Another session with Dr E. As I sat down in his consulting room I wondered how much had been spent so far with regards to this supposed treatment. A few thousand pounds no doubt and I imagined that both Dr E and Dr O would be more than content to continue these consultations given their lucrative nature. The cynic in my nature pondered that the financial rewards were such that they would string out this course of treatment for as long as they could. That did not concern me. I was not paying and I usually enjoyed my sparring with the good doctors. It entertained me. However, as I ruminated on whether the lure of filthy lucre was what motivated Dr E and Dr O, I realised that they at least gave the impression of wanting to help me. I know from the many sessions it was as much about me gaining awareness and insight in order to make informed decisions about what I wanted, rather than a prescriptive approach from these head doctors but I realised that they actually did care. They wanted to help me. This of course was the main reason why I was content to keep turning up and being subjected to their questions; these two examiners of HG exhibited empathic traits and thus they proved attractive to me. My tolerance for their repeated probing of areas of my life that I preferred to keep shuttered and closed arose because they provided me with the attention that is so vital to my existence. I also knew that there was an admiration there for me as well. It was evident in the way the pair looked at me, especially Dr O. I knew, as academics, they admired the way I was so candid about the way I behaved. I could see how they admired the way I had been created. I knew they did not like it, how does one like something like me given the abuse I dole out as freely as a farmer broadcasting seed, but they had that deep-seated admiration for this efficient machine that had been stripped of all unnecessary emotions and super-charged with certain traits in order to function at maximum effectiveness. Accordingly, even the doctors were providing me with the thing I needed and our relationship might continue ad infinitum. They continued to be fascinated by me and they desired to help me. I, in turn, was content to engage in this relationship as it provided something that I required. The arrangement was a mutually satisfying one, even when the doctors strayed into territories that were best left alone.

“Hello HG how are you?” asked Dr E. I hesitated. He did not normally enquire as to my state of being. Others would trot out such a question rarely interested in the answer but merely performing a social nicety. Dr E did not ask such a question and for him to now do so put me on guard.

“I am excellent well, thank you for your kind enquiry,” I replied with a smile. I did not enquire after his well-being; I was not interested nor did I have to feign such interest.

“Good. Now, straight down to business, who are you?”

“H G Tudor.”

“Indeed you are. Anything else?”

I paused. I see Dr E we were going deep today were we? Very well, let’s flush out where you want to go.

“The question of who I am is something that depends on the context,” I began. Dr E commenced his note-taking.

“How does one define oneself is what I suspect you are really driving at.” I looked to Dr E for a sign of affirmation but there was none.

“Do I have an idea of who I am? How is that arrived at? Do I know who I am or do I look to others to define me? Am I an independent identity that has been shaped by my own decisions or am I a product of others and their experiences? Am I aware of who I am or have I yet to discover all that I am?”

“All interesting questions but let me return to my initial question,” interrupted Dr E, “who are you?”

“Who am I? I am many things to many people. Friend, lover, boss or confidant are labels which are applicable to me. Conqueror, seducer, victim and defiler are others which are equally applicable. Charismatic, urbane, intelligent, interesting, stimulating, successful and alluring are also traits that come together to create who I am.”

“I see. Would you say therefore that you are confident that you know who you are?”


“Do you think that if I asked this question of your family and friends, your colleagues or even my secretary that they would give similar answers to those you have provided me with?”

I snorted.

“Liars lurk within the ranks of those you have described and they have nothing but ill-will towards me. Their perfidy is so great I can smell its stench as I sit here. By all means ask but you will be given nothing but a litany of lies. Insults and assaults on my good nature.”

“So all of them would insult you?”

“No, not all, there are those who know me for what I am.”

“Might it be said that they all know you for who you are?” pressed Dr E.

“No. There are those who have an agenda to topple me and it is they that think they know me but they have constructed an idea of what I am and it is a false one that is used to serve their nefarious purposes. Others recognise my greatness and they are content to embrace it.”

“But could it not be the case that these categories of people just happen to know different elements of you. Your admirers know the H G that is generous, interesting and charming. Those who you regard as detractors perhaps know a different part of you, the defiler and conqueror that you made reference to, this causing them to regard you in a less positive light?” asked Dr E.

