A Very Prime Ministerial Narcissist

Mr Johnson won the leadership election and his March onwards continues!

Boris Johnson



  1. HG, with some of the finest European minds unable to come up with a workable alternative to the Irish backstop,
    Johnson breezes in this week with talk of “checks away from the border, electronic pre-clearing and trusted trader schemes,” supremely confident in his own ability to come up with an alternative solution in a mere 30 days – for me a classic example of the narcissist’s delusional thinking. And just like May, he looks out of place even among his “own kind.”

    I say the EU should call his bluff on this one – give Johnson and the DUP their hard/no deal Brexit – he’ll go down in history as the British Prime Minister who finally united Ireland but being the narcissist he is, he’ll try to take credit for it, like he meant for it to happen all along.

    There really is no winning with them.

    It’s madness HG. x

  2. I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to the good people across the pond for their newly elected PM.
    Keep him away from the bear and the dictator and all should go smoothly.
    Remember, it won’t last forever.

  3. Charles J Haughey was Prime Minister in Ireland during the 1980s. He was always going on about how as a nation ‘we were living way beyond our means and should tighten our belts’.
    It was later revealed how he spent thousands on fine wine and food and went on expensive shopping trips to Paris. It was also discovered that he had a mistress for 30 years!

          1. HG I would love to read an article by you on an empath world leader even if it’s a historical and long dead person. I need to read something inspirational.

          2. I like that idea, mommypino! I wonder if Abraham Lincoln was an empath.

          3. Getting There, He would be an amazing subject of an article. His empathic traits were very strong. He was well known for honesty and decency. But he also known for narcissistic traits like being very competitive. He is definitely one of the most interesting historical figures.

          4. Mommypino, I agree. He risked career and life to help others. I would be interested in learning if he was one and what kind, if so. Maybe a Super Empath?
            It would be nice to see that empaths can reach levels that mostly narcissists reach.

          5. Getting There, I think so too, he may have been a Super Empath. He has definitely reached amazing success, although I wonder if the political process and environment at that time was less narcissistic than today and so people who have empathy are still able to continue to be a part of the system and compete well.

          6. Mommypino, I wonder how many of our presidents could actually be categorized as an empath. I would hope at least 10. Sadly I believe that only self centered people would now run as no one else would risk their family and friends having to endure the headache and heartache that comes from the dirty playing during the election period. Maybe if we stopped making it a lucrative career for the politicians and lobbyist, we may find more empaths in office.

          1. HG, Was Pope John Paul II an empath? I really loved him when he was alive.

          2. But I do respect Benedict Ratzinger for resigning which I believe is the empathic thing to do. No matter what he is.

          3. I bet Pope JPII was a mix of Savior and Magnet. He was so amazingly magnetic and adorable. When he went to my home country my friend and I were watching him on TV and she is a Seventh Day Adventist and she told me that he is an anti-Christ. But we just kept watching and she started to smile at the little gestures that he did and then she couldn’t stop smiling and watching him. She told me that she can’t stop herself from liking him. When he looked at somebody he had this inner light in his smile and he looked at people like he was always seeing something good in them.

        1. Emmanuel Macron is a psychopath for sure… oh my god his eyes…. Would not like to meet him alone without protection… he scares me a lot, he gives me a very uncomfortable feeling…
          It’s the eyes of a very very dangerous heartless man, no empathy, no soul… brrr…

          HG I asked you so many times, I am soo curious, what do you know about Macron and Theresa May, are they both psychopaths?
          They both have that cold frightening dead stare

      1. “Buy gold” haha, wiser words have never been spoken. There’s a canadian jeweler that designs 24k gold and platinum investment jewelry. If anyone feels the need to have their money “close to their heart” from now on. I’m personally more interested now in trying to figure out what stocks to buy…or sell.

      2. Dear Mr Tudor,
        Haha.. good answer
        Ever thought of running for PM yourself ?
        Luv Bubbles xx 😘

      3. Dear Mr Tudor,
        I’ve just come across pure “gold”…….
        Jon Culshaws impersonation of BoJo
        Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  4. Not surprising news, yet no less disheartening to hear yet another narcissist has gained a position of power on the world stage. As if Trump wasn’t a terrible enough pox on the world all by himself. Makes me wish everyone was following you, HG, to understand and appreciate these are not bumbling ‘clowns’ and ‘fools’- they are ‘crazy like a fox.” and intentionally create chaos and do real, substantial damage for their gain. Our very ideals of democracy are being slowly eroded, our very planet is at risk, yet so many in the US minimize this abuse mostly due to the constant barrage of insults, lies and manipulations. I continue to resist as the next election cycle begins, but am anxious concerning the outcome as the overall awareness seems to be waning. The narcissists capitalize on this madness and our ignorance. (I am ordinarily not prone to making ‘political comments’, as I find ‘the game’ of politics abhorrent- but in my opinion, these are extraordinary times)

  5. Damn sounds like the narcs are on the rise in this free world hg…thanks for bringing awareness to this subject.i guess the next question is how do we stop narcs that are in power like trump and all of the other ones?

    1. That takes some ooompf. People are usually a bit scared to go against a narc, fire him/her from the workplace, move him away from office, face him.

  6. HG
    Your insights with regard to Jeremy Hunt would have been equally entertaining.
    I had him pegged as one from N-club too.
    He wasn’t in Boris’ league though, he seemed to lack charm, and his dead-eyed stare that was lampooned so often in photos on ‘The Last Leg’ was quite creepy.

  7. And how will Jezza be feeling right now HG?

    I’m guessing he’ll be doing to off the scale stuff to address the wounding.

    Would he have actually thought he was In With a chance though?

      1. Just unbelievable how they don’t see it. Truly.

        I was in a bar once I won’t say where or name who, but an ex very important person was there completely smashed out of their face, on their own and having to literally prop themselves up on the wall.

        I imagine jezza (no idea if he drinks) but could well end up in a similar situation. Either that or he’ll be pulling the orange stunt later lol

  8. Boris Johnson’s father quote

    Oh we just have to deal with this small technical problem called Brexit that everyone is obsessed with “

    WHAT ??????
    Is this idiot from another planet or did he just crawl out from a darkened cave where he ate moss or something for last few years


    1. Aww I thought Stanley was hilarious in I’m a Celeb – he was my favourite!
      He was full of blunders like this

  9. He gave that half slurped ice cream to a women in the crowd who asked for it – she finished it off.
    Mmmm yummy.

    1. Ewwww PV! Love that pic, HG.

      In the article you said he was dangerous HG. You’ve stated that you would prefer a narcissist surgeon. Should they stay away from the realm of politics? Or is it just this particular narcissist that’s dangerous?

      I don’t know if it will make you all feel any better or not, but not a single thing in my day to day life has changed since Trump has been office. What do our choices for world leaders say about us? (Of course we can only choose between the small selection put before us.)

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