Get Out! Stay Out!


The First Golden Rule of Freedom is “once you know, you go” – thus once you ascertain that someone you are involved with is a narcissist, you go. You get out and then you stay out (“GoSo”) This is the holy grail of achieving freedom from the narcissist.

It does not matter whether the narcissist has ensnared you romantically, whether you are the Intimate Partner Primary Source, a Dirty Little Secret or an Intimate Partner Secondary Source, GoSo is THE way to break the chains of attachment to the narcissist.

Whether your narcissist is familial, social or through work, a neighbour or a friends, GoSo will ensure that you manage to get out of the entanglement and even more importantly stay out of the entanglement so you evade the hoovers which will inevitably occur.

A detailed one hour consultation with me is where I will detail precisely what you need to do to get out, what is stopping you trying to get out and how you can overcome it. I will explain how the narcissist will look to stop you getting out, how he or she will try to hoover you back in and what you can do about it. You will learn innovative techniques which will enable you to seize the power and finally break the hold the narcissist has on you. These techniques have been used many times by my clients and the results are magnificent as people who thought they did not have the ability or willpower to escape the narcissist’s hold suddenly find they have been able to Get Out and then Stay Out.

This is not just about implementing no contact, it is about understanding how the narcissist YOU have been ensnared about will look to hoover you and try to maintain the hold and you receiving effective advice and techniques to counter this, so you can escape and stay escaped. You will build Logic Defences to aid you in remaining away from the grip of the narcissist.

GoSo is what you must achieve if you are to taste freedom. This 1 hour audio consultation with me will equip you with easy to understand tools to become Goso.

Seize the power and avoid wasting thousands on therapy bills, instead receive the optimum insight from me and finally achieve a state of GoSo.

The process

  1. Effect payment.
  2. You will be e-mailed a common sense protocol governing the terms of the consultation.
  3. Once you have accepted the terms we shall schedule a consultation by audio, either on Skype or cellphone.
  4. The process is confidential.
  5. The consultation will last one hour and enable you to achieve GoSo.

To effect payment, use the PayPal button below and I shall be in touch  shortly thereafter.

6 thoughts on “Get Out! Stay Out!

  1. santaann1964 says:

    So annoying!

  2. lisk says:

    I need a consultation but I do not know which one.

    I was full-on No Contact up until about a week ago. That’s when I contacted Narc Ex about a business matter, which I inevitably had to do.

    Unfortunately, that contact let the hoovers out of the bag, with totally unnecessary reasons to contact me,.

    The good thing is that I am heeding the words of HG, not being emotional in any sense, at least on the outside. I am maintaining my composure and remaining grey and emotionless in my writing.

    But my brain is fuzzy and my insides are all a-twist!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I recommend an audio consultation.

      1. lisk says:

        I think that would be great. I believe it’s time.

        My only concern about audio is that I will allow my emotions to turn me into rambling mess and so might waste the hour.

  3. Abe Moline says:

    No need to publish this comment, just wanted to point out a small spelling mistake in the first line of the post – The First Golden Rule of Freedom is “one you know, you go” – should be “once”, I guess.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I shall publish it by way of thanking you for pointing this out.

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