“No. The defiler and conqueror are artifices created by those who seek to harm me. Let them do so and I will be that which they think I am. It is no more than they deserve. They create such a monstrosity through their perfidy and unwarranted attacks, so let them know the beast, let them feel its hot and fetid breath in their faces, the rake of its claws against their yielding skin and the full horror of its power on their being. They create it, let them endure it,” I spat, the mere consideration of those who would do me wrong causing my fury to ignite.

“Could you not possess all of those attributes? Could it not be the case you have them all and people see some over others?”

“No,” I said firmly. Dr E nodded and fell silent.

“What would you think if I said that I think you are hiding from yourself?”

I switched my gaze from Dr E and focussed on a picture on the wall. Not this, don’t start this again. Don’t let him gain a foothold H G. Repel the boarder, eject the intruder, cast him out.

“I do not hide.”

“But might you not realise that you are doing so?”


“Could it be that you do not know who you are?”


“Could it be that you do know but would prefer not to contemplate it?”


“Is this line of discussion making you uncomfortable?”


I shifted my gaze back to Dr E. Go on, keep trying to batter through my defences, you will not succeed. I know your game Dr E. I know what you are trying to suggest but I am not going there.

“Very well. Let us go back to how you regard yourself then, elaborate on that,” he invited.

The sense of relief washed over me but I gave no outward sign of its effect. I smiled, elated to have rejected this probing once again and excited by the prospect of talking about my favourite subject in greater detail; me.

84 thoughts on “Impregnable

  1. Catherine Mitchell says:


    I’d love to read more on the doc and patient interactions.

  2. lisa says:

    A lot of what we are learning here from HG, is only possible because HG has learnt it from the doctors, not all but certainly a reasonable amount of it. The doctors do not see it as a war of who wins , yes there are narcissists in the profession but not all and some are just doing their jobs. They will not see HG as some kind of super human or someone to toy with unless they are psychopaths or narcissists , nor will they see him as some kind of greater challenge. They will see him for what he is, a man who suffered abuse as a child and has and is managing it in the way his brain is wired to do so or as best that he can, their concerns will be for this man and his victims and to try and prevent further victims. There are no winners when suffering from mental health problems or for the people dealing with people with mental health problems.

    1. Catherine Mitchell says:

      Oh please. You make it sound as though everyone has their role and sticks with it… ‘because it must be so’, right?

      You get fucked up people in every industry and corner of this earth.

      Of course there’s going to be some narcissist / psychopath psychologist or psychiatrist that will get his/her rocks off by pretending that he/she has your well-being at heart, but enjoying you in a sinister way.

      HG learnt a long time ago how to read people and catch on…. yes, so I reckon the doctors have taught him indirectly. HG on the other hand has knowledge from an invisible narc manual… that they all seem to have access to… his version of manual in hand is the advanced copy.

      1. lisa says:

        Hi Catherine
        If you read my comment it says i’m aware there are narcissists working in this field. Just as they are in all professions. I think you’ll find HG has said on a number of occasions he has learnt from the doctors.
        I would also presume that since HG is an expert at reading people he would be aware if his doctors were narcissists.

  3. FYC says:

    Fair enough. I understand your perspective. Thank you for expanding upon your earlier post.

    1. FYC says:

      Sorry, the above comment was in reply to Lisa, to her comment at the bottom of the nest, well below in comments.

  4. lisa says:

    I believe HG adopts the view that the doctors are out to get him and that they as well as everyone else in life are not going to get the upper hand with him nor is he going to let anyone get the better of him as he sees it in his paranoid view of the world. However I also believe he knows very well that he has learnt a great deal from the doctors and will continue to do so. I don’t believe this article being reposted has any relevance to the fact that HG is now supposedly a changed man, he is no doubt now just trying to alter his manipulations in a slightly different way, if he feels it may benefit him. The continous going round and round in word salad conversations in some of these sessions with the doctors, will only be clarifying to the doctors what they are dealing with. I just wonder what the doctors think of the blog and books? Do they read them HG??

    1. HG Tudor says:

      They have done so in the past, they do not do so now.

      1. lisa says:

        Did they say positive things about the HG work when they were reading it ?

