Heart Hooks – No. 5




  1. HG ? Is this how you feel when you aren’t able to see the comments on your articles ..from all your fans ? Or when you’ve been too busy to mess with narcsite.com

      1. Mess with …meaning deal with or do what you gotta do ..or maybe it’s what you like to do ? Perhaps you enjoy it a lot ! I don’t know ? I think it’s fun for you . Am I wrong , HG ?

  2. HG I have come to realize how vital this site is to me and so many others. My emotions are running amok today. I had a gut feeling that you would be here today and felt such a relief to see that you are indeed back. Thank you for holding a safe space for us to lean on. It made me feel like everything is going to be ok and reminded me to seize the power. I hope things are good with you.

  3. HG knows how we feel about him not posting on his blog for a few days, glad you’re back.
    In general though, is this comment intended to appeal to an empaths “need to feel needed” and make them spend even more time with the narc, binding the empath closer to them while simultaneously isolating them from their friends and family?

    1. It is and to cause them to feel very special and to have them believe the narcissist sees them as special, elevated and set apart because the dramatic nature of such a statement is deemed to be romantic, endearing and heartfelt. Of course it is over-blown nonsense but the victim’s emotional thinking obscures the logic of that.

      1. NOTE: My words below are not written with the intention of fueling a narcissist, but rather to share an unemotional realization:

        HG, I hope an eligible nominator proposes you for the Nobel Peace Prize for your efforts here.

        By bringing peace to Empaths, you seem to be able to do more to to bring peace on Earth than a lot of past winners.

        Your work towards unobscuring logic and moderating emotional thinking can greatly benefit humankind.


      2. Very interesting, especially considering how the victims ET plays into this manipulation.
        I find part of what makes words so effective is that while they come easily to narcs, empaths can only voice their feelings when they’re true and do so reluctantly for fear of moving too soon, making themselves vulnerable too quickly etc.
        We assume the same is true for our partner which makes it all the more meaningful to us.
        Some narcs will even underline this with all the “I’ve been hurt before” tropes. The mid-rangers actually believe it, of course.

  4. I get this every time we disengage. He says he misses me and is down. Apologizes and of course this is what i want to happen. I do feel its genuine but….he misses what i supply to him not out of a true love for me. If tomorrow i was on my deathbed id be no use to him theres the difference. He misses what we share not me personally.

    1. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell, Chihuahuamum: They miss the ‘what,’ not the ‘who.’

      I prefer being a who!

  5. Maybe 15 minutes is a little too clingy, but a few days were too many days. We’re glad you’re back!

  6. And week without HG (and the commenters) is like an eternity of emptiness 😉🤗

    Didn’t hear this line exactly but some variations of it 🙄

  7. This is actually quite funny I was actually starting to think you didn’t exist any more hadn’t heard from you for awhile was almost missing you HG 😍😍😍

  8. When I expressed that I missed the narc, he’d say, I haven’t died. We’re still on the same planet.
    That made me feel stupid for missing him, or for saying anything.

    1. 😞

      Those words, “I haven’t died. We’re still on the same planet,” encapsulate HG’s theory/reality: There is no such thing as a discard or Final Discard.

    2. Hi kelly…youre damned if you do or damned if you dont bc you could make like you dont notice them gone and theyd be wounded by that or be suspicious youre otherwise preoccupied with something or someone both causing insecurity. On the flipside if theyre preoccupied and youre expressing that you dont see them enough they will come back with a covert insult basically insinuating youre too clingy or in some cases throw it in your face. It all depends on where theyre at in their head. Its always about them.

    3. Kelly I was always so happy that he returned safely, that I didn’t even think about him missing me. Which I am positive he never did. I really don’t think it would have mattered to me either way, I was just happy he had returned! 🤦🏼‍♀️

    4. KellyD
      There is strength in that line when viewed in a positive light and recognized by the victim when recovering from abuse.

      We’re still on the same planet and I haven’t died.


  9. All I have to say is, spot on! Don’t know which is worse, the missing or the worry? 🙃

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