The Overload



Intriguing. Curious. Interesting. Exciting. Fascinating. Absorbing. Compelling. Gripping. Riveting. Captivating. Magnetic. Engaging. Enthralling. Alluring. Diverting. Distracting. Titillating. Tantalizing. Stimulating. Thought-provoking. Amazing. Brilliant. Magnificent. Scintillating. Astonishing. Mesmerizing. Hypnotic. Happiness. Joyful. Elation. Stunning. Alluring. Ecstasy. Uplifting. Empowering. Glowing. Buoyant. Overjoyed. Euphoric. Blissful. Exhilarated. Enraptured. Cheerful. Merry. Gleeful. Carefree. Smiling. Jovial. Fascinating. Unique. Breathtaking. Glorious. Beaming. Shining. Glittering. Sparkling. Blessed. Jocund. Exuberant. Gregarious. Charismatic. Sensational. Thrilling. Startling. Staggering. Lovely. Handsome. Beautiful. Caring. Gorgeous. Wonderful. Bonny. Radiant. Unforgettable. Unmissable. Enchanting. Entrancing. Bewitching. Wonderful. Exquisite. Remarkable. Outstanding. Impressive. Memorable. Arresting. Eye-catching. Masterful. First class. Delicious. Delectable. Scrumptious. Formidable. Virtuoso. Swell. Awesome. Fabulous. Divine. Heavenly Majestic. Noble. Engaging. Loving. Passionate. Ardent. Zealous Fervent. Encompassing. Intense. Impassioned. Vehement. Fiery. Sexual. Sensual. Mysterious. Animated. Spirited. Consuming. Burning. Mercurial. Vigorous. Athletic. Energetic. Erotic. Lustful. Amorous. Sultry. Torrid. Steamy. Electric. Devotion. Tenderness. Intimacy. Adoration. Endearment. Doting. Attentive. Idolization. Worshipping. Ardor. Desire. Adulation. Infatuation. Friendly. Besotted. Obsessed. Beloved. Perfection.

Distant. Aloof. Remote. Detached. Unresponsive. Unapproachable. Isolated. Formal. Cold. Icy. Stand-offish. Stiff. Austere. Withdrawn. Reserved. Indifferent. Unforthcoming, Uncommunicative. Unfriendly. Cool. Chilly. Unsociable. Disdainful. Frosty. Frigid. Supercilious. Haughty. Cut-off. Separated. Removed. Reticent. Taciturn. Forbidding. Introverted. Retiring. Private. Reclusive. Diffident.

Furious. Enraged. Raging. Infuriated. Inflamed. Fuming. Boiling. Incandescent. Irate. Irritated. Incensed. Seething. Mad. Ranting. Shouting. Violent. Ranting. Raving. Angered. Livid. Outraged. Indignant. Wrathful. Explosive. Destructive. Riled Apoplectic. Aerated Turbulent. Tempestuous. Fierce. Wild. Howling. Roaring. Insinuate. Blame. Label. Castigate. Accuse. Demean. Belittle. Disparage. Denigrate. Downgrade. Deprecate. Trivialize. Deride. Mock. Ridicule. Criticize. Scorn. Condemn. Abuse. Malign. Revile. Decry. Reprimand. Censure. Control. Harm. Hurt. Maltreat. Wound. Decry. Injure. Damage. Cripple. Disable. Maim. Mutilate. Scratch. Hit. Punch. Kick. Throttle. Strangle. Beat. Assault. Molest. Damage. Torture. Maltreat. Imprison. Misuse. Pervert. Exploit. Maul. Oppress. Bully. Insult. Grope. Manhandle. Push. Pull. Slap. Curse. Jibe. Tease. Rebuke. Upbraid. Slight. Disrespect. Defame. Segregate. Foul. Terrible Horrible. Unpleasant. Awful. Dreadful. Abominable. Loathsome. Vile. Frightening. Terrifying. Scary. Petrifying. Revolting. Repulsive. Odious. Sickening. Repellent. Nauseating. Repugnant. Horrendous. Hideous. Appalling. Atrocious. Offensive. Objectionable. Obnoxious. Unpalatable. Unsavory. Filthy. Off-putting. Noxious. Rank. Ghastly. Gruesome. Diabolical. Dangerous. Bad. Nasty. Severe. Alarming. Painful. Ugly. Muzzle. Suppress. Stifle. Gag. Grotesque. Unkind. Grave. Critical. Serious. Annoying. Unwelcome. Frustrating. Aggravating. Maddening Vexatious. Pernicious. Mendacious. Toxic. Poisonous. Virulent. Deadly.

Jettison. Discard. Scrap. Hurl. Dispose. Repudiate. Abandon. Leave. Drop. Relinquish. Reject. Axe. Fling. Dump. Ditch. Trash. Shed. Forsake. Vacate. Disappear. Vanish. Flit. Evaporate. Dissipate. Retire. Retreat. Pass. Ebb. Fade. Silence.

