The Narcissistic Covenant



There is a covenant which exists between you and I, between our kind and your kind. It is not necessary for you to provide consent to this covenant in order for it to be binding. You do not know that this covenant exists but it does. Its terms govern the relationship between us and you, whether you are entangled with the Lesser of our kind, the Mid-Range or the Greater. It matters not. The covenant applied from the moment that we selected you to be our victim. There are ten parts to this covenant and they reflect the mind set and attitude of our kind towards you and how you and I interact. There is little doubt that in looking back at your entanglement with us you will recognise certain elements of this but whilst you were very much in our grip, you would have no idea that these were the terms which governed our treatment of you.

  1. You were chosen

Our ensnaring of you might have been portrayed as chance, a piece of serendipity but it was not. You were chosen to be our victim. The Lesser will have instinctively recognised your potential without knowing why. The Mid-Range will have applied some thought to the process, potentially dismissing less favourable candidates. The Greater identified you, monitored you and then moved in for the “kill”. In every instance you were chosen.

  1. You belong to us

You are an object to us. An appliance. Therefore, we are able to assert proprietary rights over you just as we would with some other kind of object or chattel. Since we own you, we choose what to do with you, without recourse to you or anybody else. This is our inalienable right.

  1. You exist solely for our purposes

We are the centre of your world, the heart of your universe and at all times everything that you do should be focused on us, for our benefit and advancement. You do not exist for your family. You do not exist for our children. You do not exist for your friends, colleagues, fellow members of a club or congregation. We are all that matters to you.

  1. This is forever

This covenant lasts for ever. In our minds it is one that exists in perpetuity for we do not wish to contemplate our own demise and care nothing for yours, other than it inconveniencing us by the interruption to our supply of fuel. This relationship transcends all others. You may have told us that you do not wish to be “with us” any longer. You may have broken off the engagement or divorced us. In our mind all that you have done is end the Formal Relationship which is something that people lesser than our kind engage in with one another and that which we accede to for the sake of fitting in. In our minds our relationship exists beyond this Formal Relationship. This is the Narcissistic Relationship and means we remain entitled to effect the terms of this covenant against you at all times until your last breath or our last breath.

  1. This is totalitarian

There is no limit to our power over you. We are entitled to and we will exercise our right to, govern every facet of your life, interfere in everything that you do, monitor you and control you in order to achieve our aims. You must accept that you are entirely subservient to us.

  1. You cannot end this covenant

You have no rights under this covenant. You cannot bring about its unilateral termination. Indeed, it cannot be ended at all. You are not able to state that its terms are inapplicable to you, that it has no jurisdiction or effect over you. Such protestations are invalid.

  1. We owe you nothing

We are entitled to do as we please without challenge, question or restraint. We have no obligation to do anything for you. We have no compulsion to act in your interests, have regard to your opinion, your feelings or your desires. If we do so, it will only be for the advancement of our position.

  1. Fuel provision is paramount

The provision of fuel is above all else. This is in terms of what you must provide to us and also in allows us to seek fuel from other sources, whenever we deem necessary and howsoever we choose. Concepts of fidelity and monogamy are null and void with regard to this part of the covenant. Issues of protocol and etiquette and meaningless.

  1. The Ends Justifies the Means

The covenant grants us carte blanche to do what is necessary for our purposes. This is supported by our concept of total entitlement and the fact that we have no accountability, culpability or blameworthiness for any of our actions. Whatever needs to be done will be done to ensure the furtherance of our agenda, aims and needs.

  1. We are the Victim

We are the victim in all of this. This is why the covenant exists by reason to compensate us for all of the outrageous injustices, misfortunes, unfairness and hardships that this cruel and feckless world has meted out to us.

17 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Covenant

  1. Evangelised says:

    I have no doubt that my female Christian narcissist believed she was completely entitled to base her behaviour on these principles. But since I am no longer emotionally dependant on her, she can go fuck herself.

    1. Violetta says:

      Hall Monitors can be more annoying than out-and-out devil’s. Hall Monitors are always doing it For Your Own Good.

  2. Lily says:

    So what happens if the chosen victim rejects your kind at the very onset of ‘lovebombing’?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      1. Highly unlikely to happen.
      2. Dependent on the school of narcissist, the constitution of the fuel matrix, the fuel level, further attempts will be made to seduce.
      3. Then narcissist may ultimately withdraw to prevent the effects of the wounding amounting to a lack of control.

      I would emphasise that such rejection is extremely unusual.

      1. alexissmith2016 says:

        Interesting. Just to clarify, do you mean that if an N selects a target to lovebomb the target is unlikely to reject it?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Correct. As explained in Sitting Target.

          1. Wow super-lightning speed! Thanks.

      2. WhoCares says:

        Ahh, unless they (the victim) have already been through a giant mind-fuck and have thoroughly educated themselves here – and know what to watch for.

      3. Lily says:

        Thanks, HG.
        1. This did happen.
        2. There was a further half-hearted attempt by this Mid-Ranger.
        3. This was followed by PST, AST, and later mostly ruthless tricks your kind use.

        Thus wondered whether rejection (and possible assumption of jokes being criticisms and feeling this one might be a tad too much to handle despite fuel potential and socio-economic factors) = life-long enmity?

        1. HG Tudor says:


          1. Lily says:

            Gleaning from most of your posts (and ebooks), your fellowkind is likely to turn up like a bad penny even though there is a high probability of more criticism and (potentially public) rejection? Isn’t that masochistic?

          2. HG Tudor says:

            No. What governs this Lily is whether there is a Hoover Trigger and if there is, whether the Hoover Execution Criteria (which covers many things) are met.
            If you ignored the narcissist in person yesterday and there was a Hoover Trigger today, if all of yesterday’s factors in the HEC remained the same (apart from the issue of wounding) then the fact that the narcissist has suffered significant and very recent wounding means that the narcissist would be unlikely to hoover. The narcissism would prevent it happening to avoid further wounding.
            If the last time you ignored the narcissist was 6 months ago and if all the HEC remained the same from the last Hoover Trigger (except the issue of wounding which now has no effect owing to the passage of time) then the narcissist is very likely to hoover, even if a further rejection would occur. Of course that potential rejection may not occur owing to the impact of emotional thinking on the victim.

          3. Lily says:

            Thank you for the explanations, HG. Gives a clearer idea. Indeed, the potential rejection certainly wouldn’t occur … if I hadn’t come across your narcsite. Without exaggeration, I must admit that even though your posts are based on the experiences of a sample size = 1, these have been more insightful than the research papers I read.

          4. HG Tudor says:

            You are welcome Lily, in fairness, the sample size is greater than one as it is based on repeated interaction and observation with our kind.

  3. Liza says:

    i’m always tempted to refuse the mutual attraction part and think that i would never be attracted by these kind of people if i knew who they really are, but as i’m right now rewatching hunter x hunter for th Nth time, i realised that the caracters i prefer and prefered since i was a childe are overtly psychopathic, illumi is a cold blooded assassin, hisoka a self serving and sadistic joker and kuroro is the head of the worst crime organisation in that univers, and that goes for all other mangas i read or watch, i’m always atracted to the weird ones.
    of course i’v always had the idea that they have a good core, but still

  4. Dolores Haze says:

    Perfect writing, HG. Spot on in retrospect. If only we’d known about this before falling head over heels with one of your kind. Why oh why don’t people come with manuals.

  5. Brent Talbert says:

    I did not sell my soul to the devil…… I started dating and then married a narcissist! (absolutely no difference!)

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