How And Why The Narcissist Lies


Which narcissists lie?

Do they always lie? If not, why not.

Why do narcissists lie?

Do they know they are lying?

What does lying achieve for the narcissist?

What forms will these lies take?

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3 thoughts on “How And Why The Narcissist Lies

  1. Gypsy Heart says:

    One of the biggest fights my husband and I had was when I caught him in a lie. This led to a circular argument about lying. We argued ALL DAY about LYING! Projection was thrown out at me. You lie too! Little white lies, bold faced lies. Is there truly any good lies? “If your going to talk about lies, there should be no lies.” I kid you not, we spent half the day arguing about Santa Clause. To this day when I catch him in a lie, all I can hear is HO! HO !HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  2. liza says:

    he lies canstantly and he is not even good at it. the first week we started to become closer he told me about a video game in which you have to code in order to win and told me he finished it, i started palying it , and the next day i told him that i liked it and asked wich programming language he started with, he said C++ (he knew it was my favorit one) but actually you can’t start with C++ you have to chose either javaScript or php, so it is the proof that he never actually played it, but i found it cute that he wanted to chose the one i prefer.

    But i shouldn’t have, it was the first one, but not the last, sometimes he even seems to lie just for the sport, he gains nothing, absolutely nothing from it, it just as if his mouth is alergic to truth.

    paradoxally he was always teling me he hated lyers, that lying was off limit to him ect…
    now, i understand that it was only me who is expected to tel the truth.

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