Dispelling 10 Hoover Myths


There is a lot of rubbish written about hoovers, from people who do not understand our kind and those who are affected by their emotional thinking which propagates misunderstanding which runs contrary to your best interests.

Listen in as I cast a Dispel Myth spell and furnish you with some cool, hard logic.

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12 thoughts on “Dispelling 10 Hoover Myths

  1. Claire says:

    Many thanks for this video, HG! I really needed it today! The other day I saw on preview on my phone series of messages from my ex about his whereabouts ( a short business trip in USA).
    Today I had the “pleasure “ to be awakened by text bombing again – that he is back home and a photo from the conference that he attended with his peers. 7:30 in the morning, so urgent really!
    Blocking him doesn’t work as he does IT stuff for living. Very smart a** indeed, no joke.
    I have some valuable stuff in his house, long story. I can forfeit the stuff despite the sentimental value ( some items that belonged to my deceased mother, we sold the inheritance and we didn’t have enough time to sort out what to bring in USA/ Australia and what to keep temporarily in friends places and my ex’ s big house).
    Given the fact that I have some belongings in ex’ s house but we live in different continents post divorce , is it possible that this fact can trigger a Hoover? I mean, he prepares his luggage and see my stuff , hence starts thinking of me. Then he texts from my a new number.

    My thoughts – I was annoyed that he woke me up so early on Sunday. I noticed that he looks good but no emotions whatsoever; just a mere observation. Then I went back to sleep.
    Good luck to him if he tries to come again in Sydney to meet me , like he did twice in the past.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes, your effects will be a Hoover Trigger.

      1. Claire says:

        Many thanks for your prompt reply, HG! I am going either to write off my belongings, either to make a request to him to handle them to a close relative of mine in accordance with your brilliant article “How To Make A Request of a Narcissist“.

        1. HG Tudor says:


  2. MB says:

    GH, an absolute MUST listen indeed. It’s jam-packed with essential information. The. Best. Platinum information. Nobody understands and explains the Hoover better.

    Have you blocked them on social media yet? Do it now if you haven’t. No time like the present!

    1. Gypsy Heart says:


      No I haven’t. I have completely been off Facebook for months now because of this. Facebook is new to me. I always shared an accout with my controlling ex husband before this (in fact he still has me included on his profile) so I really don’t miss it. I was advised by someone to just abandon it. first I was constantly trolling just to decide who was posting the passive aggressive bs and trying to decide who my true friends are. They have made that clear. So this would be the best time. This weekend seems like the perfect time to “clean house” so to speak. I also need to delete some texts and block some numbers.

      I am currently reading smeared since that is happening. My ex lovers wife went to my ex husband suggesting that he shouldn’t let our daughter stay with me. He ignored her and told me about it. This weekend might be the time to pull out and read “No Contact “, which I just purchased.

    2. Gypsy Heart says:


      I did it…I deleted all his texts and pictures. I also blocked him and everyone involved on my phone and social media. Feeling a little sick at my stomache now, but mostly relieved that it is done. Only moving forward now.

      1. MB says:

        Gypsy Heart, Well done! I’m so proud of you 🥰 Never underestimate what a difficult step that is to take. I know that sick feeling very well. Your emotional thinking is fighting very hard to stop you from doing it.

        As the hours and days pass, the blocking feels better. Don’t give in to your ET. It won’t give up easily. Drown it with logic.

        When I blocked and went off social media, I felt rude. It flew in the face of everything I am. I want to be available when somebody reaches out to me. It gets easier, I promise. It’s only the Narc that can’t successfully reach out. It allows you to save your time and energy for those that appreciate your gifts.

  3. Gypsy Heart says:

    This is one that I made myself listen to twice in a row. Needed to make it sink in due to my emotional thinking and some of those narcissistic traits of mine coming out. I agree MB it’s nice to hear HGs voice. Thats why I try to read more than listen….because I like it too much (damnit I still hear his voice when I read though)!!!

    I foolishly thought the same thing. He couldn’t possibly hoover me. The last I saw of him, I would walk away and ignore him. Plus I exposed him to the employers and coworkers about how he was seducing women at work and causing problems. He came up to me and said people were questioning him about this. “Please stop” and I just walked away. A friend hinted that he was posibly seducing a new possible IPSS at work. I hope the employers will be watching his behavior.

    Also, I need to take HGs advice and block them on social media. I had planned on doing that anyway, but was advised by someone I know that the blocking/unblocking were games that the narcissists would do and they might retaliate.

    This one is a must read….ahem, or a must listen.

  4. MB says:

    It’s so nice to hear your voice. This is a good one! You can’t walk through walls, HG?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No, but no door is ever closed to me.

      1. MB says:

        Of course. Who wouldn’t open the door for HG? Have you come for pizza and Deutz champagne?

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