        1. HG Tudor says:


      2. NarcAngel says:

        I don’t see how the doctors could not still be reviewing your work. I’m sure they say that but ……

        1. princesssuperempath says:

          NarcAngel….. are they Doctors specifically for Narcissists? Or just for HG? Are they appointed? Do they now feel they can work with narcs and also the partners of narcs? I know that in New York, a law was passed that one could change their psychiatric Doctor and psychologists, for many reasons and easily. Bad things were going on. And, bad mental things to patients. I wonder if HG Tudor has brought out their Narc tendencies. And what Narc tendencies would they happen to be. I would say, yes. And, if malignant, what would that mean in how they treat him and his case. I wonder. I have found that medical people do not like super intelligent patients. At first they do, and then they feel sort of stale. Like their data is out of date, and that their theories fail, and so they become agitated and embarrassed. I really do not like all this… I do like reading the conversations with the good Doctors. But, something does not sit well with me about this situation. I wonder if they have to redact or burn some of the recordings or notes, because he exposes some of their incompetence. NarcAngel, I am glad HG will find his own reasons to benefit from them. I would call this, The Strange Doctors for HG Tudor. With respect, if the good Doctors, or Doctor deserves it, but I believe the Doctors/Doctor are only enjoying a Golden or Brass or Tin period from HG. And, that he has seduced them. Therefore,
          they can do no harm, and, that is a good thing.

        2. E. B. says:

          I agree. I also believe the GDs have learnt more from HG by now than HG from them, even if they do not admit to it. I see no reason for them to stop reading his work, clarifications and his answers to our questions.
          Therapists who think they have seen it all and there is nothing new to learn deceive others and themselves.

  5. nunya biz: Shrinks are fun. I only talked to one once. I had to for a job application. I remember the conversation. He asked me if I heard voices. I told him that I could hear him speaking to me. He was silent a moment and wrote something down. He then asked if I heard any other voices. I told him I could hear other people when they spoke. He then asked me if the people on TV and the radio ever spoke to me. I told him that they spoke to whomever was listening to the TV or radio program. He asked me why. I said for ratings and to sell advertised products, mostly. He said to me, that was all. I asked him if this was it. It was so fun. I wanted more of these questions. LOL. Other applicants were in there for a long time, I noticed later. I felt robbed that my session was so short. Hahaha!

    1. NarcAngel says:

      Did you get the job?

      1. princesssuperempath says:

        NarcAngel. Of course!! 🙂

    2. K says:

      That was funny! Dumb questions, great answers.

      1. princesssuperempath says:

        K. I remember one other question. He asked me if I heard any voices in my head. I told him, yes, that I heard people speaking through my ears, and from my ears their voices went into my head. He shook his head and wrote something down. ~~The End. I sure would love to see what he wrote down. Whatever. lol.

        1. K says:

          Ha ha ha…I wonder if he wrote: Smart ass! I would hire you in a New York Minute. Every place of employment needs people like you to keep it real. You are hilarious!

    3. nunya biz says:

      I found this comment!

      Lol, that is hilarious. I love that story. I can get that way sometimes, sort of deductive versus inductive. Hello!

      I tend to think most therapists are just as fucked as anybody, but I’ve seen several and mostly just hope for good intentions with or without mistakes/misunderstandings (I am quite flawed and aim as best as I can toward not being a hypocrite), teachable skills and decent advice. The rest is up to me, but I feel a similar level of having to manage/filter their bullshit as I do with any other person I encounter.
      Otherwise happy to consult regarding shit I don’t know or understand, which is ample. But very smart, skilled therapists can be hard to come by I think. I think it’s more fun when they are good, HG seems to enjoy his.

  6. Definitions of impregnable

    1. (Of a fortified position) difficult for an enemy to penetrate
    — an impregnable fortress
    — an impregnable political stronghold

    2. That cannot be beaten
    — an impregnable lead

    3. (Of a material) that does not allow any liquid or gas to pass
    — an impregnable seal

    4. Capable of becoming pregnant

    HG, I truly wish you the 4th (in a figurative way).

    1. HG Tudor says:


    2. princesssuperempath says:

      pavotdeschamps: I favor your first and second definition for HG Tudor.

  7. FYC says:

    HG, I agree with Narc Angel, the question would be challenging for anyone to answer fully. However, I suspect that your doctor was not as interested in your answer, as he was in setting up what he wanted to confront (contrasting views of self and other and whole object orientation). I really dislike his approach with you and fail to see how it would assist.

