Entering the Sphere of Influence


Few people are unfamiliar with the Star Wars franchise. In the first film, A New Hope, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca have emerged from hyperspace in the millennium falcon only to find an imperial tie fighter and an absence of the planet that they had hope to reach. Instead as a perplexed Han Solo tries to figure out what is going on, the tie fighter is seen racing towards a small moon that Luke has identified. As the sphere comes into view, Obi-Wan states with a calm dread,

“That’s no moon.”

Indeed it is not. It is in fact a space station and specifically the machine of mass destruction that is the death star. Once recognition has dawned on the quartet along with the fearful consequence of being near to such a powerful weapon, they try to escape but it is too late. The millennium falcon has been caught in the death star’s tractor beam and they hare slowly dragged towards the waiting death star.

We are that death star. We glide along appearing at first to be something benign or at least neutral, our true purpose masked to those we seek to pull into our sphere of influence. Our tractor beam is powerful, unceasing and almost impossible to resist as it attaches to our victims and with our legendary seductive ability hauls them into our world. Like a rabbit caught in the headlights you are unable to escape as we pull you closer and closer to us. By the time you realise what has happened and that we are indeed ‘no moon’ it is too late, you have been caught and escape is extremely difficult.  Our true purpose is hidden from and if you ever do realise that is a ‘death star’ you are sailing towards you will find it so very difficult to escape the iron hold we have over you.

There are those, through the intervention of others and the application of learned knowledge, who do manage to free themselves from the tractor beam’s hold. It is rarely immediate. The escape that might occur usually only takes place after a long period of time subjected to our burning lasers of hurt and our photon torpedoes of misery. If you manage to escape you know by now that you must stay away and keep away. We will continue to drift along, like that death star cruising through space as we take hold of fresh victims along our route and drag them towards us. Occasionally we will shift our path and make towards you once again. You remain in one place at your peril as we will approach you and once more seek to suck you in with our mighty tractor beam. We may plot a course which takes us to pastures new where we busy ourselves with fresh and shiny new victims who provide us with delicious and exciting fuel. This will occupy us but we will never forget about you. You will similarly never forget about us because of what we have done to you and the way we have conditioned you. This conditioning engenders a sense of curiosity in you. You need to know what we are doing, you want to know who we are interacting with now and thus you decide to fly past our death star, just for a distant view of the edifice that once nearly destroyed you. You feel safe watching from a distance as you fly by but be warned. Fly too close and that tractor beam will take hold of you again. If you give us any opportunity to hoover you back in once again we will seize it. You appear on our sensors and we will increase the power of the tractor beam in a bid to capture you once again. It may have been years since there was any interaction between us but if you fly too close to our death star then you will be sucked back into it and subjected to our machinations once again.

When you first try and escape we apply the tractor beam to keep you where we want you, but if you are determined and manage to depart then we set a course for new horizons and new fuel. We may at a later date decide to alter our trajectory again and move back to your solar system in the hope of grabbing you once more. Should you see us coming you need to jump in your space ship and fly somewhere else quick. If you wish to flirt with danger, feel free to follow us to the new galaxy where we are destroying new planets, but if you come too close, we will detect you and we will apply that tractor beam once again. The passage of time does not matter. It might just be a few months since you made your escape or it could be a decade, either way, if you come close to our sphere of influence our tractor beam will take a hold of you and pull you back towards us. You will always be of interest to us, it may be in a week’s time, a year or ten years but if there is a window of opportunity to take hold of you again we will gladly take it because the fuel to be gained is exquisite.

So, if you manage to escape our grip, fly to the other side of space from us and keep that distance otherwise our tractor beam will draw you in once again. That is the only hope you have to remain free of our grip. Unless of course you somehow manage to fire that photon torpedo down that exhaust chute but we both know you are never going to be able to manage that, right?

53 thoughts on “Entering the Sphere of Influence

  1. Bluewave says:

    HG, you always state that narcissists are addicted to our fuel forever. That’s why it may pass 10 years and they will hoover us because they can’t resist and miss the opportunity for our fuel – for fuel they know and maybe even “miss” at some point.

