Big Little Lies : Ed MacKenzie

Ed MacKenzie

Normal ? Standard Empath? Middle Mid Range Narcissist?

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893 thoughts on “Big Little Lies : Ed MacKenzie

  1. Maria says:

    I’ve finally watched both seasons and I think Ed is a Super Empath.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Well done and you’re wrong.

      1. Maria says:

        @#$!%&!!! Damnit! He’s normal isn’t he? He doesn’t go out of his way to care for others. Not an empath.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          He is normal.

          1. Maria says:

            Alrighty. I need more homework. I watched You on Netflix, at someone else’s recommendation, months ago. Is there anything else we should watch before you drop any more pop-quizzes on us? I want to be prepared 😄

  2. WokeAF says:

    Ive just read this comment

    Hg says Only narcissists gaslight.
    Hg has confirmed me as an empath a year and a half ago during a consultation.
    Hg has confirmed MP as an empath now.
    Therefore neither MP or myself were gaslighting.

    Are you saying HG is wrong ?

    HG, could you be wrong?

    K on August 6, 2019 at 12:24
    The two comments below are gas lighting.

    The abuser(s) will accuse the victim of being abusive when she defends herself and then demand an apology.

    MommyPino says:
    August 1, 2019 at 22:31
    K if you apologize to WokeAF I will not argue with you anymore. Forget about me. I really think that you owe her an apology. She didn’t do anything to deserve that name.

    WokeAF says:
    August 1, 2019 at 21:51
    Would you apologize to me for calling me an idiot and a spineless victim ?
    Would you apologize for any hostility that came through when you said those things?

  3. WokeAF says:


    Also, depends how you define “ awakening“ lolol!

    No , I didn’t snap out of ego consciousness any more than “I” (haha) already have.

    I did have a big insight on the victim mentality bc of all this . It’s big bc it’s a personal defect I’ve been somewhat consciously working on for the last year .
    It did destabilize me.
    So did getting called a spineless victim , Thought the impact of that with a huge amount of force.
    I’m still shaken , I’m not even joking , I haven’t gone back to work since the discussion if you can believe that shit . That whole thing rattled me really bad .

    Normally I do not let myself get involved in the emotions of others because it is too painful , and I end up just completely frazzled and overwhelmed

    1. Twilight says:


      What is your definition of an awakening?

      I hope you feel better soon.

      1. WokeAF says:

        Here’s the “story”
        Well there was the big blast .
        It was A spontaneous awakening. The narrator was gone , I realize there was no “me” etc
        At the time I had no idea what was coming as I had only taken up meditating a few weeks before.
        I had no teacher no group no support .
        No way to orient myself in the world .
        The aperture closed down quite a bit , I really identified somewhat but of course you never do you really do re-identify after that . But there was a massive closedown, which was excruciatingly painful as I’m sure you can imagine .
        When I dipped into this thread, I really don’t know why other then it’s probably very charged with empathic emotion , but I zoomed in.
        I’m only now zooming out again .
        It rarely happens to this extent. That’s why I became manic but I couldn’t see it for a day or two until I zoomed out again .
        In this case what I have seen that happened is I zoomed in, got caught up in the emotional storm, caught an insight on the victim mentality which actually I’ve been looking for – and that hit me really hard . Then I snapped out of it, and begin to zoom out again. It felt like I’d be unconscious for two days.
        It’s taken three days of self-care and rest to physiologically begin to rebalance

        1. WokeAF says:

          Essentially for the last 10 years the conditioning has been coming up, being seen, and let go of.
          As for awakening, well it never really ends does it. It’s not like there is an awakEND.
          In the bigger picture I suppose zooming in enabled me to catch the victim mentality insight.

          And The whole thing was incredibly unpleasant. But the insight will be useful

          Anyway it’s good talking to you I don’t know about you but it’s rare for me to find someone you know? I mean a couple years in, I just gave up even talking about it to people. It didn’t matter anyway. I just drop hints. It’s inevitable for everyone anyhow. But I can get I guess a little bit lonely not being understood. It’s actually a real relief to talk to you.
          Also phenomena had happened throughout my life so it isn’t really a big surprise I suppose but I would come Home. But it’s not 100% of the time. Obv.