Appear. Hoover. Surprise. Pester. Stalk. Harass. Surface. Arise. Materialize. Occur. Emerge. Visible. Apparent. Reveal. Badger. Hound. Harry. Plague. Bedevil. Smear. Slur. Persecute. Bother. Annoy. Worry. Disturb. Trouble. Ghost. Haunt. Vex. Stress. Agitate. Provoke. Nag. Chivvy. Bait. Hassle. Bug. Pressure. Interfere. Mither. Regretful. Penitence. Contrition. Repentant. Rueful. Remorseful. Abject. Guilty. Apologetic. Sorry. Sheepish. Shameful. Ashamed. Pitiful. Pathetic. Woeful. Lamentable. Tragic, Wretched. Miserable. Plaintive. Forlorn. Promise. Pledge. Honour. Assurance. Vow. Oath. Guarantee. Chance. Commitment. Undertaking. Covenant. Swear. Change. Convert. Transform. Adapt. Modify. Rebuild. Remake. Refashion. Reconstruct. Beg. Plead. Beseech. Entreat. Implore. Ask. Request. Adjure. Exhort. Enjoin. Petition. Humble. False.

Repeat. Parrot. Recurrent. Regurgitate. Replicate. Duplicate. Restate. Reproduce. Again.



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13 thoughts on “The Overload

  1. princesssuperempath says:

    Dearest HG: I remember around 2 years ago, I bought the Narc at my job a birthday present and a birthday card. I had planned to write a list of how many traits he had that I admired, on his birthday card, as a gift as well, so that he could see how I saw him. This was during the 2 plus year Golden/Bronze period that I was enjoying at work. The list was becoming so long that I even embarrassed myself, so I scrapped that idea. Then, I wondered why I had never seen so many positive traits in any other person before. I was very puzzled over this fact. Now, I know why. He has many wonderful masks, and I saw a lot of them, over time. At end, I just wrote, Happy Birthday and we all love you very much. The we, of course, was me. Your article reminded of my list. Once again, I must forgive myself. I just did not know what I was dealing with.

  2. Christopher Jackson says:

    I get it hg..

  3. katebd19 says:

    Once I told him how exhausting and estressing he was sometimes with his overflowing energy (generally speaking)… His reaction: He laughted at me, mentioned my low levels of energy and changed topic. HG, very accurate description 👏🏻👏🏻😊

  4. DebbieWolf says:


    I can only load the blog at home through my phone right now.
    I can send a comment but cannot read most comments as they are coming out in a long vertical string.

    So I am sending this for now as I will be away for a while.

    Some thoughts in life… Attitude personality, strength, determination and freedom.. always for the taking.
    These things are worth remembering in the maelstrom.

    I have a great deal of willpower and force of personality.
    In matters of principle I’ll stand like a rock.

    I’m often a starry eyed idealist,
    But the seeming conflict in that is I am the bitterest of cynics.

    I believe that perseverance and willpower can achieve results,
    and I am often deconstructing and reconstructing ideas purely due to a sense of perfectionism.

    I am fiercely logical.
    Something that isn’t always seen when emotions are out for an airing.

    But again I believe this can be perfected and both attributes can work more smoothly together with application.

    They often have and do.

    I have found cynicism to have been a saving grace from being about 18-20..yrs old.
    “I want to believe” to coin a phrase, but experience shows me that it was better “not to believe” on a multitude of occasions at various points of life. And so I didn’t believe things..perhaps there are things I should have believed but I would rather have saved myself .. and so I did.

    And it is I, this cynic, that saves me from a lot of emotional upsets.. and it continues to do.

    I don’t have expectations and that’s why you find me many times saying I don’t expect anything.

    Not having expectations however does not make me inert. Far from it.
    It is purely realism.
    It does not stifle results.

    On the romantic front:

    I have been future faked many times by many men but recognised it.
    I just didn’t know why they did it.

    Thank you HG for explaining why in many ways through your actions and work.

    It is a red flag that I’ve always recognised as soon as I am told “we’re going to do this, or going to do that,” the phrase “gonna man” pops in my head.

    It is a phrase taught to me by my mother and grandmother “beware of the gonna men”.

    They are always “going to” but they never do it, they never follow through.

    it is a phrase worth adopting as your alarm tone.

    I already knew the key is recognising someone offering something when they hardly know you ..and too soon, too early on…and it is always that which wakes the sleeping tiger which is the cynic in me.

    The future faking is always the alarm bell that stops me believing from that moment on…
    But for me, I just needed to know why future faking happened..(as well as other things I needed to know)
    In life, the idealist in me wants to believe.
    The cynic in me simply doesn’t believe certain things.

    Marrying the two together can be difficult as I personally deconstruct and reconstruct ideas.

    Of course the soothing balm of acceptance always saves the day.

    But it is all the sweeter with the knowledge of why … Knowing why on any front, about anything, is power.

    A veritable balm indeed.