    Are you familiar with the johari window? It is a four quadrant model of self and other, with the x axis being self and the y axis being other. The upper left quadrant is that which is observable or known by both self and other (open). The upper right quadrant is not known to self but known by others (blind spot), the lower left quadrant is known by self but not by others (facade) and the lower right quadrant is unknown by self and others (unknown).

    You seem more aware than most of your behavior, your attributes and assets and your feelings. You are certainly more than just the labels of your identity. The millions of things that make you uniquely you are impossible to capture in a sentence much less a session or even a lifetime as we ever evolve.

    The point your doctor made about the possibility of accepting two divergent views on who you are viewed as is consistent with your your expressed theory on perspectives (green haired people analogy). You already have demonstrated you appreciate differing perspectives. Had he not used the term “right” (as if there are “right and wrong” perspectives) he might have yielded a more interesting discussion.

    Your feelings of discomfort seem reasonable and could have been anticipated. I don’t think his approach would make anyone feel like rejecting a lifelong defense mechanism (one created for survival). Further, intellectual understanding does not equal epiphany or enlightenment or change. Genuine empathy conveyed by your doctor might go a long way in reducing defenses so that various subjects could be explored without triggering fears.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello FYC, thank you for your observations, I am not familiar with that window.

      1. FYC says:

        Hello HG, You are most welcome. It is a useful model. Are you still seeing the same doctors?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you. Yes, I am, albeit less often than I have done owing to my increased travelling that is taking place nowadays. I keep in touch with my privately appointed psychologist through Skype more often.

          1. FYC says:

            HG, Thank you for your reply. I do hope your privately appointed psychologist is empathetic and more helpful for you. I have followed on your Instagram and enjoyed the travel photos. I’m very happy for you and your new dynamic with ShieldMaiden. Here’s to hoping it remains ever golden.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            I appreciate the sentiment behind your comments FYC.

          3. lisa says:

            Since you are currently in the fake golden period HG, presumably you know you are being fake ? Even right now when your probably enjoying yourself if that’s at all possible ? Are you aware of the act in the same way that you are aware of your manipulations in other areas ?

          4. HG Tudor says:

            There is no such thing as a fake golden period. It is the golden period.

          5. lisa says:

            You know what I mean

          6. Twilight says:


            Does your psychologist know of your girl friend?
            I remember you stated the “good “ doctors did not.

          7. HG Tudor says:


  8. DoForLuv says:

    I love reading your sessions with the doctors the most ! .

    1. DoForLuv: So do I! Great Stuff! Hahahaha! HG Tudor runs circles around them. Hahahahahaha! I wish I could be in there covertly during the sessions, with some popcorn and some snacks! I could sit in all day! 😀

  9. Joanne says:

    Sometimes I like to go back to older postings of these articles and read the comments.

    1. WiserNow says:

      Same here Joanne. Comments from last year, or even two or three years ago, since the beginning of the blog, can give some great insights into HG and his past, as well as into the views of commenters. There’s always something to learn.

    2. NarcAngel says:

      The archives are rich with information and progression and make for interesting reading.

  10. candacemarie1212 says:

    HG are these doctors trying to change what you are or are they just studying how you think so they can better understand you and your kind?

    1. HG Tudor says:


  11. Veronique Jones says:

    I noticed you referenced what you are and what you are to others but not who you are and I don’t mean your name HG

  12. Nymphedora says:

    I am fascinated by the fact that you seem adament about keeping the good doctor from “going there” and showing what you really feel/think about him trying to do so. Yet you freely if not show, then at least hint to us your readers, that there might in fact be something there you do not wish to be dug around in.
    Why not let the good doctor exploit it as well. Not that I belive that it would “cure” or even change you, but just for the hell of it. I am in all honesty curious what their next move would be, should you chose to throw them that bone.

    1. K says:

      It is all about total and hegemonic control in HG’s world.

    2. princesssuperempath says:

      Nymphedora…. I wonder what the good doctors are really learning from and about HG Tudor: Musial experts could talk to Beethoven for years about his musical thought process. His family upbringing and culture. And even study with him, on one of his decisions to act in a way to create a work of his, such as piano sonata f minor op. 2/1, 4th movement: Prestissimo. Would the experts be able to recreate the work? Can Beethoven ultimately understand absolutely how he does what he does. Could the Good Doctors recreate another HG Tudor, from what they learn about him from what he tells them and from what they understand? I say no. I remember a movie I once saw called: The Boys From Brazil. Where some human behaviour experts felt they understand the family and cultural dynamics that created the personality of Adolph Hitler, and they placed selected boys in that same dynamic they believed, to recreate the same personality. That is how much they thought they understood the psychological historical background that creates a personality. Doctors are necessary in life. But, life is more complex than many Doctors care to admit.

