Mother Knows Best





“I love you.”

“I have heard this is a good one for getting a reaction from you because this is what you always want to hear.”


“You won’t ever amount to anything.”

“Not while I am interfering in every facet of your life, controlling you and making your childhood and your adult life one long battle.”


I just thought I would call you and see how you are.”

“You do not give me enough fuel. You are an ungrateful son/daughter and I regret the day I gave birth to you.”


“It is my birthday next week and I just wondered if you had anything planned.”

“I expect something lavish and spectacular so I can be centre stage. If you haven’t planned such an event you are cruel and uncaring, just as I always thought.”


“I am proud of you.”

“For once you have done something I approve of and now I can take all the credit for it.”



“You were quite a challenge when you were younger.”

“I thought you might resist my cold-hearted manipulation of you, but I broke you in the end.”


“I suppose you have heard the sad news about your Uncle Paul dying?”

“A death! A funeral! Such a wonderful stage for me to dominate and all those relatives to suck fuel from.”


“I am trying to help you,you know?”

“I am trying to control you, stop resisting me.”


I have done so much for you. All I want is some thanks.”

“I think I have done so much for you. I need some fuel.”


“It was a joke. You take yourself so seriously.”

“It was not a joke. Damn you for seeing through it. I need to back track quickly so I am not accountable.”


“You were an accident.”

“Go on cry and make me feel powerful.”


“Your father and I have discussed this as we think…”

“I have decided….”


“Your father agrees with me so there is no point running to him.”

“Your father knows better than to contradict me.”


“I had such high hopes for you.”

“You aren’t doing what I want.”


“That never happened.”

“It did but you are not allowed to hold that against me.”


“We never thought you would leave home.”

“You were not meant to move out of my control.”


“We hardly ever see you these days.”

“You should be providing me with fuel more often.”


“You weren’t like this when you were little.”

“You were so much easier to control back then.”


“I don’t love you.”

“I don’t love you. I never have.”

7 thoughts on “Mother Knows Best

  1. ThePolicyOfTruth says:

    I really have no idea what kind of narcissist my own mother is, or if she’s something else entirely.

    Let’s see…

    Constantly comparing me to other people who she feels are more successful in life.

    Ringing me up daily to tell me how I ought to be looking after my kids according to her opinion.

    Hypocrisy. Oh the hypocrisy. I’ve never known a human being be more hypocritical in my life. She even beats ex-narc-IP at the hypocrisy.

    Constant criticism. To the point that she berated me for listening to Christmas music, on Christmas day, when she was a guest for dinner in my home. (And no she’s not got any reason to be against Christmas carols, she’s a Catholic.)

    Well the list just goes on. Entirely different kettle of fish to ex-narc-IP but she’s definitely her fair share of something!

    So HG on this note I can share somewhat in how unpleasant it is having a *difficult* mother.
    I guess the difference is that I still love mine, though she hurts me a great deal. Your lack of this type of emotion probably doesn’t make your mother’s words sting you any less though. But what do I know?

    Be it as it may, I am sorry your mother has put you through that. Whether you require it or not, you have my sympathy.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Use this, TPOT

  2. liza says:

    I know it is not my business, but i really really really, can’t stand this woman, Looking into a little boy and wanting to be so cold and cruel towards them, is just beyond my understanding.

    there seriously should be some sort of exam to have the right to procreate. People must understand that a child is an actual person.
    For what it’s worth, i’m sorry you had to endure that, and congratulations for not letting her completely break you.

  3. Joy&Love says:

    What an awful thing to know your mother never loved you. Mother and father may desert you, but the love of Jesus comes through every time, and he loves us just as we are. That’s the knowledge that saved me from from my narcissistic father when I was 11 years old.

    How is it that two children go through the same experience. One becomes an Empath, the other a Narcissist. Both are attracted to each other, but in such a seemingly destructive way.

  4. Pati says:

    This is so sad .I have seen the Disney movie Tangled. Mother Gothel who used Rapunzel’s hair to keep her young . I guess she was a N.
    She sang the song Mother Knows Best.

  5. Violetta says:

    “We hardly ever see you these days.”

    Any hope of changing that to “not at all” without her dying?

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