A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 11




Life around you has been the proverbial dog chasing his own tail.
Each and evey moment..you ..manipulating me and others. I have stepped back,watched and went along with you calling me names..you yourself really are….
“faults”…you yourself needed to fix.
Impossible tasks, jumping through hoops,….all has to be accomplish being a better person. All except YOU. You just told me..you are going to kill 2 more people..then called me..a terrible person and woman…wow.
I watched you throw that red phone in the creek years ago to get away from killing people.
Heard calls from the CDC. Listened to you..and you..and you..you..you..All the while ignoring what I wanted and needed.
You act strangled…yet at times you..strangled me to the point u GPS ED me. Snatched and destroyed phones out of my hand. Told me who I could or could not see.

Here is the “All you have done to me list”.
I lost thousands of dollars..because of you.
Child support. Over once again you getting in my business with my daughter.
You verbally assaulted a minor..telling her that her father was a piece of crap.
Assaulted me while drunk many times.
Told good people..I am violent..stalker..psycho..while not telling them..you are violent and have cheated on me an all the women you have used.

Bragged about being a Master Stalker to kill people for hire.
Controlling..telling good people I have tried to control you.
Lied about how many times you were married.
Lied about seeing your Ex.
Lied about being a plant manager
Lied about cheating on your Ex with a married woman.
Lied to others about your violent behavior to women..stating I was Violent,when you have been.
Betrayed me with Brenda.
Told me Brenda was a psycho
If you did this, though the years how many others did you lie to me about?
Betrayed me with Tom, Ted, Todd, Mike, and  many others.
Lied about land/money deals/drugs/past.
You used times I was down an needed you, to pull rug out from under me..then wonder why you have been investigated and researched.

I looked in your safe an saw dui papers. condomns an man up pills, also cucumbers in your dresser drawers and going camping at Nolin, with your intent to use them…on me…without my wishes.
Let me speak this again….without my wishes.

Never did I ask want or need cucumbers /vegetables or life like penis dildos for the enjoyment of sex. Apparently…you needed them.you needed them.you needed them.you needed them. Or just wanted to punish me.

If you asked..that would have been different.you did not ask.you felt you were above asking.   It was a big deal. You being the incredible brain you state you are ..you knew this.
What are you going to say about it?

Assaulted me and went to Jail for it..
Threatened me after Jail…

Locked me out of the trailer and I slept in the cold car during Winter. While you slept drunk as a baby. All while I paid rent.

Told me to you other men and you and it was okay.
So you could use it against me like a weapon.

Tried to talk me into threesomes.

Tried to get me with you, to kill my Ex husband

Tried to get me to buy Countetfeit Money.

Gave me Counterfeit money..without telling me

I have seen  you so drunk you were a big fool.too many times to count. Snort pills like their is no tommorrow.

I have had sex and felt afraid around you..especially you demanding bj,s for rent.

You cracked my tailbone, choked me against my car an your truck.

You pulled me by the hair and put cold water all the while threathening me if I did not give you a great blow job…

All this when you said..you LOVED ME?
So..I betrayed you?

4 thoughts on “A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 11

  1. J.G THE ONE says:

    Now, get up and don’t look back. I have to say that I am reading letters that make me pale in relation to my relationship with my narcissist. I suppose it’s due to my circumstances and not living with my narcissist. And this makes me happy. My narcissist was only entrusted with psychological mistreatment. I think that any kind of abuse is merely repugnant. Both physical and psychological.
    Now we just have to get up and stand up again, not to annoy our narcissists, that’s the least of it. But by ourselves.
    To close the doors behind us forever and not to open them again. Wipe the slate clean, and live a quiet and happy life.
    And I ask myself, If They don’t consider us people, simple household appliances that can be used to obtain their fuel? Why should we do it?
    In my case, this can no longer be so.
    Now I consider them and I cannot see them in any other way, but as “things” defective, deficient, imperfect, incomplete, spoiled, perfectible, retarded, abnormal, fragmentary, lacking and useless in all aspects of life, emotional, sentimental, work.
    Some time ago I began to reify my narcissist, and with that also began the dissociation.
    The thing, good name for any narcissist. It reminds me so much of the movie Venom.

  2. lisk says:

    Too painful to read all the way through. I am sorry.

  3. Caron says:

    Good grief, the things he we put up with. Why? Why do we let them, and why for so long?

  4. Christopher Jackson says:

    Get out and stay out only time will heal those wounds

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