    This particular Narcopath did other unsavory things with his next hostage’s dog. He had a goal in mind and was apparently non-plussed to be innaproprietly touching animals.

    There’s more but you don’t do anything nice for me so we’ll just let you keep getting it wrong.

  4. Honey Bee says:

    “I know that certain individuals obtain an emotional gratification by hurting an animal as this is about exhibiting the ultimate control.”
    You say you don’t feel that way.
    You also mention that an animal cannot answer, tell you things or say the wrong thing to you. So it seems to me that you don’t see them as guilty of trying to hurt you. You see them as innocent beings that only require attention, which you are not willing to give, I assume you see young children the same way: annoying, but innocent.

    Hurting an animal does not mean ultimate control, unless they take on an animal of equal strength and with their bare hands or something. Hurting an animal (or a child) that is weaker than you is the ultimate cowardice. Cowards know which animal or child to choose. Like you said they are low-functioning epsilon semi-morons. Your mother was one of them. She should have burned at the stake. I’m glad you don’t take after her in that way (targeting children or animals for fuel).

    You seem to have a lot of hatred though, directed at mankind in general for living their own merry, ignorant little lives, oblivious to what you (and many others) went through. You have every right to be furious for having to live a life of fuel, fury and infatuations.

    1. Survival Nika says:

      Yes, but then the Sociopath turns around and does the same hurtful things to those whom have been dealt these same hardships as he, himself, claims to had been forced to endure as a child.

      He feels a protective anger only for himself, and no one else does he care about. He couldn’t care less that others have been hurt as children in the same way in which he was.

      His Kind lash out at those who are vulnerable. He is nearly the same monster as the one whom he claims to hate.

      Perhaps he does or does not lash out at children (who knows, he’s a pathological liar) but, after he lifts his leg and claims his territory, he will then proceed to lash out, and maim (just like the monster whom he claims hurt him).

      As usual, if this monster so chooses, he will pick apart my words and find reason to criticize, ignore, or simply not post my comment at all.

      He monopolizes all comments and does that which he sees fit. Of course he does. He is a Sociopath; a pathological liar; a monster. He knows the difference between right and wrong, but willingly chooses the latter. Why? Because he feels like it.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Your first three paragraphs are fair observations and it is therefore unfortunate that your final two paragraphs let your post down. 99% of comments are posted – those which offend the rules are removed as you know full well. If I do not answer a question it is because I do not have time. If I do not pass comment, it is because I do not have time. I moderate all comments with complete impartiality, if I did not, I would not allow any of your comments thorough at all, would I? Lo and behold, many of your comments do appear, those which do not offend the rules and I have screenshots evidencing this should I ever need to rely on them (not just in relation to you before you claim you are being singled out – I have that for all offending comments from many different readers. If you do not like the way I moderate my blog and my work, you know what you can do and remember, some expensive people are continuing to do their jobs.

        1. Survival Nika says:

          You are a mess.

        2. Survival Nika says:

          This is because instead of telling me what the problem is and telling me how to fix this issue, you hide behind your “fancy-pants” advocates.

          I have every right to make a rebuttal against ED’s Smear Campaign against me. She appears delusional, and the evidence that proves so is abundant.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            My comment was with regard to your inaccuracy concerning the process of moderation. I corrected you politely and in a straight forward manner.

            Your response above was not to do with my comment with regard to moderation but instead referred to a completely different issue.

            You were told precisely what the problem was. It was nothing to do with the conflict between you and ED (OT) and naturally you are perfectly entitled to state what you wish with regard to that individual. I was referring to comments published elsewhere with regard to me. I have made the position clear and I am not rehearsing this again through comments.

          2. Maintenance Mode says:

            No need to address me, anymore, on this subject, M. Tudor. I do thank you for your clarity. I am leaving Social Media all together because there are many more Narcissists and Sociopaths online, than in real life. Online they are condensed, and are everywhere. My love to you, and everyone.
            God Bless You, and everyone. I am sorry for my past inaccuracies. The comments you are referring to are no longer online as I have cleared away my entire social media site, and am leaving behind all Narcissists, Sociopaths, Bullies, and EDs.

            Thank you

          3. Maintenance Mode says:

            Perhaps, someday, ED will quit slithering about in the sludge, and actually get up on her own two feet, and walk upright. I hope so.

          4. HG Tudor says:

            Ha ha that amused me.

          5. Maintenance Mode says:

            This is good, M. Tudor. I am glad to give you a bit of a laugh. ♥️

      2. Honey Bee says:

        Yes, he does. Because he cannot empathize with others. How can you feel the feelings of others if you cannot even feel your own (or if they are absent)?

        Does that make him a monster? I don’t think it makes HG evil. It can however make him hazardous if we get too close and we let our guard down.

        I don’t think HG knows our difference between right and wrong. Right and wrong is our moral judgement based on how we feel about things and how we were taught to think/feel. The same applies to HG’s perception of right and wrong.

        1. Nika says:

          Honey Bee, this is a wise comment from you. 🐝 Thank you.

  5. J.G says:

    Hello, H.G. Tudor.
    In relation to dogs and cats. My narcissist had these animals. Paying a lot of attention to them, instead of me (who really ignored me).
    I don’t know how I would get fuel from them, although I think I did get it somehow. Apart from using them as tools to triangulate myself with them and also to socialize, flirt and get attention from other people on the street. Really highly extroverted in excess and too sociable.
    You could tell me if the narcissist can get emotional attention from animals or on the contrary is just a tool. I remember that he said the food or only gave him the strictly necessary, he did not allow anyone to feed the animals. One sentence, he said: Dogs have to be seen ribs, if not, they are fat.

    I suppose you like challenges, so I leave you one down here, you could decipher this phrase.

