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  1. Jeez, what a discussion. I would go to the ends of the earth for HG and for many of the people on this blog if I had a way to do it that did not make me uncomfortable. Some of us who might not have donated for whatever reasons, do things every day that are helpful, and maybe for a lot more people. No one knows what anyone else on this blog does with their time and money. It’s not helpful to be judgmental or to try to have the worth of your character rest on how much and how often you donate. If you choose to call people out or to promote yourself, you are simply alienating people who might otherwise want to contribute. It’s the same with the comments on the blog. How many people hover and do not comment much less donate, because they are intimidated by the sniping and the tone? Keep it light, people. Right now, I just feel like walking away and donating my gift card to a domestic violence shelter, all because I asked a simple question about how to donate anonymously. Fuck this shit, as they say.

    1. SMH, isn’t it ironic that we both had the audacity to question something related to the donations and now when we try to use our cards they don’t work? Are we being punished? Hahaha. I read what FM1T wrote about the vanilla cards, damn mine is one of those, vanilla poison!!!

      1. I know your method has worked in the past SP, so lord knows what you are doing know! Just goes to show, keep it simple otherwise the Tech Gods will hate you.

      2. It is funny, SP. I don’t feel called out though because I’ve been totally open about it – why I haven’t donated, the problems I am having with the goddamned card, the sniping I see on this thread. I think I started this, in fact, by asking an innocent question. I had NO idea it was so loaded or that there was resentment (not on HG’s part – he’s as patient as always). Anyway, I think between you, me and FYC there is enough brain power to get there!!

        1. But the crazy thing is that I did donate! And just because I was speaking in favor of people that didn’t for whatever reasons the Inquisition set me on fire.

          1. Sweetest Perfection
            You have every right to voice your concerns/thoughts and I hope you continue to do so. You didn’t do a damn thing wrong. Be fearless and speak your mind.

          2. Thank you K and SMH, I certainly will continue to express my opinion and I believe (please, correct me if I am mistaken) that I always do it respectfully and without using any false accusations. The times I’ve said something that wasn’t correct or was misinterpreted, I’ve always apologized and tried to clarify my point of view. I think it is a basic norm for human interaction to be polite and listen to each other. I am aware sometimes I could raise unpopular questions but questioning is a sign of intelligence, following the pack when you have some objection is not. For the record, during the whole time I have been in the blog (around a year), I have never ever insinuated to anyone that they are not empaths, regardless of whether I disagreed with them. Even more, I always assume everyone here but HG is. I have been indirectly accused of being a narcissist twice by two different people. I find it extremely low to have to use that weapon, like shooting someone on the back. Please, let’s stop doing that to one another unless we see that the person is really here to troll the blog, as in some obvious cases we have all witnessed. So you know me by now, expect to hear my voice when I disagree, but always with love and respect because I care for everyone here. For everyone.

          3. SP, I am sorry you are upset and I would never take you for a narc. For me it helps to remember that it is a blog (sometimes it seems very real!) and also that I can simply ignore a comment because eventually everyone will move on and lose interest. Sometimes I even ignore the responses. What will they do? Yell at me across the room? :) It doesn’t happen often but it has happened.

            In this case it also helps to remember that making donations doesn’t make anyone an empath. Some of the biggest narcs in the world are philanthropists who fuel up by giving their money away and bragging about it, getting their names on buildings, starting foundations, funding research institutes, saving starving children, etc.

            Anyway, I am on my 101st attempt with the damned card. Did everything correctly, including using WhoCare’s suggestion to use a real address, which I also was able to register (it still didn’t work WC, but thank you for that!). Real address, zip and phone number, matching PP and registration. Nope. I found this on the PP site: “You may get an error message if your prepaid card was not issued in the U.S. or if you are trying to buy from an international merchant.” Well, I am trying to buy from an international merchant and I keep getting error messages, so there you go.

