The Expanded Narcissistic Truths – No. 1


The heart of an empath is treasured by our kind. Whilst our own hearts are black and iced, the heart of the empath radiates with fuel. It is capable of love, desire, admiration, compassion, concern, hurt and so many other emotions which radiate from it. The empathic heart is a veritable fuel pump and as such is coveted by us. It has so much more to it than that which we have in our hearts. We are envious of this but recognise how such a heart is there to serve us and cater for our needs.

You, as an empathic individual, also have one further major difference between your heart and ours.

Yours is free.

Your heart is free to choose who it engages with. Who it falls in love with, who it wishes to show joy to, who it wishes to share its innermost desires and secrets with. It is free to show its pain to those that it chooses.

We are jealous of that freedom. Our desire to receive the bountiful fuel which is pumped from you by this delicious heart brings with it our desire to capture it and prevent you exercising this freedom any further.

Our dark hearts are bound to the venom that flows through us, to the vitriol which we spray over those around us and the adherence to hatred, envy, fury and other such dark emotions. Our hearts know no such freedom like yours. The nature of our hearts is that they are pre-ordained in how they will function.

In capturing your heart for the purposes of fuel, we also desire to capture your heart to take away this freedom that you have and the absolute method of removing this freedom is to bring about the effective ‘death’ of your heart.

We are insidious agents, proponents of the salami-slicing approach which enables us to secure our aims through a thousand deft and delicate cuts so that you never notice what is actually happening. We are no different in this modus operandi when it comes to the ‘killing’ of your heart. The death of your heart is effected through the removal of its freedom.

Each and every day we advance our cause to gain fuel and to secure the bondage of your heart, little by little, as we strip it of its freedom. Through the dazzling love-bombing we invade it, taking it piece by piece so that it belongs to us. We permeate your life through our compliments, our apparent love, our fabricated passion for you, our illusory desire as you are gradually over run and conquered. With each passing day as we unleash our charm on you, our legions of text messages, our battalions of telephone conversations and the marching foot soldiers of love, we take a piece of your heart and capture it. Thus a part of it has effectively ‘died’ since it has lost that free will.

Of course, entirely consistent with the notion of romance that you have been indoctrinated with, the capture of your heart in such a way is regarded as a wonderful thing. You are  regarding this capture as one which is healthy, respectful and you do not recognise that it has been predicated on a false premise.

Once we have you embedded your heart is ours. It has been captured. You no longer are afforded the choice of where your emotions can be directed. They must be directed towards us and us alone for the purposes of our fuel provision. The onslaught continues as having captured your heart, we then set about our scorched earth approach through devaluation as our despicable manipulations and horrid machinations are deployed against you for the purposes of maintaining the occupation of your heart and the total hegemonic control of its emotional output.

We captured the good – the love, the admiration, the compassion, the happiness, the joy and so forth.

Now we capture the bad – the pain, the hurt, the fear, the terror, the hatred and all other negative emotions.

Little by little, day by day, we invade your heart and occupy it, making it ours, commandeering its emotional resources for our own use and in so doing we strip away its ability to function in a free manner.

The removal of this freedom is how your heart dies when you are with us.

This happens on a daily basis as we slowly cause your heart to ‘die’ through our polluted control of you.

10 thoughts on “The Expanded Narcissistic Truths – No. 1

  1. WendyRhoades says:

    How flattering to empaths. I wonder if it’s a bit romanticized, though. Does anyone have thoughts as to what sort of childhood produces an empath? I have a feeling trauma often plays a role and empath hearts come with plenty of inhibitions of their own.

    1. scareemaree says:

      Speaking from my own experience, my mother was a narcissist so I learned plenty from her but I also realized on my own at a very young age that there was something very wrong with her. I personally believe I was born this way and that it is in DNA. I dreamed things that happened to me many years later including the few significant narc men in my life, such as my husband, when I was just a little girl. Every single man that I have ever loved has been a narcissist. It always felt fated when I met them and we recognized each other. I would never call it romantic or flattering though. As I am older now I think we are both put on this earth to learn from each other, for better or worse, and they are shackles for both types. I believe an empath is born, as is a narcissist. Neither can be produced or learned; only certain traits mirrored from the other. What do you mean about empath hearts come with plenty of inhibitions of their own?

      1. WendyRhoades says:

        Thanks for sharing your experience, scaree. I personally suspect empaths are created in childhood by an emotionally volatile parent-narc or otherwise. Empathic qualities develop out of necessity so that the child can better anticipate the parent’s unpredictable behaviors, which may be experienced as dangerous physically, psychically, or both. Thus, acute sensitivity to others’ emotional states, empathy, is born of necessity and pain. When I say that the empath’s heart is inhibited, I mean that having been born of necessity and pain, it is not so free to chose who it falls in love with. Empaths will naturally be attracted to people who, like the parents they were unable to fix, need caring for. This is not a place of freedom. This is a compulsion, just like narcissism.

        I do not think being an empath is particularly romantic, either. I think HG’s descriptions of being an empath are romantic. I think he does this to flatter readers and to paint a picture of a victim we are all too ready to identify with.

        In truth, narc’s victims need to work on themselves just as much as the narcs. I am not saying that are equally condemnable, not by a long shot. But I also think it’s easy to avoid taking responsibility for ourselves by seeing our tendency to lie down like doormats as a romantic quality.

        1. scareemaree says:

          Thank you Wendy! You are correct! And I have also chosen to be single for the past 10 years, and work on myself and help those whom I love. I truly enjoy my freedom and independence. I am not sure I will ever fully trust a man again but I do believe there are some good ones out there. I have never been the doormat type though. We do live in a man’s world, and sometimes I hate it, but I consider my home and myself a sanctuary of sorts, and my heart will always remain open, if somewhat hidden. Damn the narcs for being the way they are! I am also thankful to have a few close treasured relationships, and I just make it all work somehow. And life’s secrets, even the ones the narcs think will always remain hidden, have a funny way of coming out eventually. My narc mother is now 80. She is living in hell, but it is a hell of her own making, and I feel no empathy for her. Empaths can also feel anger but I do not take mine out on others. Good luck to you in your journey, and thank you again for taking the time to write! Life is a twisty path for us empaths!

  2. KellyD says:

    “Your heart is free to choose who it engages with. Who it falls in love with,…” True, but sadly, we choose wrong because we are often presented with false images which ensnare our hearts and torture our emotions.
    It’s dangerous to have a free heart. We empaths need to study this and strengthen our defenses against these swarming narcissists. So we don’t get fooled again.

    1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

      KellyD. You reminded me of the song by the English rock band, The Who, titled: `Won`t Be Fooled Again.` I would like to add, even by ourselves. Amen. [ “I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
      Take a bow for the new revolution
      Smile and grin at the change all around
      Pick up my guitar and play
      Just like yesterday
      Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
      We don’t get fooled again“ ] ~~The Who

      1. KellyD says:

        Yup, lol, the very one!

  3. scareemaree says:

    Thank you for this today! This is my favorite you have written yet. It is in some ways absolutely beautiful, but it also chills me to the bone! I am thankful that although one can indeed capture a heart, they can never capture our spirit. The spirit of the empath is always free. That is a truth that an empath needs to learn and believe in!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

  4. Joanne says:

    I know I have read this one several times, but for some reason now, every word seems so clear. So well summarized. And this line, “You no longer are afforded the choice of where your emotions can be directed.” –> wow, how accurate that is (was). It seemed to take forever to regain this freedom of my heart, to win it back. But thankfully, I have <3

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