The Narcissist and Film

The recent analysis of the television programme “Big Little Lies” provided an opportunity to see a number of narcissists from a variety of schools “in action” with a wide range of portrayals.

With your improved knowledge and understanding, here is an opportunity for you to identify and explain those films where you consider that a main character is a narcissist and why. The floor is yours. Identify the film and the character (and you can do as many as you wish) where you believe that film to amount to an excellent portrayal or a “best fit” portrayal of a narcissist.

Remember, it is the character(s) not the person playing them that are identified as narcissists.

Let’s see who you suggest and feel free to constructively debate the choices of others. This will enable you to flex your learning and potentially have exposure to some further information and learning through either fictional film or television programme.



  1. Far From the Madding Crowd

    Hi Caroline is fine!

    My guess is that Batsheba Everdene is a Carrier Super Empath.
    Gabriel Oak is a Standard Carrier Empath.
    Sergeant Frank Troy is a Middle Mid-Range Narcissist.
    William Boldwood is an Upper Mid-Range Narcissist.

    How did I do Caroline? 😝

    1. MP,
      I could NOT wait to see your results (I’ve been up half the night with a sick kitty, so I altered my work schedule)…we are SO close. I completely agree on the first two. I do think Batsheba Everdene also has some Magnet in her. Now the last two…I really want to discuss!

      Oh, and I so ❤Gabriel❣

      Off to work I go…more later🙂

      1. MP,
        I’m back!🤸‍♀️

        Ok, I’ll start with the soldier first…

        I’m super interested on why you peg him as MMR. I can definitely see aspects of the pity party/whine fest in him at times, especially with how he became obsessive on his “first, one true love/whoa is me for losing her,” and he for sure lacked self-awareness because of his inability to see his self-sabotaging ways, so he was certainly no Greater (and for me, no UMR, for very similar reasons)…

        I thought of him as an Upper Lesser by the end of the movie, as I was swayed by his nasty, verbal assaults toward our SE & his underlying threat of violence toward her, as he got so totally & foolishly out of control in fury, like when he came back that very last time, with the scene outdoors with her. He was an interesting character to me, as in the beginning of the movie, I thought he’d be a serious player and real (capable) charmer, like with that first scene in the woods with her – how there was all that sexual tension and an air of seductive danger to him, with how he dominated her with his knives/sword – both scaring her some and exciting her, and with him taking it only so far, so he seemed to have a sense of self-control, of knowing how far and when to pull back…so at first, I was thinking he was going to end up being an UMR, because they can have that enticing danger to them, like “cat and mouse” seduction, pacing it out, well-prepared but bold…but the soldier ended up being so reckless, openly belligerent and crudely threatening to our SE (goodbye self-control and pacing of his actions on anything!) – that I way downgraded him to Upper Lesser. He was just too out of control (in foolhardy ways), that I felt like a Midranger would have pulled back from most of that, especially if given time & space, which he had. He was so self-sabotaging, and even his revenge “plan” was no real plan at all – he just seemed lost in his own recklessness. I mean, look how he ended up, lol! (I’m trying not to ruin the movie for those who may read this). Also, the charm offensive I thought he would have was something he just couldn’t seem to sustain at all; in fact, that scene in the woods was about it, if I remember right. So for me, he was like a slow, imploding disaster waiting to happen.

        I’m totally open to being convinced he’s a Midranger though…I know you understand how Lessers operate much better. I don’t think I have *any* personal experience with Lessers!🤔

  2. My ex narc actually introduced me to a few series that had narcs in them including “lucifer” and the dad in “shameless”.

  3. Anne Brontë’s “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall”

    Helen successfully escapes her alcoholic husband and takes her son with her. Then she receives the news that he is ill and goes back to him to take care of him. The misery begins, not only for her but also for her son. I think her husband is not only an alcoholic but also a narcissist.

