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I would never hurt an animal, not intentionally. I am an expert marksman but I would never shoot a live animal. I am not fond of animals, I have never kept a pet and I never will. Caring for or hurting an animal has no interest for me. I should imagine that has taken a few of you by surprise. I should imagine that you saw the picture of this fox with his cast and thought, “This is where he shows more of his sadism by revealing that he tortured guinea pigs when he was  a child or shot at birds in the garden with an air rifle.” I am pleased to disappoint you. That never happened. I am well aware that hurting animals may be a sign of no conscience but it does not follow that a lack of conscience means that you will hurt animals. I know that certain individuals obtain an emotional gratification by hurting an animal as this is about exhibiting the ultimate control. I regard those that engage in that type of behaviour as low-functioning epsilon semi-morons. An animal cannot answer you back, it cannot tell you things or say the wrong thing. I do think that animals display certain self-centred narcissistic tendencies, feed me, wash me, stroke me, play with me, walk me, clean my living space and so on. They require a lot of attention and that is why I cannot countenance ever having one as a pet. I suspect that is the reason why I have never hurt one.

No, my ire exists for the wounded creature, the pathetic person that is weak. I do not like babies because they are weak and absorb attention away from me. I do not like the elderly, they are weak and they absorb attention away from me with all the help they need. I also want no reminder of how mortality fades and they are the spectres hovering at the end, reminding us that the reaper’s scythe is nearing. I do not like the ill, they are weak and they absorb attention away from me. I think you are getting the picture now. I know you empathic people reach out to these people and that society dictates that these groups should be cared for. That does not resonate with me. They infuriate me. I would rather they disappeared and did not distract from my purpose. Should they come within my reach they find themselves subjected to my irritation and displeasure which results in me lashing out  with acidic tongue and savage words at them in order to exhibit my annoyance. I know you regard that as wrong but I am just being honest. It is what I feel. Now you know why my kind ditches you for a younger model, pays no interest to the birth of our child and why our kind always vanishes when you are ill or injured and in need of care. We have no desire to be reminded of weakness, not when it threatens us from inside on a daily basis.


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  2. FYC says:

    HG, Thank you for never harming an animal. I am grateful you will not, and that you readily recognize that those who do are very low-functioning, epsilon morons.

    Caring for someone helpless is challenging and best delivered by someone with empathy. I do not believe you are weak inside, you were lied to and abused. May you ever remain strong to the end HG, as this is best for the N and all involved.

  3. Veronique Jones says:

    I’m really glad that you don’t hurt animals because I love them 😍 I actually think they’re better than most people and not wanting to be around animals or children or sick or the aged doesn’t make you a bad person It’s so much better than people who would hurt the venerable because they can.

  4. seballerinaCaron says:

    I had this dog…actually I had about 6 dogs. That is too many dogs-I never wanted so many. One of them was this magnificent pit type named Handsome, and one day while I was watching TV he got up onto the couch and laid his head in my lap. My beloved companion dog, Ryo, did not like this situation. Ryo was a mastiff-lab, so really not intimidated by any other dog because he was the biggest, but also a very peaceful animal. He went and got a toy and started playing with it, which is not something Ryo did often. This got Handsome interested, so he jumped off and started playing with the toy with Ryo. Ryo dropped the toy and came and jumped onto the couch and laid his head in my lap. Some people can’t solve their problems this effectively.

    Ryo would stop the cats from fighting, too. He was the only dog who made my horse feel safe to go out alone. He died by cake.

    Having pets is not a requirement, but they are here to be our companions. They are here to be our heart guardians. Ryo (and my horse) have both saved my life. For those of us who feel, it is important to have one.

    Handsome was just a dog we rescued to give away, and he liked to kill cats. No fence could keep him in. We had a six foot fence that we put a large round thing on top of, and he would still jump it. When I came home he would jump it and run out to greet me. I would scold him and tell him to get back in the yard, and he would jump it back into the yard and wag his tail at me behind the gate.

    We’re so busy looking for other life forms in space and dreaming up all kinds of alien beings, but we are already are literally surrounded by other intelligent and interesting life forms. You don’t have to share your home with them to know them. It is worth it to know them.

  5. candacemarie1212 says:

    It is nice to know that you never hurt animals. Too many times you hear about serial killers who started out by torturing animals. I love animals and the elderly. It is my job to care for the elderly . They are sick and require a lot of care but they are also full of wisdom and so many interesting life stories!