            HG, I know people donate from the US but I just used PP to make another US-based donation and it worked fine (bypassing PP itself as I don’t have an account). Granted it was my credit card but I think it’s the international thing on PP’s end (so yes, it is PP): for some reason, for me PP automatically fills in UK on the address fields. I’ve had to change it every single time. Maybe it thinks I am in the UK and trying to use a US-issued card or it is because you the merchant are in the UK. It wouldn’t help to use my VPN to put myself in the UK because the gift card is US-issued. I am not a tech idiot – cleared cookies, tried 3 different browsers, etc. It’s hopeless!

            I’ll see if something changes tomorrow and do a bit more research, but the only other thing I can think of is to wait until I am in the UK and donate from there with a UK card. I’d rather spend my ££ anyway, since they are increasingly worthless :). I will also be able to give more ££ than I can $$. It will be my New Year’s gift to you and to the angels.

          4. My largest client base is in the US and they all manage to make payment without issue.

          5. So you’re telling me you don’t believe me? Thanks a bunch, HG. Nice to know you have my back!

          6. I did not state that. I explained to demonstrate that the problem is evidently the card or the information inputted.

          7. Jk, HG. But it could be. I am going to try on the $ drive. All my other tries were on the AAF. Will keep you posted!

          8. SMH. I told you those cards you made in your basement were no good 😂😂❤️❤️❤️👿👿👿

          9. Damn girl, you were right!! Really I do feel like a dirty scammer. Here I am trying to be anonymous, which is already uncomfortable, and then PP is on to me! They will probably come and arrest me next!

          10. SMH. I just got home from the gym.🏋️‍♀️ Long day. Up at 0400 and just got home. But I had o pat myself on the back and share
            On the train tonight someone behind me did not have their phone on silent and kept getting a text notice. It was the sound I had set for W. And……..drum roll…..I DID NOT TRIGGER 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀. As a matter of fact I was annoyed that the ass didn’t have the phone on silent. Don’t want to get ahead of myself cuz I know I have a long way to go but I was first shocked and then happy I did not trigger.
            Have to shower and go to bed as 0400 will be here soon 😴😴

          11. Kim e, Great news that you did not trigger! That is really a milestone. You have to get up at 4??!! Every day? I had to get up at 7 today and that was a struggle :)

          12. SMH…up at 4…out the door at 515. On train at 557. at work at 645. leave work at 330. on 400 train. work out or chiro at 5 – 6. Home at 615 – 630. Wash rinse repeat…..OMG I am a narc……
            Friday nights might do nails or facial just so the weekend is MINE. I get up when I want to usually go some where Saturday day or Sunday day and for sure Saturday night. But when it is cold out, sometimes I veg on the weekends and do nada.
            It has been very old here….below zero in the morning when I leave for work. High of 21 at around 330 PM and then down hill from there. Takes it out of me. And I eat more in the cold then I normally do. Always have. Hence why the gym 3 nights a week.

          13. Hi Kim e, I just asked what you were doing on the weekend but now I know! I hope it is enjoyable. I have been vegging out a lot lately, but not this weekend. Not sure I would be able to do what you do – I am really a night owl. When I do have to go to a physical place, my commute is six hours round trip. Luckily, I do not have to do it very often and rarely have to be in before noon. My work is mostly remote.

            Wish we could hang out, veg together and talk about the narcs!

          14. SMH…..I when you work remote is it from home? As much as I hate the commute, I need to be with people….maybe one day a week telecommute would be ok but I would go stir crazy working remotely all by myself…..
            Yea…hanging out sounds good. I think if we did that we would have so much other stuff to do the N’s wouldn’t even be part of the conversation……….

          15. Kim e, Yes, we would discuss the Ns we would laugh, knock back a few drinks, shake our heads and move onto other things. I wouldn’t want to work remotely all the time but I only do it part of the year. By the time it comes around I am ready for it, and by the time I go back into the fray, I am ready for that too. I don’t get bored, exactly, but I do appreciate both the quiet and the being with people. Also, my remote time is way more flexible. Except for the meetings, I can organize things however it works for me.

          16. Lots of complaints about the brand of card on consumer sites…I think there’s been a lot of fraud, especially with PP, so it might be that they don’t take them anymore. Will use it at brick and mortar shop and get another type of card because I don’t think it’s the international thing. When I went to donate to the $ fund it did come up United States but it still wouldn’t take the card. People, don’t buy the Visa Vanilla Gift Card with the bow on the box!!