    But we “normals” are different. We love truly, we need time to move on but when our emotional thinking fades with time, we fall out of love. Just like that. It means, when I meet a guy I loved 10 years ago I will think “omg, how could I love him, ridiculous!” If I talk to him it’s only because I don’t want to be rude. But probably I will hide somewhere to avoid the awkwardness.

    My questions is – does the narcissist’s “love” for someone’s fuel really doesn’t fade with time like our love for them?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      We need fuel constantly. It is not YOUR fuel which we have a love for, you are but one part of the fuel matrix. Whether you are the chosen fuel provider in a particular moment (as part of the overall fuel requirement) depends on whether there is a Hoover Trigger and if so whether the Hoover Execution Criteria have been met. The ‘love’ for fuel never fades, but is the need as a whole, not yours specifically.

      1. WhoCares says:

        This cements it: it is not personal. Narcissists just make it personal.
        It’s not personal; it is about fuel only – anyone’s fuel.
        Why do we (I) have such difficulty accepting or remembering this?

      2. Bluewave says:

        Thank you HG, it is hard to understand this need for fuel. It is not personal, but on the other hand the hoover trigger works when it comes to specific person.

        There may be 10 women in the room, one of them is narcissist’s former partner and he will try to hoover (talk) to his ex because there is a hoover trigger and he can’t miss the chance to taste this delicious fuel. Why delicious? Because he knows, he remembers how it tastes?

        I also remember how my former partner’s fuel tastes. Their adoration, their attention, their compliments. But when I fall out of love I don’t need it any longer. It is no longer delicious because I don’t feel love anymore, it;s old, out of date, it lost its sweetness long ago.

        But I understand that “fuel” for narcissist is something different. It is not an emotion, a sentimental feeling. It’s just an ego stroke “oh she still loves me/oh she still hates me” and he likes to hoover former victims not because “her fuel was so great” but because “she is the ex and if she still cares it means I am important”.

    2. WhoCares says:

      Good question, Bluewave.

      1. Bluewave says:

        Thank you WhoCares

  2. Cindy says:

    Love this analogy of the death star cruising along, seeking fuel so it can continue to shine. I picture my ex narc as a massive black hole. It is not me that owns the photon torpedo however. He does. He has always had the silent, invisible, deadly power to destroy me.
    I’m content to drift away. Wish I could do it at the speed of light!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Keep reading here Cindy and you can soon be in that Millennium Falcon heading for freedom.

  3. Anonymous Two says:

    Talking to yourself and feeling good….
    Trying to squeeze the juice outta one or two confused hanging about Other.

  4. Kiki says:

    Sweet God you are mentally insane

  5. KellyD says:

    I’m just here to learn, share and absorb the knowledge and experience that HG has to offer.
    Not interested in curses and tinfoil caps. There must be a more appropriate forum for that nonsense.
    HG you’re a good sport for even letting It in.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you KellyD, I do it for the furtherance of people’s understanding and knowledge. The matter has been halted now.

      1. KellyD says:

        Sounds fair

  6. Anonymous says:

    And Richard, I don’t love you.

  7. Kiki says:

    Anon or Pamela. You seem to crave Hgs attention alone. You are not here to talk, give support or share with us. It’s all Hg.
    Are you obsessed with him maybe.

    1. Bibi says:

      Are they the same person? Admittedly, I laughed at the ‘you take a dump’ part.

      1. FYC says:


      2. NarcAngel says:

        I laughed at dump, but she blew it with cry. He doesn’t cry. She couldn’t even get that right.

        1. K says:

          I laughed when I read “you cry”. She was way off with that one!

        2. Bibi says:

          LOL, very true NA!

  8. Anonymous says:

    While this narc fantasy make you feel higher and superior, remember, you are still just a human with 5 senses who responds to stimuli, just like the rest of us. You take a dump, you eat food, and you laugh and you cry.
    I’m going to warn you, if you forget this, you are vulnerable.