    There is a BBC adaptation – 1996 miniseries.
    Tara Fitzgerald as Helen Graham
    Toby Stephens as Gilbert Markham
    Rupert Graves as Arthur, Helen’s alcoholic husband

  4. I’m going to go high brow and suggest Daniel Cleaver in Bridgit Jones Diary. The lies spill from him and the superiority and lack of accountability ooze from every pore. Even the back story of his affair with friends wife fits nicely. Evidence of difficulty with boundaries, vacuous and lacking in own personality. MMR (elite or somatic) seems most likely as he is passive aggressive, evidence of hoovers throughout. Bridget is a DLS or maybe a shelf IPSS, what kind of empath though?

    1. Targeting, seduction and golden period are in evidence. He shows absolute need for control and uses what she has said and done to please him, against her. He shows zero empathy although obviously believes himself to be a ‘decent chap’. He re-writes history, blame shifts and triangulates – other woman knows about her.
      Bridget has cold and critical mother but then she falls for the shopping channel muppet so maybe I’m misinterpretting this.
      Is Mark Darcy an N too though?

  5. HG, I was wondering if Jennifer Lopez is one of your kind?
    She portrayed brilliantly Ramona in Hustlers and I think Ramona is a Somatic Upper Lesser.

  6. So many since they make such compelling characters and are typically at the centre of plenty of drama.
    A few favorites..
    Matt Damon in The Talented Mr Ripley
    Christian Bale in American Psycho
    Jack Gleeson (Joffrey Baratheon), Lena Heady (Cersei Lannister) and Iwan Rheon (Ramsey Bolton) in Game of Thrones

  7. James Spader’s played a number of narcs: the drug dealer/pimp on Less Than Zero, the boss in Secretary, but one of his creepiest is Steff in Pretty in Pink. The character could be just a spoiled, preppy asswipe, and was probably written that way, but that’s not how he plays it. At one point, Molly Ringwald’s character (whom Staff has been unsuccessfully pursuing for years) and Steff’s best friend walk in on Staff and his rich bitch girlfriend in bed. A lesser actor would have either been embarrassed to be caught with his pants off, furious with the best friend for getting the girl he couldn’t, or smirking triumphantly at at Ringwald because he’s with a hot blonde and she’s a quirky little redhead from the wrong side of town and SO THERE, Byotch.

    What Spader does is incredible. His face goes blank for a second, there’s a stare I can’t even describe, and then he’s suddenly almost satirically the good host: offering Ringwald and the best friend the bed if they need it next.

    There was something so intense in that scene for a teen movie I’ve always wondered what was going on. Now it’s clear. For one second we see the narcissistic wounding, then a nanosecond of narcissistic rage, then he covers it over and the manipulations begin.

    Some reviewers wondered why there was so much fuss over Molly Ringwald, who was cute and spirited, but seemed hardly the stuff of obsession, but even that makes sense now. Compared to the shallow rich bitches he knows, she’s chock full of fuel.

    This site….

    1. I would have swallowed his soul though. What can I say. I loved Spader back then. My narc looks like him at that time so my hope is his hair has a similar destiny.

        1. But I would have abandoned my life for his character in Stargate: absentminded intellectual, expert translator of Egyptian hieroglyphs. I mean, take me! I know I know, I’m a nerd.

          1. I ended up watching Stargate again Violetta. It’s your fault 😜 I almost lost it when his character finds out the missing sign was the determinative in Egyptian rebus. I think my whole life I have been dreaming of a guy like James Spader in this movie, and that’s why I got ensnared. Fuck Hollywood!

          2. The Beeb’s just as bad. How many women have dreamed of the one-and-only Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, when Jane Austen herself never married? Of course she gave her witty Elizabeth a happy ending, but the families of her own suitors valued a large dowry, not wit, and that killed off at least one relationship. Another died when Austen realized her fiance wanted her to be just clever enough to appreciate his cleverness, and broke the engagement herself.