          17. SMH I feel guilty, I was the one who told you. But so you know, I checked the packages of the previous cards I bought (I kept them in a drawer for some reason) and they are all vanilla too, and worked perfectly well. I can’t believe this coincidence I’m sorry.

          18. SP, No worries but can you spot me? hahaha. Of course you used them before with no problem or you wouldn’t have recommended them. It seems that everything has a steep learning curve. Hoping that another card will work!

          19. SP, No worries. There are non-Vanilla cards that have a box with a bow on the cover also, so you were correct, just not specific on the provider (and you probably did not know, so do not feel bad). The card can be used elsewhere or given away as a gift.

          20. SMH, You deserve an award for exceptional tenacity. If you are willing to try 102 times, try this: Clear your history or the relevant entries for the card and AAF. Then try one last time from scratch. It may be due to the policy on international business, but my gift cards have that policy and I have no problem, but mine is a different brand. It’s not like you are purchasing any tangible goods and the charge is in US dollars, so there should be no issues. I would not blame you in the least if you wait for New Years though. I am certain there will always be Angels in need. Thank you for being so tenacious.

          21. Thank you very much, FYC. Tenacious r us. Seriously. I am nothing if not tenacious. Obsessive, even! I agree there shouldn’t be any issues but I have started from scratch – clearing cookies and cache, 3 different browsers, etc. And I did find that vague disclaimer on PP that it might not work with some cards and international merchants. I will give it one more try because I only put the address in yesterday so maybe it needed 24 hours to register. But if it doesn’t work, I will wait until New Year’s. Would you mind telling me which type of card you use? If I see one, I might also try again with another card.

          22. Hi SMH, I bought the VISA brand gift card with an array of colorful canoes on the front at my local grocery store. It is serviced by Blackhawk Network (fine print on card). You pay cash and a small fee and you get a receipt with a code. I used this to set up a separate PayPal under my screen name that I only use with HG. I am now on my third such card and no problems at all. Funds are available immediately. On the front of the card it says “For US merchants only,” and still no problems. Everything (unless a printed book which you can buy those through Amazon) is an electronic product so there is nothing to flag country of origin on PayPal. No registration required. I googled this card and it is also available on under VISA gift cards.

          23. Hi FYC, Thanks for the info. I will have to look into it further since I do not want to make a PP account…

          24. Hi SMH,

            As a test, I just made another donation NOT using PayPal with the same card that I provided you the details for above.

            When the form appears, I selected USA (it auto fills to UK, but you can select your country).
            I then filled out all information with the alternate data I use (Screen name, fake-but-valid address, burner phone) and voile! Payment made. So you can use these cards directly. Problem solved.

          25. Thank you very much for testing that out for me, FYC. My Vanilla card worked fine in a store today so it’s something about the combination online. I will try your brand of card. I don’t even mind using my real address (lots of people live at my address) and I can generate a burner number. I just don’t want my name connected to anything.

          26. You didn’t have to add that last little part HG but I see it as a defense mechanism. God forbid you should care about anything!

          27. You are welcome Sweetest Perfection
            I am happy to read that you will continue to express your opinion and, I think, you have always done so in a respectful manner without using false accusations and I welcome your disagreements.

            Be fearless and bold; we have enough sheep in the world as it is.

            Not everyone on narcsite is always an empath. We get the occasional Unwitting Narcissist here; the list is on Come One, Come All. And The Five Rules prevents HG from telling them what they are, however, The Five Rules do not apply to us.

            In the recent past, I have counted six narcissists here, based on the behavior in their comments.

          28. K, but aren’t some of them alter egos of the same person? That was my impression with Pamela and her alias…

          29. Sweetest Perfection
            Yes, that’s a possibility, however, not all of them were Pamela. There was a blast from the past on A Very Royal Narcissist 2 recently.

          30. Oh, K. I went back and read some of those comments. Now I have a headache. So much hostility and negativity condensed in a few comments I feel depleted.