    Just a warning.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Back again. (Must be eighth or ninth time now).

    2. Abe Moline says:

      Why do you care?

      1. NarcAngel says:

        It doesn’t care. It is a lower life form of HG’s kind and extremely jealous of him, It repeatedly returns here humiliating itself and proving that it has no substance and is unable to get any attention elsewhere.

        1. Abe Moline says:

          NA, I understand that. Still, I was curios if it has any explanation why it cares so much about HG as to give him warnings (or is it threats?).

          It’s pretty funny though how sometimes it seems to want to fuck HG’s brains out, other times threatens to crush him. It’s like it cannot decide what it wants from HG. Ridiculous…

          Hey, Anon, enlighten us!
          Do you love or do you hate HG? Let’s settle this very important matter once and for all!

          1. NarcAngel says:

            It’s simply provocation in order to get attention. Remember: Love me, hate me, but never ignore me is their motto.
            There is no logic or answer. You will just get another bowl of word salad while they feed off of the attention.

            The interaction here is is a good example of how people can get sucked back into responding with the narcissists in their life. Anon is an example and we have all failed spectacularly by responding.

        2. K says:

          Ha ha ha….I love when the Titans Clash! It is a great learning experience.

      2. Lou says:

        Because apparently she wants to have a non-violent resolution with HG and understand why he has been trying to engage in conversation with her these last three years.
        I don’t think she understands the term non-violence and resolution though. And I don’t understand how she can assume someone has the time and desire to listen to her constant nonsense. It is entertaining though.

        1. Anonymous says:

          Classic Tony Robbins and std Kardashian terminology. The pugs would rather be ridiculed as the attention seeking plastic people they are and call me it (devaluing me) why? Cause I refuse to sleep with Tony and worship them as the brainless fools they are.
          But HG, if this is goodbye and you want me to go, I’ll take this victory and run. Leave you geniuses to your insults.

          Love? Love HG? I’ve never met him in real life. He only knows me from stalking. I don’t engage in fantasy.

          NarcAngel, if you don’t want to bump into me in real life and suffer for it, I suggest you move along and play pretty. I curse you and your family to your own private hell until you bite the dust and go to hell.
          Let’s see if we can make this stick this time. By the way, I only found this site a week ago, I didn’t know it existed before this.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Riddled with inconsistency – as one would expect.

          2. Anonymous says:

            Only a week being here, wow. Either your secretly an empath playing a part or you are just as lost in your own fantasy ego world like Harvey and Tony.
            But you can have the same outcome they have. I curse you to hell with them. Soon you are going to be so utterly destroyed you’ll cry like you did as a child when you were abused.

            I’ll get rid of you one way or another. You know me, so you say. Curse every single one of in this life and the next. You want to be a narc, you like being narcs, you want to devalue me, well, I can arrange you being stuck with some serious old narcs for eternity. They’ll teach you everything you need to know about mental and physical torture til your hearts content.

            Be gone, ignorant scrub demon.

          3. HG Tudor says:

            Back again.

          4. Abe Moline says:

            Who the fuck are Harvey and Tony?
            Just want to know what expects us all… 😀

          5. HG Tudor says:

            Pamela is referring to Harvey Weinstein. She believes Weinstein wants to marry her, but Harvey will be devastated because she is not interested in him and does not want to marry him.

            She brought a civil claim against Weinstein in the New York Supreme Court in February 2018. Weinstein filed a motion to dismiss which was granted one month later. He is not the only defendant sued by the litigious Pamela.

            That is enough attention for her.

          6. MB says:

            Tony Robbins? What’s up with that HG? Can you shed any light? He’s been mentioned a bunch.

          7. Lorelei says:

            Is this “just narcissism” HG or like a manic display of loose associations? It’s so out there I’m lost. It feels more than narcissist—or are they this attention seeking at times without mood disturbances?

          8. HG Tudor says:

            I’m drawing a line under further discussion of this individual as the point has been made, L.