            Let us at least give her credit that her hero turns out to be the initially pompous Darcy, rather than dashing, socially-skilled Wickham. Wickham triangulates the entire town against Darcy, gives a distorted version of how he came to lose the Darcy family’s favor; even after marriage, he’s trying to triangulate Elizabeth against his wife, her own sister Lydia. No matter how many chances he’s given, his irresponsible behavior makes a hash of every one. He’s a Narc sociopath if there ever was one. Probably not a very high-functioning one, since it always eventually blows up in his face.

  8. Not a film but I have been watching the series Atypical. I really like it EXCEPT FOR ELSA. She makes my skin crawl and I almost cannot watch because of her. I think Elsa is a narc but I don’t know if it’s the character I want to slap upside her stupid head or the actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. Anyone have thoughts about it?

  9. I think Jude Law must enjoy playing narc types. I thought he was scarily accurate in the film Wilde, playing Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas to Stephen Frye’s Oscar Wilde. I literally jumped to my feet when Bosie had his tantrum (one of many) because Oscar didn’t want to spend any more money in him, and when he refused to help when Oscar was terribly sick even tho Wilde had nursed him through a terrible illness. The list goes on. The guy was HG textbook narcissist.

          1. Desiree: Brilliant! I guess that 100 bucks is shot, wot? According to HG during my phone consultation when we discussed it (I wanted his opinion since no one else in MY opinion would know) it was pointed out to me that while Oscar had definite traits, likely Bosie was the true narc.
            Perhaps instead of consulting I’ll just read the blog and your updates, if I’ve missed a salient point. Cheaper.

  10. Little finger from game of thrones:
    1_ Extensive use of manipulation :convinced Lysa Arryne to kill her husbande John Arryne in order to create the right circomstances to bring Ned Stark to port real, what makes killing him easier, and separating him from Catlyne.
    blamed the murder of king Joffrey on Sansa, allowing him to use her to get rid of Lysa Arryn and seize the Vall, with the benefit of looking like a savior for Sansa, because he needs her for his futures planes.
    deliivered Olyvar and the faith militant causing the emprisonement of knight Lauras and queen Margaery, what in the end caused the anihilation of the Tyrell house, one of the strongest houses in the got univers.
    tried to make Aria and Sansa fight against eachother, and manny others….. (although manipulation is almost the norm in the univers of got, most other caracters do it for the sake of their houses, their nation, a bigger ideal, or simply to protect loved ones, Little finger does it only for his own benefits).

    2_Lack of remorse, ampathy and accountability: he didn’t hesistate selling Sansa to Ramsey Bolton, while knowing exactly what kind of man he is, caused the death of numerous people and doesn’t display any regret remorse or shame, his main focus remains only on how he could use the suffering and the distress around him to further his agenda, he didn’t hesitate to manipulate petter Aryn who is only a child, he gains money by using women, always making other pay for his crimes.

    3_Sense of entitlement and lack of boundary recongnition: even after losing to Ned stark, and knowing that Catelyne doesn’t love him and she is already a maried woman with children, he still tries to seduce her.
    he didn’t care that Sansa was just a child and in a position of weakness, he still tried to take advantage of that and seduce her.

    4_Grandiosity: being alone, with no army, no teritory, he strongly believes that he is the only one who deserves to sit on the throne, and that he will do so.
    plus the history of Little finger shows that he was in the right sircomstances to develop Narcissism.

    1. sorry i forgot to tell which school i think the charater is from.
      so, Little finger displayed a verry hight level of inteligence, a great capacity to plot and anticipate people’s actions and reactions in different settings, a total control over himself, he also displayed malice, charme and charisma.
      the show never gave us an insight on his inner life, so i can’t tell what level of awarness he has regarding his condition, but the above mentioned elements lead me to think that he is a greater narcissist.

        1. After reading HG’s Revenge book, I did a couple of things via 3rd parties (who didn’t personally know me) so he didn’t know who to accuse. I found out he had a few women on the go and he actually accused the one he was lining up to be his next IPPS!

          1. BonnieLou

            “After reading HG’s Revenge book, I did a couple of things via 3rd parties (who didn’t personally know me) so he didn’t know who to accuse. I found out he had a few women on the go and he actually accused the one he was lining up to be his next IPPS!”