  4. WokeAF says:

    FYC ;

    on July 28, 2019 at 22:45
    Haha. I read that one a few years ago in a tweet and liked it. No worries about anything, WAF. You owned your part. Remember your epiphanies and turn the page. Besides, empaths don’t “hold grudges and nurture them like little pets” as MMM on BLL does. Besides, I think this accelerated KTN hits by about 700+, so the house really does win!

    Oh good ! Lol no, no grudges at all! Not at ALL. I have no ill will , it’s not my nature
    Also I’m very happy if I brought lots of hits to the page I’ve also been sending people here or via Twitter. I hope things are calmer when they get here ha ha !!

  5. emc2gion says:

    MMRN: The fighting between him and Nathan. Nathan being the lesser. Both trying to manipulate each other, with Ed getting the upper hand. Slightly better control over his fury. Passive aggressive behaviour. Triangulation of Bonnie with Madeline, and others. Not wanting to lose Madeline, the super empath albeit with a dirty streak?

  6. Samantha says:

    There’s a documentary on HBO called Heart of Gold about a USA Olympic girls gymnastics team doctor named Larry Nasser who used to touch (digital penetration) the girls. This documentary describes over and over how he came off as a “nice guy” and how he fooled everyone. It’s a great thing to watch if you want to see an example of a mid ranger in real life.

  7. Hi Everybody! Is it safe to come in here yet? I saw the S.W.A.T. team and the Hazmat team and all the News Media trucks and News anchors wrapping up and all the Do Not Enter tape being removed from the perimeters, so I just thought I’d drop by with some delicious and nourishing snacks and drinks. I left them over in the large White tent. All Narcissists* and Empaths are welcome. I will send a clean up crew later. Enjoy your snacks. You earned them!

    1. WokeAF says:

      I think it’s safe.
      Turns out that my original perception of mommypino is closest to the right one .(fellow empath)

      I appreciate everyone letting me exhaust and entertain them I’m sure HG has enjoyed this.

      HG did you get any sort of sadistic tert. fuel out of my predicament ?
      Actually just asking not freaking out I’m not worried about it
      just wonder

      1. HG Tudor says:

        1. No I did not enjoy it.
        2. Why would I gain fuel when it was nothing to do with me? Go and read Fuel.

        1. WokeAF says:

          I wondered if you got any tertiary fuel, seeing all your little empaths squirrelling around in a flurry of activity on your site that you created that has all the best information (the legacy thing) -that has led us to be throwing around lists of manipulations at each other
          If it was me I’d probably have got a pride and omnipotence hit lol

          1. HG Tudor says:


    2. WokeAF says:

      You know what?

      This whole thing has made me pretty upset at the fact that I can be swayed from trusting my intuition about who is being genuine and truthful .

      All because some narcs have manipulated the shit out of me .

      No word of a lie I am actually crying right now .

      It’s not OK this is happened to me .

      Yeah that’s playing the victim I get that .

      But before my narcs are used to be able to trust my intuition .
      My narcs completely fucked up my ability to trust my intuition .
      Since studying about narcissism I’ve been learning to trust my intuition again .
      And then I start engaging properly on here and I trust my intuition

      And then I am made to see that I might be being manipulated by narcissistic traits by others and in myself .

      And then I turn against someone whose mother has just died . Because now I think she’s manipulating me .

      And then I realize that she’s not manipulating me .
      And I realize that I might have severely upset someone who is grieving the loss of their mother , someone who also has trouble trusting

      This is really not OK with me

      FUCK. NARCS.

      And yes it is actually funny at the same time and I am happy that I’m growing from this but this really sucks right now and I’m not being a victim this is how I’m feeling- and I’m going to continue to express myself without being absolutely paranoid that I might be being a victim .