          31. Sweetest Perfection
            Ha ha ha…you poor thing! Those comments are a total energy suck; it’s no wonder Narcissists are often referred to as Energy Vampires.

            Ha ha ha….we have some festive characters on here occasionally. I read them for educational purposes and you can notice a discernible pattern of behavior developing after several comments.

          32. Sweetest Perfection
            Ok, NA got a surprise hoover from elated dahlia on Why We Target You in July and there was one of the usual suspects on The Porn Supremacy in July, as well, so that brings it up to nine.

          33. Ditto what K said, SP. Also, this blog is HG’s. I only feel responsible to him and he set it up to be used in a certain way. He has been fine about this (if probably a tad annoyed) but the judgement from others is a bit hard to take (though note that a lot of people have also been helpful and understanding). To be honest, I never even really thought about it much until HG set up the assistance packages.

          34. SMH, 101 is my lucky number, I’m sorry it didn’t work though. I am tired of this shit too. I tried to send a smaller amount to test since it worked at the restaurant the other day (I still have some funds left) and I got the same error message. So I can use it to pay in physical locations but not online? Why? I don’t think it has anything to do with international. Now my question is should I risk to buy a different card? For all I know, I’m going grocery shopping later today with the damned vanilla. I’m calling mine Milly Vanilla because it’s a scam.

          35. SP, lol Milly Vanilla. I am GLAD you are having problems too so I don’t look like the only fool on here :).

            I asked FYC to tell me what brand of card she uses. If she answers, I’ll look for that one and you can too. I am determined to make this happen and when I am determined about something, look out! It will happen or I will die trying!

  2. Hi SweetP
    I’m not angry at all about your comment. I understand why you made it, so I hope you accept my response in the same way that you made yours – to express some of the thoughts and feelings that I’ve been experiencing.

    I HAVE considered the reasons that people may not be contributing. They are many, and some of those you listed among them, but some of them (I feel) wander into excuse territory. It being too HARD to donate among them for me. If people don’t want to donate fine, we would never know if they did or not, but reading about how it’s too hard sounds whiny and not very empathic to me to be blunt.

    The option has been made available on the site not elsewhere for our convenience.
    You can use Paypal or not (as I’ve explained I do not use the Paypal option but the second one that says checkout WITHOUT using Paypal).
    It’s hard to get a card? Really? They are in every grocery store, gas station, drug store, convenience store, so I’m sure we are not having to go too far out of our way. I understand you can buy them online also (though I have not done this). It doesn’t take any more time to enter a gift card than checking the social profiles of the narc or checking our own to see if they might be checking on us as many admit to doing. In fact, as I’ve mentioned previously, there have been many tactics used by empaths to gain information on their narcs that far surpass finding out how to use a gift card.
    The drive was for one dollar. That hardly keeps anyone from their other financial responsibilities or donations elsewhere.
    I didn’t raise it to be teacher’s pet (anyone who has been here any length of time should know there is no such thing), or to make others sound mediocre. I raised it (with some reluctance) because as you know, I have taken a lot of shots here for being too blunt, taking the narcs side, not being sensitive enough or phrasing things in a way that others do not agree with, the list goes on. I just thought my detractors should know that while they may not approve of me, that I do allow through other avenues (donations that include those previous to Angel Assistance and anonymous to anyone but HG btw) to get the information they need without having to interact with me. That those critics would better spend their valuable time filling out those oh sooo long and taxing fields to donate one dollar and flex their empath muscle where it can do some good instead of telling me what a bitch I am. I already know that.
    I accept that donations are voluntary (as they should be) but I don’t accept excuses that are volunteered. If one doesn’t want to donate fine – but saying nothing would be far more compassionate than saying I could, but it’s too inconvenient or hard to help someone else.

      1. NA

        I also thought the same as you when I read that this morning.

        However, I know damn well how Empaths can become overwhelmed so maybe this was just a one off? I’m not making excuses, I’m just offering a possible reason cos I know SweetP to be a valuable commentator.