      1. NarcAngel says:

        Not to mention that the doctors can only form opinions about what they are shown or choose to believe, which in many cases may or may not even be true. The case study (not necessarily HG) could be offering their truth, a total fabrication, or a combination of both. Also, being doctors does not ensure that they even care about the outcome for the patient. They could be narcissists themselves or even if not, driven only by recognition or money. They could have already decided in HG’s case what the outcome (on paper) will be, or that there will be no change. He could be just an interesting toy that they are paid handsomely to play with while they rake in the money from the continued visits.

        1. NarcAngel. They have their work cut out for them. Especially if they have to defend their outcome and HG Tudor has to sign off on whatever they conclude. It is in their overall best interest to rule on his behalf, whatever that entails. And even if they are Narcs, they are interacting and playing “chess“ with the Grand Master. Nothing for them to take lightly. And if by chance, they are hapless enough to see him as a toy, their mental and psychological guard is down, and thus, they will remember HG in so many unexpected ways, and in so many areas of their conscious an subconscious minds, and unexpectedly, long, long, long after they are not even an afterthought in HG`s incomparable mind. I am sure it will work out well enough for HG, though. I am counting on it. Many of us empaths and codependents and normals are in dire need of his assistance and tutelage. And Doctors are for the greater good, at least it is said. And yes, as Cyndi Lauper sings: Money Changes Everything.

  13. brynnstar says:

    One narc characteristic that I struggle to really grasp is the profound resistance to engaging with or otherwise acknowledging the void / darkness / creature (?) within. For myself the void is a frequent and reliable source of energy and motivation; I retreat into it, I have a cabin there, it’s quite lovely, etc. I cry, I hurt, and then eventually I emerge stronger, more capable, refueled if you will. I know it’s not for everyone (and certainly, not everyone contains such a void in the first place), but for me it’s cathartic. My ex always regarded this tendency as a kind of emotional masochism, a form of self-harm that just so happened to leave no visible scars. He would of course never so much as peer into his own void, a reluctance which I accepted but never fully understood. Surely, I thought, the void’s existence combined with his own self-interest was enough to warrant at least some investigation? It never was.

    This post ends with an expression of relief at the prospect of getting to talk about oneself once more, without having to bring that damn void into it. But then, isn’t the void a part of your self, HG? A profoundly influential part, even? Or is it simply that the acknowledgement of the void itself represents too profound an admission of weakness to countenance?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are correct that the void is part of the narcissist, but it is part that we do not wish to embrace let alone acknowledge.

      1. NarcAngel says:

        I look forward to reading The Creature when it’s released, although I doubt that will be anytime soon. I imagine it’s not a place one would want to access and write about when they are fully immersed in a golden period.

        I have pondered on what the void may be. On one hand I wonder if it is a place where little HG resides. One where as some empaths here have described, a place that is a somewhat painful yet recuperative place to reflect on experiences and to grow from. A place viewed as weak, disgusting, and unnecessary to narcissists who prefer it’s eradication and anything in it’s wake. They believe they are designed to move forward with only the reality they have created. Looking back serves only as a reminder of a time when they lacked the control to effect any change. The control they believe they have now.

        On the other hand I wonder if they keep it buried because they know the Pandoras box that it is. Compartments upon compartments compressed and under extreme pressure.That it harbours such evil and hatred that they both revere and fear it. Marvel at the power that they possess should they seek to unharness it, and yet fear that it will be their undoing because they know they cannot control this one place of madness. That it will be the end of them as it has come to for others that have done unspeakable things once it was unleashed. That once again we have projected onto them what we feel and that it would do them good to access this place within themselves. Perhaps in this case they do know better.

