Shell Shocked Silence


I was in a consultation with Dr E. We had been discussing the various methods by which I obtained fuel and the conversation had largely been given over to the question of the methods of obtaining negative fuel from those that I had ensnared.

“Tell me,” continued Dr E, ” about one of your favoured states to place a victim in.”

“Tough call that Dr E, I have several.”

“Select one then and tell me about it.”


“I am interested to ascertain what one the states is and in particular what you get from that.”

“Haven’t you been listening? I told you that it is the fuel that I obtain from their emotional reactions, especially the negative ones. That is what I get from these situations.”

“I recognise that but I have seen, through our consultations, that everything you do serves a multiplicity of purposes. Everything of course leads to the harvesting of your fuel but I have seen you gain other things beside your fuel.”

“Such as?”

“I have made notes but I do not want to prime you, I want you to describe the situation and then explain to me what you get from it,” pressed Dr E. I sat and regarded him for a moment. I tried to ascertain if he was getting something else from asking me about this. You see, I have worked out that Dr E is a rascal for projecting. He cannot help himself. He will suggest a methodology applicable to me when in fact what he is talking about is a methodology he wishes to apply. In this instance he was trying to get me to talk about the multiple benefits of a given scenario whereas what I knew was that he was getting more from this discussion than just receiving an answer to that question. I know your game Dr E. You think you are smarter than me but you are not. Still, I decided to indulge him. There was no need to let him know that I was on to his method.

“Okay. One of the situations that I like to create is one of a shell shocked silence.” Dr E began to write. I waited for his reaction before proceeding.

“I see. Please explain more to me.”

“Well, we have discussed at length the various manipulative methods that I apply to get fuel which bring about control and the diminution in my target’s capability to resist me. I lower their critical thinking,  maximise their isolation and increase their reliance on me. The sustained and repeated application of these techniques often leads down the road to my target being left in a state of shell shock.”

I waited as Dr E continued to make his notes. He scratched his nose and then spoke.

“Do you do anything in particular that brings about this shell shocked state?” he asked.

“It is the culmination of a variety of manipulative techniques but there needs to be a final flourish, something that will tip this person over the edge into their numbed silence.”

“Such as?” he queried.

“Well, I find that a sudden escalation of a certain act or behaviour tends to tip the balance. It might be the violent destruction of something that they love right in front of them that causes them to stand shaking unable to speak. On another occasion I may reveal that I have been engaged in an affair with someone they trusted and felt close to, say a best friend or a family member. I do recall that once I was having sex with Alex and part way through I told her ‘By God Joanne you are so much better at this than Alex’. Truth be told it is really about the build up, the campaign has to be such that any resistance and ability to fight back must be totally eroded so that when this coup de grace is applied they are just plunged into a broken silence.”

“I see but how does silence provide you with fuel?”

“Easily. It is the tortured look on their face that provides me with the fuel, the strangled sob, the look of total and utter defeat in their eyes. Those tears which trickle down their face as they look at me in a mixture of horror and disbelief. I have told you before about how a wildebeest has that strange expression on its face, something between terror and confusion as a lion eats it alive. It is the same there. Bringing about such an expression combined with this silence produces premium fuel.”

I stretch as I savour the memories which flood my mind at the mention of this technique.

“What is it about that reducing this person to such a state that appeals to you beyond this level of fuel that you obtain?” asked Dr E.

“The fact that is demonstrates that I have total hegemonic control over them.”

“Leaving you able to do what?”

“Anything I like. After all, nobody prevents me from doing what I want.”

“By rendering them into this state you remove their capacity to object to whatever you do?” he queried.

I nod.

“But surely that makes them little more than an automaton and if that is the case how can they be of use to you in such a state? I should have though that they would now be devoid of providing you with the reaction that you require?”

“But this state is a reaction in itself Dr E, it is a pinnacle of the campaign and represents triumph on my part, it exemplifies my supremacy and my power and the desolate eyes, trembling mouth and forlorn expression all amount to a reaction and a satisfying one at that.”

“I see,” said Dr E and he continued to write. I waited for him to finish the sentence in his notebook before he looked at me.

“And of course ultimately there is something else that arises from this shell shocked silence.”

“What is that?” he asked.

“Silence gives consent.”


11 thoughts on “Shell Shocked Silence

  1. Beth says:

    What if her reaction of that sort is not because of your influence? If it came from elsewhere, is it still fuel?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Read Fuel, the answer is in there.

  2. christania2012 says:

    Venting spleen one last time on this. It would not surprise me much if the Good Dr. E secretly, or not secretly, admired you for what you do. I have reasons of my own for believing this.

  3. SJ says:

    So, the silence in our NC is giving the Narcissist the ultimate consent. The ‘oh yes, I’m that bad you’ve gone quiet’. No words necessary for the N after all that has happened, because it is level 1 complete and the thought fuel is great. From our perspective, we’re ‘out’ for good – but because it never truly stops for the N, NC seems less-likely a panic or fury for them.

    I considered constant insults and put downs (in an unemotional way till he was forced to just not text. That way, we get our ‘fun’ and are spared the guilt of NC, because we have a conscience.

    I know this is not correct, and the answer will always be GOSO – it’s just what came to mind, reading this.

  4. Jo says:

    This explains things……including why he was so incredibly and profoundly enraged when, even after reducing me to this state on one day, the next day, I left. It was his first overt devaluing of me and as shell shocked as I was, on pure instinct, I left.

    So right on the heels of his “high” in reducing me to this shell shocked state, I leave. And then refuse to come back or cave to his ploys and demands. That had to be a b*tch of a narcissistic injury.

  5. Christa says:

    I find you both Demon and Archangel. I will anyways feel terrible inside for the people around you, even while I avail myself of your teaching and have gratitude. If it were not such an urgent matter for me to wise up, I could not read much more of things like this.

  6. foolme1time says:

    HG is this a method that you use for all of your fuel matrix or is this one strictly for your ipps? Also HG is causing shell shock one of the tools that you have either stopped altogether or lessened the severity of by changing your dynamic?

  7. Claire says:

    Back to the soup kitchen for you. Thanks for the illustration however hard to read. I appreciate it.

    1. SJ says:

      It’s very hard to read. Each article is like a pill on my tongue and throughout I make attempts to swallow it. Sometimes, I swallow it straight away, (leaving me feeling dicky) sometimes I’m trying to swallow throughout but not quite succeeding (leaving most of the pill and a nasty powdery taste on my tongue).

      It is like being administered small amounts of poison to an Empath. Well, that eventually has bad repercussions. But once again, it’s 2:24am and what do I know.

      1. Claire says:

        I don’t like reading this sort of stuff at all. It makes me sick but it’s helpful because I believe it is designed to reinforce how important staying away is. I appreciate the honesty although I’m frankly disgusted.

        1. foolme1time says:

          Claire I know it doesn’t seem like it now, however being disgusted it a very good thing. To me it’s like getting some sort of food that at one point you absolutely loved you could eat it night and day, until the day you eat it and it has gone bad you become very ill and can not stop throwing up. After that day you can not even look at the food, much less ever eat it again!

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