  6. Dearest HG: Wonderful info. I remember when I first heard you discussing how Narcissists do not like engaging with the ill in general, so I decided to use this info as the strategy to remove myself from them at my job, by informing the Narcissist and his 4 malign Lieutenants over and over by text when hoovered that I was ill, and sick, and not feeling well, with bronchitis (false), and that I did not want to talk about it, because it is too boring to discuss being sick. Worked like a charm. Bingo! I am no longer there with them. I have been away about 6 months. I encountered a coterie member at the gym I relocated to, the past 2 weeks, and informed her I am still recovering and I told her that I changed gyms away from the work location due to feeling tired and ill, and now I am working out now near my home (true), because the gym is near my home, and I can manage a 3 block walk at this point, but I will no longer be returning to work gym location. Worked like a charm. Easy for them and painful for me to remove myself , but I had to remove myself as peaceably as possible. And, I did not want anyone to know why I left. All knowledge about my true motive could have and would have been used against me. So, I just used illness. Worked almost like a charm, despite a few glitches here and there.

  7. WAF Tudorita says:

    HG OT here but- have you ever had a LL or a LMR under the tudorscope?
    Or a victim (either Lesser or LMR?)
    If not, I’d sure be grateful for those sometime
    I can’t even imagine the dumpster fire that would be a LL
    and I’m trying to get a grip on how a LMR presents- esp a LMR victim

  8. Libby says:

    My heart swells and my insides turn gooshy and warm at the thought of your venomous snarls when confronted with a soft, sweetly cooing baby.

  9. Desirée says:

    That cute little fox gets me everytime, I want him! Also, I am still very pleased to be disappointed by you in this manner because the first time I saw that sweet thing in your thumbnail, my heart sank before I even clicked on it. Something about animal abuse disgusts me even more than narcissists abusing their empathic victims. Animals are completely at the mercy of humans, taking advantage of this is beyond low, I get mad even thinking about it.

    1. NarcAngel says:

      Animals. Same.

    2. Lorelei says:

      Agree Desiree. Only low life scum hurts animals. I used to have two German Shepherds for the purpose of dabbling in dog sports. One morning I received a call from my children’s father that the GSD bit my shih tzu. I rushed home. My ex put the dying dog on the concrete garage floor in the dark and was sitting on the couch watching television. I’m appalled even recalling this because I was fighting a state of confusion already at this point. It was a really crippling moment of bewilderment for me and it’s upsetting to recall. My mother told me how he recounted a story of the enjoyment he used to achieve by shooting bees as a kid. (He thought it was a funny childhood story and was disconnected enough from a more typical reality to tell it) I actually feel disgusted right now. I can’t believe I didn’t put the puzzle pieces together in some manner much sooner but I simply had no idea or point of reference upon which to know what I was dealing with. He isn’t going to just walk up to an animal and kill or torture it but he was dropping clues for all to see and while unsettled we just didn’t know. I’m appalled I didn’t listen to my gut though. The confusion was synchronized with my gut telling me something was really wrong, yet I’ve been conditioned to ignore reality my entire life. My dad took my cat and killed it when I was a kid as well—shot it. He did this in front of my brothers and had some story created which made no sense as to why it was necessary. No one flinched or batted an eye. It’s no wonder my life and my reality has been saturated with accepting poor behavior. My dad was a bright mind and well employed which is even more disconnecting. My ex—bright academically and not functioning as a low life scum by means of appearance anyway. (Well his recent shenanigans allow some debate) They hide in plain sight which is really bothersome. I’m actually feeling physically ill thinking of this behavior because it was smack dab in front of my face and I didn’t act on intuition, however blunted it was. In fact, his behavior even conditioned me to just accept a “new normal” because when a former pet dog collapsed one morning I knew to expect him to be disinterested and an ass as usual when enlisting his help. I only had to ask for help to have her put in the car to be taken to the emergency vet where of course she died immediately upon arrival due to internal bleeding from a tumor they found on her spleen. I was so accustomed to his behavior I knew (that while I didn’t like it) would be dismissive, lacking support, unkind, etc. I am feeling increasingly sick writing this—like nauseated.

    3. FYC says:

      “Something about animal abuse disgusts me even more than narcissists abusing their empathic victims. Animals are completely at the mercy of humans, taking advantage of this is beyond low, I get mad even thinking about it.”

      100 likes, Desiree.

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