        1. Lou says:

          “I look forward to reading The Creature when it’s released, although I doubt that will be anytime soon. I imagine it’s not a place one would want to access and write about when they are fully immersed in a golden period.”
          I understand what you are saying. However, I have noticed HG has been very active lately and has published new posts here about not so “Golden” subjects. Who knows, maybe a new book will be released after all and despite HG’s golden period with the SM.
          I never lose hope. LOL.

          1. NarcAngel says:

            I suspect that writing about the Creature hits closer to the bone than most things he has or could write about. I also understand that it would not as beneficial to most in their situation and help them to GOSO. It would be more for those past the critical stage with more of an interest in the broad subject of narcissism and in HG himself. It is for those reasons that I understand that it is not a priority. The new article yesterday was fantastic and I appreciate more of a benefit to most. But yes, hope springs eternal for an empath!

          2. Lou says:

            NA, I agree that writting about the creature is not as beneficial to most here as re-writing about GOSO, NC, hoovers and if they know or don’t know what they’re doing. I also agree that The Creature may be a more difficult type of writing for HG. I wrote my comment more to note that HG seems to be working on new articles or working on old ones (rearranging them) despite whatever is going on in his private life.
            Hope springs eternal not only for empaths, NA. It does for narcs and even normals. I was just joking about it. But I know you know that. No need to explain. I just think that we should not accuse only the empaths of being devotees of hope. I think hope is a coping mechanism used by all humans. The trick is to be aware about it.

          3. Lou says:

            NA, having said the above, I just would like to add that I prefer a thousand times more to read about the creature than to read about Michael Jackson and Neverland!

        2. shesaw says:

          NA, I assume that ‘the void’ = ‘the creature’. I see it as the unfinished project of becoming a human. The human-to-be was unbearably shamed and was denied its existence, both from the outside world and the inside world. It has been buried out of shame and it is not allowed to ever come back. Despicable me.

          I assume it is hard to write about, because it is like the discussion whether God exists or not: “no one has ever seen it”. Lol.

          1. NarcAngel says:

            Haha. The Loch Ness of narcissism.

      2. NarcAngel says:

        What I wrote about the Creature would be with regard to the insight of Greater, Ultra, or aware narcissists of course.

    2. WhoCares says:


      Thanks for sharing; your words helped me clarify some of my own thoughts.

      “For myself the void is a frequent and reliable source of energy and motivation; I retreat into it, I have a cabin there, it’s quite lovely, etc. I cry, I hurt, and then eventually I emerge stronger, more capable, refueled if you will. I know it’s not for everyone…”

      I’m glad you provided a description of your void and how you feel about it. I would have never described my inner space as a “void” – (because it never feels ‘devoid’ of anything but actually a place of burgeoning life.) We are in agreement that it feels like a “safe” place – and for whatever reason this same space feels “dangerous” to a narcissist. Like you said; you can’t understand why your narcissist would never want to investigate there…because it never feels like a wasteland to me, or to us – like it does to them – but, instead, a source of good.

      It is often the narcissist’s behaviour that, eventually, sends us back there, out of shear pain – to do damage control. OR on to the next narcissist to numb ourselves from feeling the pain…

      I just think, one important difference, is sometimes, Empaths over stay their time there in the “void” because it feels safe and they don’t want to get hurt again. And the Narcissist, who will avoid the “void” – like the plague – continues brazenly – and unhindered – along the same path.

    3. princesssuperempath says:

      brynnstar: I am willing to bet that the void where the Empath retreats and the Void that the Narcissists avoids, are 2 extremely and entirely different places, and that the Narcissist`s void is such a place that no one would want to visit there for very good reasons. That it is quite terrible, and no good can be achieved by going in there, and, in fact, damage is absolutely guaranteed. If one did take a peek, one would never do so again. And, I will suggest that going into that void is the worst of all possible treatments for HG Tudor, even if it is the Good Doctors` suggested treatment du jour. Many treatments have been discarded over time, for being ineffective and even dangerous and even deadly, as we all know. I think there is another phrase, that I have been raised on since birth, that should be revisited and interrogated , that says: Everything can be fixed. That phrase: Everything can be fixed, sits on the shelf next to: Where there is a will there is a way. Really? For everything? I think not.

  14. Caity says:

    I have a question HG: would the Lesser and Mid-range narcissists react to the last spate of questions the same way, for the same reasons?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Which questions are you referring to please Caity (I do not see previous comments in my moderation pane you see.)

    2. Caity says:

      “I do not hide.”

