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Ed MacKenzie

Normal ? Standard Empath? Middle Mid Range Narcissist?

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  1. Is the novel Big Little Lies the same as the TV series

    I will read it if it is as I didn’t follow the series I’m a bit weird I just prefer a book


  2. Ed totally DOES kind of act like a dick!! I was dismissing it .

    Of all my narcs he reminds me of my LMR with the dark angry eyes.
    His general feel
    And that fits the description
    Sulky, yes.

    I am changing my vote to LMR.

  3. I usually enjoy reading other readers comments and views when time permits. But I’m no longer finding this interesting nor enjoyable.

    Ladies please! We’re all in this together. There are bigger, more real fights to have so conserve your energy and preserve your dignity.

  4. NA, K, whoever

    I will correct myself
    I perceived MP as being ganged up on.
    I can’t speak for her, when I did speak for her before it was bc I was projecting my own perception onto it.
    I can’t give direct quotes bc this thread is too long.
    I will try to give you my perception/projection.

    Here it is/was);

    -lovely debate on morality
    -I see morals, rights, etc as thoughts in the head.
    -comments all released at once- confusion in the thread
    -I project MP is perceiving that she is being told she has no morals if she rats out on the bc situation in BLL
    -I debate this in relation to the existence of morals
    -MP (I thought) gets righteously offended at a (I thought ) miscommunication on this
    -K states MP’s narc traits
    -I project/perceive this as a bit of an attack , bc I’m thinking MP is unable to communicate what she means
    -various ppl pipe up in Agreement on K’s morality stance
    -I perceive/project that MP is feeling ostracized because of this and because she thinks others are agreeing that she has no morals
    – I pipe up for MP not to worry about it because K is narcissistic traits of pride or whatever maybe being projected onto her because I want to make her feel better
    -all shit breaks loose
    – k starts listing my narcissistic traits
    -I see that I have a narcissistic traits but now I feel that K has stopped listening to what I’m saying entirely and is calling everything I say a narcissistic trait , and i’m trying to communicate that I’m actually still just engaging in a conversation but now I’m starting to feel a little butt hurt
    -more shit breaks loose
    – at some point during all of this my emotional thinking takes over And also I do not genuinely understand what k’s morality reality is, and I genuinely do not understand that and Empaths can have narcissistic traits without meaning to
    – I really want to find out if K believes that someone who would rat out on the birth control has no morals, and if K actually believes morals are anything but a thing in the head as I understand them to be
    -K tells me that I need things spelled out for me and also that I’m an idiot (paraphrasing)because of my quantum theory comment which is actually part of this for me-
    – I try to explain my quantum theory comment and let Kane know and everyone else that I understand it was not an appropriate comment for that time and I am trying to bring some humour into it all
    – sometime during this period of time I stop engaging with K directly because I perceive or project that I am being shut down
    – I also did not realize that if a person doesn’t mean to lie that they are actually lying I understood lying as having the intention to lie which I did not have and I projected mommy Pino did not have

    Essentially the layers of cognitive dissonance have been falling off of me for a year and a half and I have been using that 1.5 years to eliminate the narcs in my direct physical life and not been paying much attention to what goes on here to be honest other than the articles .

    I’m not a child and I don’t want anyone to sugarcoat anything for me but I also need to be understood that I am really just trying to engage here and learn about everything including myself .

    That was a lot I know I hope it makes sense

    Can I just give a huge shout out to HG for allowing the comments on this all to go through very quickly so I can sort things out and understand and everyone else too I guess

    1. IGNORE MY GLOSSING OVER I swear to HG I’m trying to recall events in as close to a correct order as I can

      I don’t want to be a victim I see it now , in the above comments

      I’m starting to see it

      And i have several other comments I’ve dropped that HG Hasn’t released yet !! So if they pop up
      Check the time stamps

      I won’t comment again until I can figure out where we all are

      1. Except to say in AA one of the personal defects that I’m trying to remove (12 steps) is victim mentality

        Ok I’m done until we are caught up and Every last comment of mine has been released and someone tells me where the F to comment so that we can stay in order because I’m getting lost

        1. Yeah. I got it. I almost combusted first. I stayed up all night for this bc I needed resolution. Bc I’m obv insane.

          It was cognitive dissonance and you broke me out of it. I appreciate it. I guess tenacity pays off doesn’t it. On both our parts.

          I also now I’m seeing what’s going on.

          I’m still a little rattled by the spineless comment, however it was shocking enough for me to really fucking wake the fuck up .

          1. WokeAF
            You are not insane; you are trying to make it all jive. It’s very clear that we are both tenacious and that’s not always a bad thing.

            We all need a reality slap once in while, myself included. There’s a lot of context missing on the blog but, if we were together IRL, I might have said: stop being so wishy-washy and grow a pair.

          2. I’m glad you were harsh with me, I needed it. And I broke thru to a new level of awareness bc of all this. I’m forever grateful to you. You’re smart as fuck. Feel free to point out anything to me in the future. I can swallow a slice of humble pie any time. I’m devoted to awakening, and that means getting real with myself.
            Your mind is quick at identifying the traits and manipulations. Don’t stop. You’re accelerating my learning process exponentially.

            Haha grow a pair! That is perfect. I often use balls in my day to day nomenclature. I’m a big fan of saying “eggs” tho bc it covers both genders.
            Like “ grow a set of eggs!”
            Or “I’ve got the eggs for this challenge” type of thing
            “Shave your eggs if you wanna get anywhere near this tonight”


          3. Thank you WokeAF!
            Ha ha ha….it’s good to know that my harshness has helped you and I am very happy to read that you broke thru to a new level of awareness because of it. It’s very important to get real with yourself and don’t worry, I won’t stop, as long as you don’t mind, and I will continue to accelerate the learning process for you. That’s what this place is all about.

            Ha ha ha…sack up and grow a pair is another one I use.

  5. Attention All: Ed said he is pleased to see that his page has managed to garner so much conversation, and when MMM saw so, (when he showed her), she finally gave him a night to remember. And they both send thanks to all involved on behalf of the cast of Big LIttle Lies. And they ask for all to remember to vote for them if any voting for couples will be part of our HG Tudor Assessment Event, regarding the series: Cheers! Now back to the debating and replies and replies that go to the wrong post and/or the wrong posters and missing replies and misunderstood replies and everything else that is lighting the blue touch paper on here. I tried to jump in but I fell on a slippery accusation and broke my fingernail. Repair Time.

    1. 😂 PSE, to be honest, out of all of the characters in that movie, Ed was the last person that I would have ever thought of having the longest thread.

      1. I don’t even watch this series, and I can say this is the most attention Ed has ever gotten.

        Instead of analyzing Ed, I analyzed all 3 of you…

        And I kept my mouth SHUT, mainly because I either believe that people benefit most/are capable of handling their own stuff & I should stay out — OR — when I go all in — I go IN. The thread may have gone to 2020, and you all would wonder when *I* turned into such a narcissist! Who needs that?

        Glad you sorted it~you’re all empaths, so I’m fond of you all, hot mess or not. Life is messy. We’re empaths. We get passionate.

        No offense to Ed, I’m sure your passion way exceeded him!

        1. Caroline-is-fine
          Ha ha ha…you chose wisely! Thank you. It would have been so much easier if Abby took an Uber.