      However I am now going to be much more aware of when I have played the victim card in my life and try not to do in the future .

      I think I have to sign out because this is all really taken a massive energetic toll on me and I’m pretty fuckin shook up .

      And I am also a complete awe at all of this and I want to say all of you and Pat are beautiful and amazing and HG you’re a fucking genius

      And also I have to sign off for a while but can someone please make sure mommy Pinot is OK I am worried HG can you email her please and make sure she’s all right

      1. Lorelei says:

        All is well.

        1. WokeAF says:

          Did Mommypino check in ?

        2. WokeAF says:

          Have we heard from
          MP yet?

          1. MommyPino says:

            Hi WokeAF, Everything is great with me. I’m with my family now. My kids wouldn’t leave me alone. I just got home from a very long flight and drive. I was exhausted and my kids are all over me so I don’t have time to check in until now. I sent a quick reply earlier as well. Catching up with all kinds of things: laundry, grocery, and kids’ activities. But it’s great to be home with family. It was hard to take care of business and grieve in the Phils. without my husband and kids but thankfully I had my relatives to keep me company whenever they can and I had Narcsite for diversión when I was alone so I didn’t have to get overwhelmed with sad thoughts.
            Everything is well with me. I hope that is the same with you and K. Let’s all start fresh!

  8. E. B. says:

    Madeline said Ed studied computer engineering. He works from home.

    He looks calm, he says about himself that he is the stable, the grounded on in the relationship. He says he is truthful.
    He seems to be calm and harmless but he can also become sarcastic and threatening.

    When Nathan wanted to have a conversation with him, Ed was being passive-aggressive. Nathan asked him why he did that, Ed denied it. (Twin lines of defence)

    Ed told Madeline she was drawn to damaged people. He belittled her choice of friends.

    He refused Nathan’s apology, he threatened him but not directly. He said he was bullied at school and used to turn the other cheek. He said some day someone will say or do something to him and they will offer him the chance to redeem himself (Threat, Passive-aggressive)

    Ed stares at people, especially women. Sometimes he seems to just be observing, other times he does is in a threatening way (to Nathan).
    He was staring at her step-daughter Abigail twice.
    He stared at Renata. Madeline asked him if he knew her. Instead of answering yes or no, he said “I don’t know, do I?”

    Ed went to see Bonnie but did not tell his wife about it. He looked at her and said “God, I just love sweat on women” (inappropriate comment). Bonnie did not like it. Then he said “Sorry, that was more of a general observation”

    When he overheard Abigail talking about her mother cheating on Ed, Ed left the room and slammed the door, instead of dealing with conflict. He did it at least twice (I have not watched all episodes in Season 2).
    He asked if anyone else knew about the affiar (Was he worried about his façade?).

    Madeline told Jane that Ed likes to dress up in costumes.

    Ed does not seem to feel superior or entitled but he considers himself to be the perfect, stable, grounded one in the relationship. Also his passive-aggressive behaviour, his sarcasm and use of the twin lines of defense makes me think that he might be a MRN.

    I voted MMRN.

  9. E&L says:

    Dear Mommypino,
    First, may I say that I, and many others, understand the seemingly unbearable sorrow you may be feeling. I just want you to know that it appears many people care that you are sad and anguished at this time. It has been two years since my mother died and eleven since my aunt died, and not a day passes that their physical absence is felt. It is this blog, and my husband that have afforded me a place to grieve because I am NC with the rest of my entire family. It can be very lonely and isolating. Love to you Mommypino.

    1. MommyPino says:

      Thank you E&L. I’m very sorry for your loss as well.

  10. WhoCares says:


    I have a comment (in moderation) in response to the back and forth between you, K and WokeAF…but I just read Getting There’s comment and I was unaware that your mother died.

    “you just left your home with your husband to watch your mom die. You were there when your mom died.”

    MP – so sorry for your loss.

    Getting There – glad you commented.

    1. MommyPino says:

      Thank you WhoCares. 💕

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