Leave Me Alone


This is a frequent and plaintive cry from those who have been caught in my web. There are those that never realise what they have become involved in when they are targeted by my kind. They never leave and we never leave you alone. You are always there and available for us to extract some fuel from. We of course discard you but it is never a true parting of the ways. We only cast you aside in order to bring you back again. We do not really want to get rid of you. It is purely a device to ensure that we put you through the ringer again and extract some extra droplets of fuel from your battered and withered self. If you make no attempt to leave we will attach that metaphoric piece of elastic and bounce you back and forth. How long will that pushing and pulling go on for? Until you die. You will always serve some function to me. You will hang around and be used and abused until either you expire or I do and I never contemplate the latter for long.

What if you try to escape me? Well, the lesser narcissist also known as the oxymoronic benign narcissist will try to rope you back in but if you demonstrate sufficient resolve he or she will seek out a far easier target. The reality is there are so many people walking around oozing empathy, that they may as well have a target painted on their backs. We always find fresh fuel and without too much effort. Sometimes I do think that we attract you without having to anything. I know how we are able to sniff you lovely empaths out, but I have started to wonder whether the super empaths that exist have some function for finding us. Their desire to fix and repair enabling them to home in our broken and warped ways and inadvertently they are drawn into our sights. The lesser narcissist will try to hook you back in, but eventually he or she will leave you alone. It may take a few months but you can avoid their clutches. Beware however, should you fly too close in the future we will shoot out a tendril and ensnare you again. Do not make the mistake of thinking that we ever forget how useful you are to us. We do not forget and should you attend an event where we are or decide out of some misguided sympathy to send a text asking how we are, we will come straight back after you.

That is the approach of the lesser narcissist but what of my breed, the greater narcissist. Will we ever leave you alone?


9 thoughts on “Leave Me Alone

  1. sunnHekili says:

    Mr. Tudor~

    You responded to a question about psychopaths in a past post. I seem to recall you saying that only Greaters can be psychopaths. Is this so, or am i misremembering?

  2. Christopher Jackson says:

    Either way we are doomed it like a nightmare of some sort something like Jason voorhies…better hope you can escape because if not you’re stuck.

  3. Omj says:

    My lesser came back after 23 years. He had a quick chat with my mom at the hardware store and even if my mom told him nothing about me he found me.
    When I ditch him for a mid- 4 years later- he went crying to all my friends and family – since they all hated him they sent him to hell.
    That was 7 years ago.
    Guess what – 3 months ago – he was waiting for me at the entrance of my office.
    I ignored him- but I went and vomited around the corner of the building.
    He is so creepy. Lessers are creepy.
    He went back to his ex before his ex when I ditched him. I guess he is doing the milk run now to find an ex that would not be too disgusted.
    Creepy … There was something really wrong with me going back after 23 years … same lies… sane BS and 2 depression… creepy.

  4. empath007 says:

    But what if a narcissits could never get rid of victims 🤔 by the end of thier life they’d be trying to juggle relationships with 100s of partners, maybe 1000s…. is that the goal ? An army of beaten down, addicted admirers?

    … but a narc should remember… there is strength in numbers. That army… they just may turn against them in the end.

    1. lisk says:

      But how to gather that army when the narc keeps his fuel sources away from each other?

      Have you ever tried to reach out to people you suspected were your fellow victims?

      1. empath007 says:

        I haven’t. I’m my case knowing the personality of some of his x’s (one of which is also a narc) I decided that would not benefit me.

        But in cases like Dirty John (watch the Netflix series the documentary not the series) women did reach out to one another to expose him and worked together.

        I also know of a lady who reached out to 2 or 3 ex’s… they were total strangers at first and now they are best friends!

        Can’t underestimate intellegint caring people.

      2. empath007 says:

        Also… to add to my reply. I would think the key to developing relationships with other x’s would be

        A) AFTER the abuse has happened. No one would ever be successful at that attempt during the gold period. Total waste of time.
        B) iF they ended on good or bad terms… were was the x in the fuel matrix? Do they remain “friends”? If so…. waste of time to reach out.
        C) tread lightly. The x could be a minion getting information for the narc… probably best you meet after a period of time has passed. Just because they are saying they are mad doesn’t mean they are they could just be trying to get you worked up.

        Protect yourself first. First and foremost.

        But it sure is nice to see what women can do together when the situation arises like in cases like Dirty John.

        1. Mercy says:

          It is my rule to have empathy for the exs but never never never trust them. I’m no contact with zero intentions of going back but I wouldn’t trust me if I were them.

        2. sunnHekili says:

          My daughter says her father (LMR, i think) called her with the express purpose of getting my phone number (he doesnt do social media, thank God– he still gets his fuel sources the old school way). She tells him, “You dont need to talk to her, im an adult. Youve done enough to her, you leave my mother alone.”🤣😂

          But this last Narc (MR) ive known for almost my whole life. We dont live near each other but he’s fairly tech savvey. He keeps popping up every month or two. After implementing a proper NC, ive gotten a couple messages from an anonymous “facebook user.”🙄 This is the only avenue open to him now. Im hoping it’ll at least taper off a bit over time. I would like it to cease. Im hoping he’s not planning to continue with any regularity because weve always known each other. It feels very stalker-ish and creepy. Who’da thunk…the popular hot boy from school😒

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