        I like your bluntness. Wish I could be more like you tbh but I have my detractors too who follow me around and crop up in some of the strangest places. I was called definitely a man the other day and not by just one person.

        Just my 2p.

        1. Guys, I didn’t think this was necessary but because I see where this is going, I need to clarify I have donated to the one dollar campaign (I gave two which is still insignificant but didn’t want my dollar to be lonely) and earlier to the angels, and I was planning to send more yesterday when my card informed me it was not full enough. Because I have a job and the store is not on my way to work, I put off buying a new one. So I’m not making excuses for myself. I was trying to save others from being put down. My theory is that only us know about this campaign while the vast majority of members are in oblivion or don’t even read the blog frequently. Just a theory.

    1. First of all NA, I was not referring to you. I was referring to the general climate that was being raised against people who didn’t donate. The expression teacher’s pet didn’t refer to you, but to the mentioning of HG about many frequent donors who I don’t know who they are but that are put as an example for us to learn that others are “hardcore” in donating while others can’t even raise a dollar. I didn’t feel attacked, but I felt it was unnecessary to call out people. As I said in other posts, what if all of those people are not following the blog as frequently as we are. In any case, regarding your comment about your detractors, fuck them. I’ve never been one of them and never will be, thanks for commenting back NA.

      1. It is worth pointing out that I see the daily statistics of how many people are on the blog and the point about it being a small group doing the donating compared to a majority of those not doing so remains entirely valid.

        1. You mean you can see who actively reads the blog, HG? Or just who is member? It would make a difference of course, if you see who reads the blog and doesn’t give a fuck versus who is registered as a member but may have stopped following up.

          1. Ok then! So everyone who hasn’t donated a dollar is a bitch!!! No, I refuse to say that seriously, I still believe people have their reasons. I don’t like calling people out without really knowing what’s in their lives, that’s all. The benefit of the doubt.

          2. Nobody is labelling them as bitches.

            The point is this – making the donation is simple and readily affordable. The number that have done so is small compared to those who potentially could do so. Yes, they may have reasons (although I am not deluged with people stating, “I did not donate because I cannot afford one dollar” or “I did not donate because I have anonymity concerns”), in fact, there remains that silence again from the majority which tends to suggest, they just are not moved to do it. That is their choice. Nobody is “calling them out” but rather offering an explanation as to why people are failing to assist others.

          3. The bitch thing was my joke, of course no one said that. But there were a few hostile comments and that’s why I tried to intercede and offer a different way of looking at it. We can go on and on, it is always a pleasure to exchange thoughts with you HG, but I have a gift card to buy, thank you very much. Haha. I’m not putting it off today, seriously. I’m also gonna try NA’s method and see if I can get rid of using PayPal.

          4. SP, I’m glad you commented. When I read it this morning, it was like a cup of caffeine for me. My perception of what was being said was that if one wants to consider themselves an empath, they should be giving; if one has learned and grown from HG in any capacity; they should be giving; etc. I understand that is not what the comments meant, and the hearts are in the right place, but I have been here for a while and have observed enough to know that. Whereas, when I think of new people or people who are just following the comments, I worried.
            There are multiple reasons why people don’t give of which many have been mentioned already. Others could include that they use their extra money to donate to charities already (maybe the local family who has no food). There are also individuals who do versus give. Listening to someone going through what their narcissist is doing to them, giving them information about HG, and doing what one can to help through the process is a good way to give. I am not saying it has to be one way or another with doing or giving, but I personally think it can’t be discounted if that is one’s choice over giving. I don’t do anything with the conscious decision “because I am an empath….” When I do choose to give of time and or money, it is not to all and it is based on personal reasons if which I have thought through.
            If people are reading here and consulting while working their way through their own issues before they can even think of giving, I can understand. I remember what it was like to be in survival and after mode. I wasn’t who I am today during that time.
            I appreciate that so many are enthusiastic about this and do hope all get the help they can with HG’s work.

          5. I also run a WordPress. My basic version shows me numbers looking at articles via days, weeks, months, years and by country but nothing more specific than that.