          9. Lorelei says:

            Alright.. Let’s discuss Katherine McPhee and David Foster!

          10. NarcAngel says:

            Laughable that you could make me suffer. You’re too late on the family bit also. It must be horrible to lag behind like you do.

          11. Anonymous says:

            Narc Angel, I’m right on time to watch the show. I love seeing fools get punked by God.

            There’s always more suffering to be had, specially when you ask for it repeatedly. God will give you what you want. You have your little fantasy world in place, ready to be shattered into billions of irreparable pieces. It happened to Harvey, and Tony, if you want to be involved, by all means join the short bus to hell. Grab a seat. Take your zinger calendar with you.

            I predict catatonic breakdown for all of you.

            Oh and yes, I’m back again, HG. I hope you can squeeze some sense of significance out of it.

          12. Kiki says:

            Please please stop don’t curse people ,it’s serious , very serious for a good reason ,
            it’s very nasty and only the worst type of person would dare go there.
            HG this needs to stop


          13. HG Tudor says:

            The point has been made Kiki and I have drawn a line under the matter after my enquiries have confirmed certain suspicions. This place will not be troubled further by this individual.

          14. FYC says:

            Thank you, HG. I noted her former blog was removed by WP due to improper conduct as well.

          15. HG Tudor says:


          16. Getting There says:


            You are wonderful; you are the one who will help us see the truth; you are the one you will save HG; your PhD program is lucky to have you; God is blessed to have you looking out for His interests; you are the empath of all empaths.
            There, now that someone has acknowledged your “greatness,” can we move on? No offense or anything but I am waiting on HG to share insight on other matters. I know I am being selfish. What can I say?

            All sarcasm aside, I understand when people get emotional and angry on here. I understand when people act in a way that may be narcissistic on here. What I don’t understand, and honestly don’t care to understand, is when people threaten another especially on here. I don’t care what you are or what you want. You choose to come here; you choose to comment; no one is making you and you have free will to do something other than threatening others.

          17. FYC says:

            “Riddled with inconsistency – as one would expect.”

            Not to mention numerous lies, serious delusions and pointed threats.

            PD/Anon are you aware making expressed threats to NA on the Internet is an offense in your state of Georgia? GA Code § 16-11-39.1 (2015) Should you carry out your publicly displayed threats you would be guilty of far worse crimes.

            But we all know your kind likes to bully with threats, but is too cowardly to carry them out, rendering your threats pathetic insults at best.

            I suggest you cease and desist or face being reported. Due to your sloppy online behaviors your real name and location are easily accessible. I suggest you seek fulfilling your needs elsewhere pronto.

          18. HG Tudor says:

            Indeed FYC and HG has slapped his own injunction on this individual after the acquisition of intel.

          19. FYC says:

            Brilliant, HG, as always. Thank you so much.

          20. Desirée says:

            So you finished your dissertation in Toilet Roll Changing Theory?

          21. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Anonymous?: You remind me of Richard Pigott. Pigott was an Irish journalist who tried to accuse a renowned Irish politician, Charles S. Parnell, of writing some letters that would get him involved in the murder of some British representatives. It was later proven that Pigott had written those letters himself and it was a case of forgery. One of the pieces of evidence was Pigott’s misspelling of “hesitancy”, which he used in the letters as in other pieces of writing he signed. Tony Robbins is your “hesitency,” Pamela. If you wanna be anonymous you need to be smarter, and more careful. Also, HG doesn’t have a PhD program (don’t know why you mention that) and apparently, neither do you. I worry about your fixation …

    3. Sniglet says:

      Anonymous – you are annoying me now you mental midget (dwarf? What’s PC these days?) I want to tell you to shut the fuck up but I will hold that for another time.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        I recommend holding it all now Sniglet.

        1. Sniglet says:

          Fine-will do!

          On second thoughts one couldn’t even bring Anonymous to the local cattle mart, she’s as rough as a porcupine’s ass.

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