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Dear Readers and Supporters of the Angel Assistance Fund, 

In an effort to offer a transparent view to the Angels in Waiting, I have created a sponsorship programme.

Every Angel is pre-vetted and anxiously awaits assistance through my counsel. When you select an Angel you wish to sponsor and make the associated donation for their assistance, your Angel will be provided with life-changing assistance.

After their consult, you will receive a personalized followup from your sponsored Angel and you will know how you have directly influenced positive change in their lives. This will be provided through me in order to preserve anonymity and confidentiality between Sponsor and the Sponsored.

The programme will be updated regularly. Thank you for your generous sponsorship. Only you can can change the life of an Angel.

Angel GO

 Angel Go wants to access the Divorcing A Narcissist Assistance Package. She is about to commence divorce proceedings having left her abusive husband. She is fearful of how he will proceed given his resources and wants to know how to deal with the situation in the most effective fashion. She has contributed half of the cost and seeks help with the balance of US $ 70.

To Assist Angel GO, use the button below to donate any amount you wish by adjusting the quantity in the cart.



AIW Donation


3 thoughts on “Angel In Waiting GO

  1. Cyn says:

    Not sure why but having problems after several attempts to donate to GO. There isn’t a check out button. It just routes me through Paypal with option to send but I can’t add it to cart like I did as a purchase with the other donation I did. I am not sure if this is just on my end. Also it doesn’t give me the option to pay with a card, which is a paypal issue.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I think you got there in the end Cyn.

    2. Desirée says:

      Had the same issue briefly, appeared to be a problem with PayPal that cleaned itself up after a while.

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