    Acceptance of truth and inevitability that harbours no hope of change, and knowing the reason why there is no hope of change, is power.

    It allows the still waters to remain deep and hidden treasures remain intact.

    It is good that you HG remind us to control our emotional thinking.
    Everyone steps off the track from time to time.
    And it can also take a great deal of time to get back on track.

    But this is not impossible and is always achievable.

    Sometimes (sometimes I reiterate) the unkindness of a person’s actions serve a recipient in the most beneficial of ways. Not a popular thought as many people are too lazy short-sighted or self-serving to think outside of the box… And outside of those elements unfortunately those who are too abused to think clearly for a time.
    This is what I think.

    Like I said to you HG on first contact 2 years ago, “no coward soul is mine, no trembler in the world storm troubled sphere” to quote Bronte.

    It has never meant more to me or been more true than it is now.

    After a maelstrom of varying intensity, there is always the fact that it isn’t just the golden period that is golden with the narcissist.

    There is gold in the silence.
    Without a shadow of a doubt.
    How so?
    Because it can be made to be so and serve the recipient of the silence. Use it.

    Nothing is impossible and everything can be turned on its head.

    I know this because I do it.
    I speak with experience.
    What one person can do another can do.

    I will be away for a while.

    To anyone feeling weak:
    Take Heart and trust in the power of one…You.

    All you have to do is believe.

    DebbieWolf 🐾

    1. NarcAngel says:

      Thank you for your observations and message of strength and inspiration in looking inward. For all that you have offered in your time here and in your support of others. I wish you peace in your time away and hope that you might drop in sometime to give us a glimpse of what you experience in it. All the best to you Debbie.


      1. DebbieWolf says:

        Narcangel, hiya.

        Managed to see your comment I can see the first three usually at the moment…odd carry on with loading of the site lately for me.

        Thank you Narcangel.
        I will pop in at a later time.
        thank you also for your many insights that you post.
        I respect your input and straightforward opinion.
        I have a lot of time for you as you tell it like it is and I put a great deal of store by what you say.
        Very good food for thought and consideration.

        I hold good thoughts for you always and for dearest Windstorm too, others too.
        However I have a particular affection for the two of you.

        Most sincere best wishes.
        I know I will wonder how you are doing although I will be away for a time.. I will pop back at some future date.

        May care and affection always find you..and Windstorm, many peaceful days of positivity wash over you as you sometimes sit on your porch…
        I sometimes mentally sit on your porch at sunset times and think how marvellous it must be.

        Be safe and well.
        Keep shining as you do.
        On the dark ideas remember you have everything you need you truly do.. let any strange days wash over you because they will pass.

        Often the ones that seem the strongest for others can seem to be invincible and not in need of those kind words of strength and encouragement at times…
        But the strongest of us sometimes need to pass the baton on occasional days and hear someone else offer strength and encouragement.

        I send mine with the warmest of smiles to carry with you for whenever you need it.
        Those good thoughts and warm wishes do not fade away and are not forgotten just because we may not be in touch for a while.

        My heart is a big place and I carry people I respect and those I love with me always.

        Bye for now dear ones.

    2. WhoCares says:

      Take care DebbieWolf!
      Hope to see you back sometime.

      1. DebbieWolf says:


        I will pop in after a while…
        the other comments are now starting to form in two long vertical strings again so if I have missed anybody off please forgive me lots of love.

        Bye for now.
        You are all going to be ok you know it’s going to take time but you’re going to do it I swear to God are all going to make it.

        You will get through all this I promise you, you’re going to all get through it all.

  5. DEMBunny says:

    In the first four years, I couldn’t get enough of my MMR elite as the DLS-but that was bc we only got a limited amount of time.
    The last year he’s pushed it to weekly visits and several texts most days. And always with the sexting.
    I noticed recently that I can’t skebd more than two nights in a row w him bc I just feel so inexplicably DRAINED.
    Now that i feel I’ve obtained enough firsthand confirmation of all HG has written- and even tested out a few things to see the results-
    I now am just exhausted by him.
    Holy hell I cannot imagine how his gf feels. He even has a menial job at her work she got him – I know he has to be home before she gets home otherwise. Just monopolizes her time- he has to cook, he has to decorate, he gives her no breathing room except for once or twice a year she goes on vacation w her friends— and he allows this bc he uses the time to play away w me and others.

    Your kind are EXHAUSTING.

    I have never been so glad I was spared the IPPS role. No WAY. Screw THAT, man. Energy vampires. You really do just subsume others.

    Heh I’m starting to take my leave now, and so as my first strike I’ve advised him I won’t be texting for a few days as I need the quiet time .LMAO he didn’t reply to that. I imagine he’s panicked and furious.

    1. princesssuperempath says:

      DEMbunny. Wow. 4 good years. I am jealous.

  6. Kiki Romano says:

    Good Lord

    1. Narc noob says:

      Reading his blogs does the same. Wipes my energy. 😆😅

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