            So combine numbers of contributors through PayPal as well and then you have a ratio. It must he very small from what I’m hearing.

            That is depressing but not unexpected tbh. A teacher once told ne that if you put a poster up for an event then assume for every 100 people who see it, 1 will attend.

          6. Renarde, that’s why you send the damn poster to every single person and promise extra credit or bring pizza. Or both. I try to go past the preliminary frustration to wonder what we are not doing right, instead of blame others for lack of interest. I still believe not many people are aware of this thus they didn’t show any interest. I would be more pro-actively reaching out, not asking HG to do more than he already is doing but any ideas how we can help spread the info?

          7. SP

            I think what needs thought is why society is tolerating the level of DA in the first place. It’s not just the abusers, there are many others who might be complicit in covering up the abuse. A true guilty conscience.

            So many dont want to get involved. It’s always Soneone. Elses. Problem.

            I’m not sure your point is a fair one concerning blaming others tbh.

            NS is here. it’s growing. We are not at a tipping point yet.

            I’m writing a workshop and working on creating a charity. I’ve now started to push into society itself. Which can be frickin scary!

            We are facing resistance on every single level of society. But especially where the middles congregate in numbers. We know that they are unaware but I singularly suspect they will sense the advocate as dangerous and react accordingly.

            Expect papers lost, files mislaid, missing entries, revoked appointments. The harder you fight the harder this resistance is.

            So in your example with posters and pizzas, who would fund this when were having a frothy convo on the site about the dollar issue?

          8. Renarde you use the teacher metaphor, I replied in the same fashion. I was not suggesting we offer pizza (which I don’t even like btw). I was saying when you already know there’s gonna be a lack of response, you try to find a way to reach out in a more direct and personalized manner. In the case of students it’s simple, they just respond to grades and food. In our case if the response has not been too productive, maybe it’s not because everybody is selfish -not saying it couldn’t be true- but maybe find ways to make it more known, easier to donate, I don’t know. Getting stuck in frustration and saying people are mean is not taking us very far from the poor results we already obtained, right? Then trial an error. I’m an advocate for the survival of the fittest strategy.

          9. SP

            I’m NOT an advocate for survival of the fittest. Extend that argument and the most damaged Empaths will DIE.

            I’m an advocate for equality for all.

          10. I don’t believe so, narcs are the ones that need a host not us. We do evolve and change learning accordingly, they don’t.

          11. SP

            I believe you are wrong and frighteningly so. I’m also confused by your usage of ‘host’. What precisely does that mean? In context.

            Women, largely Co-De’s are DYING at the rate of 3.5 per week in the UK. An astonishing rise of 75% in a year.

            Now add to that the 3 every week that due by their own hand. Now factor in the 210 women who attempt suicide due to DA. Now factor in the women going to A&E then finally the GP were we might stand a chance of getting the word out. When they are waiting for an appointment that seems to never come and reading everything and anything on the walls.

            Can I ask, very frankly, is THIS what you mean by Survival of the Fittest? Do we let these women go because they can never be saved anyway?

            Before I add to these myriad points, I await your considered and thought out intellectual response.

            Just as I have given mine.

          12. Renarde I answered your question before you even asked it but you don’t read. It’s in my other comment. Stop misreading me and being judgmental. You are taking this out of context and I would appreciate if you read my explanation.

          13. SP

            People who DIE from DA are people who have not ‘evolved’ in your world.

            “Narcissists evolve all the time. They learn strategies and better ways of coping.”

            Now, I would argue that survivors learn coping but it is not out of a ‘wellspring’ of just learning behaviours.

            It’s about understanding intuition. Knowing ourselves. Contagion. Cannot be taught. It is understood.

            You use words such as ‘host’ and ‘change learning accordingly.’ Almost as if you’re writing a scientific paper.

            I read no passion in your words nor in my mind feel empathy in your voice.

            Shall we chalk these ‘losers’ who do not accept both postulates to ‘the Survivours of the fittest?’

            You’re fit of pique btw on regarding to paying for A Dollar was observed.