      “But might you not realise that you are doing so?”


      “Could it be that you do not know who you are?”


      “Could it be that you do know but would prefer not to contemplate it?”


      “Is this line of discussion making you uncomfortable?”

      This bit. Would a Lesser or Mid-range react (or reply) for the same reasons, or would they not clearly realise what the Dr. was trying to do?

      Thanks in advance!

      1. HG Tudor says:

        A Lesser would not even be there.

        The Mid Ranger would not realise what the doctor was doing.

        1. Caity says:

          Thank you HG! Not what I expected but per your usual, better and more insightful for that.

  15. NarcAngel says:

    Wouldn’t most people struggle to answer that question?

  16. princesssuperempath says:

    Dearest HG: I absolutely love this article!!! Impregnable. Do you have these conversations all in a book? Or together somewhere where I can read them?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      They are in various books but will appear in a combined place in the fullness of time.

      1. DebbieWolf says:

        This is an older article is it not?
        Before you have taken on board things the doctors say i.e. any guidance/any enlightenment?.. and before you are able to act differently in a “new dynamic” based on the help and guidance of the doctors?

        How effective does it make the doctor’s if you are able to cite their influence as enabling your new dynamic now on the one hand but appear to decry their opinions on the other?

        Old articles are great to read to help us learn things but this one is purely about you.

        Since the way it is written is before you have embarked on a new dynamic with their help does this not imply to the new people that there is no such thing as a new dynamic because clearly in this article, it seems to suggest that you keep control of ‘them’.

        Yes it was written before the new dynamic in your personal life, it’s just that now you cite that you are able to be in a new dynamic because of the the help you have had from as you call them the good doctors.

        I just found this article confusing to be reissued at this time.. it’s as though you find the doctor’s contemptible and ridiculous and that they have nothing to offer? but in your current life you say they have helped you and they guide you with a new dynamic?

        Is it just an automatic rerun of old articles?
        If so, well I guess it would make sense then… Because regulars would understand it isn’t relevant to the current situation in your personal life regarding romantic new dynamics?
        New dynamic= help from the good doctors nownbeing valid to you.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          It is an older article, yes.

        2. NarcAngel says:

          Hi DebbieWolf
          I recognized this as an older article and it got me thinking as well. That if this new dynamic is successful by any measure the doctors will want to take credit for that. HG has offered that he has been made aware (or some term like that) of some things in his time with the good doctors, so that would seem to support it (although I can’t imagine him giving them any credit). I suppose the issue would be with the definition of success and to whom, as well as what he has learned or been made aware of. For instance (theoretically) they could have just made him more dangerous in his manipulations by making him aware and that could relate to success in HG’s eyes but certainly not theirs.

          1. DebbieWolf says:

            Hi Narcangel

            Yes… As in being made more aware could make HG more dangerous.. to be honest I think it is very likely…. Particularly as knowledge is power… I guess even more knowledge is even more power on top.
            A fairly unsettling thought… (If you’re not weaponized)

        3. K says:

          Any time you want to know if an article is older use the search function on the upper right, just type in the title and pull it up and scroll through them for the dates. I find it very helpful.

          The article clearly demonstrates the progress HG has made over time with the Good Doctors and, as a long time reader, you should realize that. The new dynamic is indicative of how effective their influence is, however, keep in mind that HG is a narcissist and when he decries the Good Doctors that is just contempt, which is normal and expected.

          Old articles are very helpful for the reader and many us are interested in his sessions with the GDs, therefore, they will purely be about HG and his interaction with them. That’s the whole idea.

          The new people will figure it out, I wouldn’t worry about them. How did you come up with the idea that this article is being used by HG to keep control of “them”? And who is HG controlling? The Good Doctors or the new people?

          DebbieWolf, I find your comment very confusing. You have been here long enough to know that narcissists behave in a contradictory and hypocritical manner. The GDs are contemptible and ridiculous (they are little people) and they have absolutely nothing to offer unless it promotes HG’s agenda. Of course they have worked with HG so he can go forward in more prosocial manner. It makes complete sense.

          You have been here long enough to know that old articles come up again and, just to be clear, the GDs are appliances, they don’t matter (not valid) and they never will. They are either useful or useless. Period.

