No Contact? No It’s Not! – Part Two


Many people believe they have implemented a no contact regime and it is nothing of the sort.

The holes in their regimes arise from two main factors

  1. A lack of knowledge. You are not us and therefore you fail to realise the extent to which your No Contact Regime needs to be established and why it is so fundamental to obtain expert input from me to ensure all angles are covered and all holes are plugged; and
  2. The impact of emotional thinking which causes you to believe that you are not going to be hoovered, that certain interactions with a narcissist are ‘safe’ (guess what? No they are not because he or she is a NARCISSIST) or that particular breaches are not actually breaches. Your emotional thinking is not your friend and it will con you in so many different ways to cause you to breach no contact. It is so clever at doing this, you will often not notice because it has blinded you by taking you to your personal tipping point so you lose insight. I see this because I am objective, dispassionate and well-versed in how emotional thinking manifests in your kind.

This series identifies various breaches in no contact and assists you in understanding why they happen and how they will be exploited by our kind, alongside why the breach is dangerous for you and thus enabling you to take steps to plug the hole, seal the breach and go Total No Contact.

Listen hereto learn more.

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