            HG will of course know if you have paid…

          14. Renarde, I don’t know where you are going but you are completely wrong about me. I have 0% scientific inclination in my life whatsoever. My job is actually the exact opposite of scientific and lack of passion. I also used those words as examples and not literally. And finally, I did pay the dollar(s) and other donation before, but I have no idea why I need to justify myself to you or any other. Of course HG knows I did. You have no right to infer that I may be lying. I didn’t ask you if you have paid because I don’t care and because it’s tasteless.

          15. SP

            Honestly, I really am free to make my observations. You have refuted that. Fine. That’s your right.

            Do the people who call me a narc have every right to say it? To write that I must be male because I take on board certain topics that women will not.

            In that case, it was women themselves who had spectacularly missed the point. A minority got the joke I made and laughed. A few REALLY got it when it transpired that an innocent (and it was) joke turned into a quasi-social experiment showing actually quite how repressed some so-called intelligent women are. (A-hem!)

            In the case of both my examples, ‘survival of the fittest’ does apply to me because I had a clear choice. Back away from writing and advocacy or stay and grow a thicker skin. So I did.

            Now, I’ve read your other responses and yes, absolutely, if I have misread your ‘survival of the fittest ‘ comment then I do apologise.

            I don’t think you are a narc. Indeed, if you saw my earlier comment I make the point that you are a good contributor.

            Thank you for taking the time to explain yourself. I appreciate it.

          16. SP

            Going back to our other subject on promotion – I just am struggling to think of the most energy efficient way of doing it. My idea to specifically target real life people (and quite a few in surgeries may be in their 60s or so who have not chosen to fully engage with the process) is that there is an immediacy to it. How often do we glaze over targeted ads in say FB for example?

            Factor in that certain sections of society are actively fighting AGAINST it coming out. I just don’t know.

          17. Renarde, while walking my dog in a very cold morning, I was reflecting on your words on my comment of the survival of the fittest. I think you misread my reference and took it literally, while I was using it to answer your question about better forms of publicizing the campaigns. When I use that expression, it’s in reference to doing trial and error, adapting to the circumstances, and upping the game to better “survive” or succeed. I didn’t mean literal evolution or fighting for your life à-la Hunger Games. In reference to my original point: if something’s not working, don’t blame the others but try to upgrade your game. You noticed that making a bunch of photocopied posters doesn’t bring much audience? Try making the info viral through technology, which is more global, instantaneous, and free. I brought this up in relation to the dollar contribution because I prefer to question whether there is a better method to motivate people to donate than accusing one another of not having donated, which I repeat in case you missed it, I have. But since you brought it up, the survival of the fittest is a good allegory of why you can’t continue to do things in the same manner despite obtaining poor results instead of observing your environment and adapting to the needs accordingly. To better illustrate my point, let me tell you about my job that is not related to scientific papers (though there are many papers involved in it). I got an expertise in a very different discipline from what I’m doing currently. When I arrived in this country, however, I realized there was a facet of my skills that I hadn’t really developed or cultivated but which was much more on demand than my original field. Instead of insisting to do the same thing I was trained to do, I decided to invest more time in improving that other skill and becoming an expert on it so that I could obtain a better job, which I did, and progress in my career, which I have. So I changed to adapt and “survive.” And in the case of Empaths it is obvious we cannot continue to rely on good spirited people and on our ET when we deal with certain individuals: narcs. Therefore, we need to adapt and change because they definitely are never gonna change, which is precisely why we are here learning from HG. Yes, being an Empath is not something you learn (I’m not a Contagion, I’m a Carrier). But controlling your ET can be learned and it implies a change in our modus operandi, thus, a way of evolving. You made it sound like I was talking about eugenics and I got alarmed, therefore my explanation.

          18. SP

            Whilst I was writing that I was also thinking. Your point is sound but how do we get it out?

            Maybe this. INDEPENDENT charities are formed which produce posters that are well placed in refuges, surgeries, hospitals, legal aid solicitors. Target the 25% who are empathic. Who are reaching out to seek aid.

            What do you think?

          19. Online sharing at different intervals repeatedly within a period of time proves to be more efficient than printed posters. For example.