    I have another question, which I do not know if you will have to answer or if his mind can understand preclara.
    My narcissist always told me one thing, one sentence in our discussions.
    “Life is so easy, because you make it so complicated. Why do you complicate your life? It’s so easy and simple.

    These phrases always left me a little stunned. Well, I don’t know, he meant it, since these phrases seem to want to tell me something, which is somehow encrypted in the narcissistic language, but I can’t decipher this… Could you?

    1. Honey Bee says:

      He was telling you you think too much, which only made it easier for him to control you.

      1. Renarde says:


  6. /iroll says:

    Sorry I couldn’t pay attention to the background rambling because – That fox is soooo cute! <3

    1. Sweetest Perfection says:

      Cutie pie. I would rescue him.

  7. Lilyb says:

    I’m confused about this topic.. as i have known an upper lesser female for quite sometime now and seems to be so in love with her dog.. her dog is older, happens to be the dog that she and her ex share ..I have observed her to see if she uses the dog for attention to gain fuel from on lookers…which she does but I’ve also seen what looks like to be a genuine love. So I’m utterly conflicted …

    1. windstorm says:

      I have witnessed what you describe about narcs and dogs many, many times. My own personal thoughts are that if narcissists were raised with dogs, they learned how to dominate and control/manipulate dogs like all children do. They identified this as both a type of fuel and a way to get fuel from others by using the dogs’ devotion. For example my Pretzel and his narc brothers would pretend a visiting child hurt them, causing their large German Shepherd to growl and threaten the child. Then they would laugh at the child’s obvious fear.

      When these narcissists have a dog in their home as an adult, the dogs recognize the aura of superiority and control that the narc radiates instinctively and they will fawn all over the narcs. This is reinforced and amplified when the dogs see other humans defer to the narcs or be subservient to them.

      Narcs who understand dogs revel in the groveling and obvious love their dogs show them. They also become very adept at triangulating dogs with other people. My dogs all love me, but they go absolutely nuts over my Pretzel and ignore me when he comes up here. He loves that. He will also encourage anyone’s dogs to be disobedient and misbehave whenever he is in their owners’ homes. He obviously gets fuel this way from the owners upset at their dog’s behavior.

      1. Honey Bee says:

        Not all dogs respect the aura of superiority. I read a story about a (midrange) narcissist who used to beat up his wife whenever she annoyed him. He said he did not want or to be a wife-beater, but he could not control this urge. It was instantaneous and not a conscious decision on his part, or so he claimed.
        Then they got a dog.
        The dog did not like it when the man lashed out and attacked him to defend the woman. And guess what?
        The narcissist learned to control this instant urge in a heartbeat.
        After some time (more than a year) the dog had to be put down (for unrelated, probably medical reasons). The narcissist, however, never resorted to physical violance again. He hadn’t been lying before, when he said he did not want to be a wife-beater. He just never learned how to control the urge to lash out. The dog forced him to control the urge and not act on his thoughts/feelings of rage. In the end it did benefit the marriage.

        Caution: Don’t try this at home.

        1. NarcAngel says:

          Honey Bee
          That dog story that you read sounds highly suspect. Was it the narcissist relating it?

          1. HG Tudor says:

            I suspect someone might have been barking up the wrong tree. Boom tish!

      2. Lilyb says:

        Thank you windstorm…

        So in short ..you are saying there is no actual feelings of love towards her dog? that she doesn’t receive fuel from the dog itself ? She nearly uses the dog for fuel with the onlookers friends and so forth ..?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Yes it is used to triangulate and create a façade.

        2. windstorm says:

          Are you meaning this question for someone else? Or are you referencing your friends dog?

          Narcs are incapable of feeling “love” like we define it. If your friend is a narc, she doesn’t love the dog. I do believe she can get a type of fuel from it, and she could very well be fond of it. My Pretzel seems to “love” dogs, but he won’t mourn them when they die and they are completely interchangeable for him, totally replaceable. People who actually love their dogs don’t respond that way.

          If your friend is a midranger, she will be acting the way she thinks she is supposed to and she very well may not treat the dog at all the same when no one is watching.

    2. mommypino says:

      They use it for facade, to get attention and also sometimes for triangulation. My MRE sister was a dog lover and she made a really big deal about it. When with people she would go on and on about how she rescued the dog, the special diet that the dog is in, how much money she used to fix the skin allergy that the dog had etc. She also used to tell me that if there is going to be a fire, she would have to save her dog instead of me (triangulation).

      1. Chihuahuamum says:

        Hi mommypino…my narc has tried triangulating me with my own furbaby(dog) but what he doesnt realise is i dont think the same way as him. I dont live in jealousy and envy and i love my dog. His triangulation will never change that nor make me feel inferior it does however make him look pathetic for doing so.
        Its twofold tho bc i do know he is an animal lover and it goes against npd but ive seen it and a large part of that is bc he was never allowed to have pets growing up which i find very sad.

  8. Caity says:

    My mid-range victim narcissist was fine with the sick..with specific time limits. He also has a dog, he told me he rescued because it was anti-social with everyone else. Children he loathed; babies as well. His elderly mother he finds distasteful. But there is a caveat for all:
    The sick he will tolerate as long as he can use them to inspire pity / admiration for his stoicism in the face of such trials as ‘caring’ for them…as long as they aren’t too sick and become annoying.
    His dog he enjoys because it’s ‘wounded’ and ‘can’t be with anyone else’ because again, it makes him admirable.
    Babies / children of his own he tolerates with limits because they make him look like a ‘loving’ father and the more fucked up they are the better because again, it shows how pitiable/admirable he is.
    Same for his mother (recently widowed).
    In all things he mist be the victim but perversely, all those around him must be too…for the sweet fuel of admirable victimhood.
    Thank you HG…nailed it again!

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