          1. nunya biz says:

            I see something new in an article every time I read it. I can’t keep up, but do look at things that catch my eye.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Indeed and that is the point of recycling articles. You will notice new points, gauge your own recovery as against how you react to the articles, understand the article in a greater way owing to reduced emotional thinking and so forth.

          3. WhoCares says:

            Nunya biz & HG,

            Agreed re: new articles. There are articles that can be read from differing perspectives, different levels of healing – and how you read them/what you get from them is also affected by how much of the learning you have actually applied to your own personal situation.

          4. nunya biz says:

            I have always learned best that way, HG, building and nuancing, and have thanked you before for your patience going back over : )
            I shudder to think of my past self some days, but forward!

          5. DebbieWolf says:


            I understand the point of recycling articles.
            In fact in the past I made comment about why they were useful and how I was glad to read them again as reminders.

            This one is different because he decries them but he cites them for the new dynamic currently.
            It isn’t difficult to see what I was saying in my comment.

            If I decide to speak to HG on the blog and ask him a personal question then I will do so. It’s his blog not yours.

            I am grateful for helpful tips.
            I have other views about personal lectures.

            Don’t you dare lecture me on how long I have been on the blog and as to what I should or should not know because of the length of time.

            Stick your cheeky attitude where the sun doesn’t shine.
            just because HG calls the doctor’s appliances doesn’t mean you can jump on the bandwagon does it …what are you ?narcissist II…

            Still call anybody what you like… It’s a free country and a democracy.
            What I do not know for the better or not is a matter for me not you.
            Telling me I should know better?
            Who the hell are you?

            Who do you think you are.

            If I ever engage HG as I have frequently done privately and publicly then I will do so as I please.

            I will ask what questions I like without any lectures or instructions from you.

            Period that.

            Goodbye K.
            I will not deal with you again.
            I mean it.
            It isn’t the first time you’ve seen fit to lecture me. But this is the last time.

          6. K says:

            Your antipathy is noted.

            When you have a chance read NarcAngel’s comment to you on the link below. This is part of your response to her.

            OCTOBER 14, 2018 AT 22:12

            Hi NarcAngel
            HG is completely honest about who he is and what he is. Always has been.
            It is me that needs to get a grip!


  17. nunya biz says:

    Fascinating, HG. Fun read.

  18. lisa says:

    May I ask HG what do you think when you read this post ? If I were to send you this as an email consultation and I have sent you a few in the past between me and my ex, you have then dissected the email and translated its meaning to me?
    Are you able to do this objectively with yourself ?
    Do you recognised the word salad, blame shifting etc in your own answers ?
    Thank you

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Which post are you referring to Lisa, the article or something you have written prior to your comment?

      I recognise when I am manipulating, yes, because I do so deliberately and with calculation. Hence why I can categorically state that I do not manipulate in this place, I have no need to and do not do so. Anybody who suggests to the contrary is mistaken (sometimes honestly owing to their emotional thinking) or is a narcissist and they are manipulating by suggesting I am manipulating here (something which crops up from time to time and stands out a mile).

      1. lisa says:

        No not on here or with your books etc I meant the way you talk to the doctors. You’ve answered by saying you know your doing it.

        1. FYC says:

          Lisa, A couple thoughts: In this article (Impregnable), it appears HG is not manipulating, but rather employing his defense mechanism. Manipulation serves an agenda. The good doctors used a bit it by initially veiling their true agenda, then exposing it with their follow up questions. I’m fairly confident HG’s psychiatrists would anticipate or recognize any manipulation (though not necessarily confront it).

          1. lisa says:

            Yes FYC, the defences, I understand.
            I just referred to it as manipulations because HG answered me by saying he knows when’s he’s manipulating etc.
            The defences are a part of manipulating a situation in my opinion, and yes of course the doctors know exactly what he’s doing and why.
            My point was more about HG not doing it , even just in those private protected scenarios to see what the outcome would be, which would be far more interesting and productive than what he has previously been doing.
            I wish he’d do it, not because I think he will change but the information and outcome would be much more interesting and maybe even ground breaking in this field , than the predictable Narc talk, round and round we go !!!!!
            I’m much more interested in HG’s work and this somehow becoming known much more and people being educated and how it really could impact so many people’s lives, than I am in , Will HG Change !!
            However if HG becomes rich and famous as a result of it, then it would be well deserved 😜

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