          20. Oh! And it’s also cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. You need a list of recipients to be able to target them online of course.

      2. SweetP
        I understood your comment not to be directed specifically at me. Nor was mine to you. All good on my end with you.

        I made my comment to draw attention to the fact that some (unsolicited) reasons for not giving were coming off as excuses, and yes, I called that out. Why not? I get called out all the time. Not that I thought any less of those who had not donated for whatever reason they had and kept it to themselves. Hard is not a reason but an excuse. Dealing with a narc is hard, but that never stopped most of us from pursuing it, and as someone else pointed out, there is much discussion here about fashion, travel etc. It’s a little hard to believe that people can research and shop on line, purchase airline tickets and book hotel rooms, but not be able to work out a gift card or figure out how to donate a dollar anonymous or not.
        The initial challenge for the drive was to donate one dollar.
        I suppose my comment offered an additional challenge to those who have levelled that I am less than empathic to cut the bullshit, get off their high horse, and put a dollar where their accusatory mouth is if they really want to make a difference.

        1. NA, I understand what you mean. I didn’t see the need of having to say whether we donated but now I do. Just because I asked for some tolerance towards the people that haven’t contributed yet because I always want to give the benefit of the doubt, within the last 24 hrs people have questioned whether I did actually contribute myself or I lied, whether I’m a future faker, whether I don’t have passion in me (this one is really good, if only she knew…) and even whether I have any empathy. I usually try to stay away from conflicts in the blog but I don’t enjoy witch hunting.

  3. What a difference a single dollar would’ve made if it came from every single subscriber on this blog…alas… many of us are too busy with our own lives to think of others…

    1. Hello MB, there has been the usual generosity from the usual individuals and a few more besides, it has cleared a number of people from the queue, although there remains much more to be done. It appears that there are many who just do not wish to contribute even one dollar.

      1. “It appears that there are many who just do not wish to contribute even one dollar.” That is a sad state of affairs considering the theoretical audience. Very disappointing indeed.

        1. Those that have been helped are immensely grateful. There will be updates provided in due course as I work through the backlog of various matters occasioned by my recent excursions.

          1. “Those that have been helped are immensely grateful. There will be updates provided in due course as I work through the backlog of various matters occasioned by my recent excursions.”

            I know they are, HG. You do an excellent job of sharing their stories, so no worries. One with emotional empathy can feel both their need and gratitude. I am always happy to do what I can to support your work for these deserving people. Well done, HG.

        1. It does, there are thousands upon thousands of people gaining word class information each day. I know many purchase my books and undertake consultations and of course there is a hardcore who generously donate, but it is interesting to observe these behaviours.

          1. HG
            It’s very interesting and I wouldn’t be surprised if you got some Future Fakes. It’s disappointing, most people should be able to contribute one dollar.

          1. Hi HG…ill try again today. Not sure if its my phone but when i put my country in then my credit card it keeps going to are you a robot and restarts it. Ill try it on my pc instead. Ill donate a few dollars as thank you to you HG and also the readers.

          2. Done! Its a small contribution seeing all the free info and entertainment we get here! Its a bonus that itll help someone out who needs extra assistance 🤗

          1. I know… I’m saying in addition to that a discounted price so that these people can be cleared much faster

          2. Right! that’s what I thought…
            So don’t come with a bold chest about “not even one little dollar” when you’re not trying to make any sacrifices yourself!!!

          3. 1. Hundreds of articles provided at no charge.
            2. Hundreds of Youtube videos provided at no charge.
            3. Repeated email queries answered at no charge.
            4. Interviews provided repeatedly – at no charge.
            5. Tens of thousands of comments and questions answered here on frequent basis – no charge,
            6. Moderating the many, many comments here to enable people to articulate their views.
            7. I matched the contributions to the AAF during September, which in effect has meant I have given substantial amounts of my time, without charge.
            8. I regularly offer discounts on certain services.

            Your comment has just made you look extremely stupid.

  4. I figured $1 was too small of an amount, so I threw in some extra for others who aren’t able to do so at the moment. I hope it helps, HG 🙂