Perfection from Practice


I have made mention of how the advancements in technology have provided my kind and I with a smorgasbord of methods to carry out our works. From seduction to manipulation the freedom that comes with wifi and a functioning device provides is with a wealth of opportunity. My web can be spread wide over the….well the web. How apt it is that the pioneers of the internet decided on the appellation of world wide web. The electronic blanket which encapsulates this planet is indeed a web. A perilous place which readily ensnares the unwary. From chatrooms, to text messaging, through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, e-mail and dating sites, the internet has proven to be bountiful in its riches for my kind. Of course, this vast array of different hunting grounds can only be of benefit to the seasoned hunter. You can fill a river with salmon but if you do not know how to fish then you will not catch anything. Of course, I know how to fish, to shoot, to spear and to hunt. My mastering of the tools of manipulation enables me to sniff out my prey in moments and like a lion tracking a bison, drag them to the ground and eat them from behind before they even realise what has happened to them. Have you ever seen the expression on a felled bison or buffalo as a predatory lion gorges on their flesh? It is not pain, it is not frustrated struggle but an almost blissful ignorance to what is actually happening. They seem unaware that they are being devoured. It is so similar for my victims. They smile and purr even as I am taking chunks from them because that is the high level of my skill.

Thus the internet has become my hunting ground and my various manipulative machinations are given a good run out amidst the waiting and willing victims. There is one thing however that always works in this electronic shop window and that is the art of conversation.

My early forays in chatrooms bore fruit so incredibly quickly. Even I was taken aback at how easy it was. So many times I read comments such as

“It is such a lovely change to meet someone who can hold a conversation.”

“You are so charming and interesting, you actually hold a conversation than saying hi babe wanna shag?”

“You are clearly intelligent and interested in me. I am not used to that. So many of the men on here just want a picture of my boobs or want to send me a dick pic, you are not like that.”

Naturally, I was not engaged in conversations with men so I do not know if there is a boorish equivalent amongst the female ranks. Certainly in all my conversations I never came across any lady whose opening gambit was to offer a picture of her genitals. I take the view therefore that it is the male of the species that is letting you down. They are certainly not letting me down. By populating chat rooms and dating sites and trotting out such Neanderthal lines these men are increasing my currency. The fact I can talk about a variety of subjects, ask pertinent and engaging questions and avoid suggesting a bunk up in the first ten mintues meant that I really was the desired exception. The idiots, the perverts and the inarticulate all made me look even better than I already did (yes I know that may be hard to believe!) and thus when I came sashaying into view I was greeted with utter delight by those I interacted with. Even if I had no interest in someone, I was hard pressed not to attract them, by virtue of being able to string sentences together and not engage in demands for instant sexual congress (of course that would come later when I was always pushing on an open door).

Time and time again I heard reports of the pathetic and ill-mannered behaviour of men in these arenas. I expressed dismay and castigated them for it but all the while I celebrated for so long as they continued in this vein it meant all the more eager and willing victims for me. Those weak and pathetic spiders would soon curl up and die for there was only one giant walking through the net. Along came a spider but this one could hold a conversation.

10 thoughts on “Perfection from Practice

  1. MommyPino says:

    I could probably count with my fingers how many times I have been in an internet chat room in my entire life. Except for this blog I have not been confident enough to chat with strangers over the internet. Although I had MySpace many years ago and accepted friend requests from strangers, I didn’t really chat that much with them. I don’t think that I would be interesting to talk to in a chat room. I don’t have the skills for it and the few times that I tried it I was confused with what people were saying. My lack of ability in that is apparently a blessing in disguise because I was not in the hunting ground.

    1. Claire says:

      I was set up on a blind date! How blind I was!!

  2. olderandwisernow says:

    Yes this a great article HG. In fact, I added ‘engaging conversation and outstanding communication skills’ to my list of red flags on your red flags poll.

  3. Claire says:

    “They smile and purr even as..” ugh
    There is one obvious advantage of “d%#* pics..” haha—yet they probably aren’t of the “sentence stringing” ensemble! I guess if it looks good they could just stay silent! I’m kinda ignorant to online dating and plan to remain very much dumb.

  4. Newby 1111 says:

    Got to love the narcs who “just dont get technology”, or still have a flip phone.
    Dont believe it for a moment. That is most likely so they can’t receive a text, don’t even have an email. Don’t do social media.
    Bull, they most deffinately have figured out the tech world. What an incentive to learn to have the candy store open 24/7.
    You can bet there are trackers put on your car and he’s figures out your passwords.
    Hiw else can you juggle all your victims?

  5. lisk says:

    My narcx could have written this. In fact, he spoke it to me once or twice. I don’t even want to get into the circumstances.

    Needless to say, when we moved to a rural area for a short-period, he was the talk of the town, a veritable celebrity among the single and married women with whom he worked, such a rarity was this seemingly super-intelligent “nice guy”–who was also charming and sexy–in them there parts. If one or more of them called me up on the phone today and told me that they had an affair with him, I would not be surprised.

    I was never as impressed by him as they were. It certainly was pleasing and fun to have conversations. But, I was never deprived of intellectual stimulation by my parents or by men in general, so there was no desire or need to worship him for this characteristic. (He could never be as sharp and intelligent as my dad.)

    I guess that’s one of the many reasons why narcx eventually devalued and discarded me–I did not buy into his image of himself hook, line, and sinker.

    I am sure, however, that his conversational skills helps him be more of a covert narcissist, allowing him to feign intellectual interest in a woman while in the back of his mind fantasizing about grabbing her by the you-know-what. To an extent, I bought that he wanted me more for me than for my body, even while the red flags waved.

  6. empath007 says:

    So these are our choices? Vulgar dic pic guys or sadistic manipulators? …. waiter! Table for one please 🤣🤣

    1. lisk says:


  7. Fuel FREE from the Shelf says:

    Sounds like my mid ranger Piano Boy…

    His vocabulary was stellar and he could hold a conversation for hours about anything. Or nothing at all. Sadly, it was one of the first things that attracted me to him. And it still does. 😕

    1. Anm says:

      Oh Man!!! Fly free, Fuel Free.

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