            Impressive! Well done!!

            I can not tell the revenge in this film without spoiling the plot. But it was ‘shadenfraude’ at high level, and actively produced by the victim, so well done for her as well!

            And Emmannuele Seigner is also bonus in this film (hmm!). Peter Coyote is perfect casted for this very cinical role.
            I have a big dislike of Roman Polanski because of his raping history. I will not make any excuse for that and yes he should be spending time in prison.
            However he made almost a masterpiece with this film, the film has many layers, it goes very deep, and the visuals are stunning (although the entire movie is on a boat but this makes the experience also very close on your skin).

            The very last shot of the film is the Master narcissist at work, sublime!

  11. Phantom of the Opera! The film version with Gerard Butler as the Phantom is excellent. The neglected, abused child (the mask is a metaphor) …His sense of entitlement (demanding a salary from the Opera company), grandiousity (demanding his opera, ‘Don Juan’ be performed), ensnarement of gave me massive triggers and I couldn’t sleep for a week!
    The rage when Christine rips his “mask” off and her final words to him when he demands she choose between him and Raul, before she leaves with Raul for good: “Pitiful Creature of Darkness, what kind of life have you known? God give me courage to show you, you’re not alone.” As Phantom had just demanded: “Make your choice! You are trying my patience!”
    But going back to a previous comment Edward Cullen!!! Aaaaw team Edward!! 🥰 at least he was faithful to Bella though.

    1. Not a patch on the original cast recording with Michael Crawford. Listen from beginning to end.

      The only ones in the movie who really understood what they were doing were the Opera managers and of course Minnie Driver.

      1. I was too young when the original came out and couldn’t stand Sarah Brightman either. I thought Emy Rossum was brilliant as Christine in the film, but yes, I remember Michael Crawford did have an amazing voice, slightly better than Gerard Butler 😂😂

        1. Crawford was the perfect blend of seductive and psychotic.
          They tried too hard to make Butler “romantic.” The character has to be BOTH.

          My vocal coach wasn’t terribly impressed with Rossum, but she was easily better than Brightman, known to the original cast and crew as “Sarah the Stick” for her deciduous acting.

          The Phantom carries that show. There was a great Raoul when we saw it on B’way, but the Phantom and Christine were merely adequate.

    2. BonnieLou
      Team Edward!? Haha I think I get it but partly because of lack of options. I remember a friend of mine was a huge Twilight-fan and dragged her boyfriend to the first move. He was a normal and called it what it was: “If Edward wasn’t a vampire, he would just be kind of an abuser.”

      1. Yes, when Twilight first came out it was either Team Edward or Team Jake depending on who you wanted Bella to end up with (or who you secretly fancied yourself!😂😂) Your friends BF was right as Edward was very controlling of Bella.

        1. BonnieLou
          Was there not a scene where he creeps through her window to watch her sleep and when she asks how long he’s been doing that for he says only a few – months – ? And then he followed her with his car and said he feels protective of her.
          But at least he could read and write and probably had interesting first hand experience of significant historic events, being immortal and such. Probably fought in both World Wars and everything.

          Jake did not go to school because he would burst out of his shirt, yes? Are we sure that he was not a narcissist as well or do we not accuse him because we pity him a little bit?

        2. BL, excuse the correction but it was team Jacob. I was team Jacob as is clear in my choice of narcs, abs over glitter haha.

          1. Yes, I realised that this morning please forgive my mistake😘. So long since I last watched Twilight.

          2. Bonnie Lou
            Jakob, then, no doubt they’re both narcissits. I’d rather speak with Edward because he experienced interesting historic events first hand. “Tell me about The Great Depression” is my kind of pillow talk.

          3. And as I quickly found out with my stunningly beautiful Narc Egyptian..All that glitters is not Gold 😉

        3. BonnieLou
          True, I have a bodylotion that does the exact same thing. Of course you and I actually ARE golden. Those hearts of gold weigh heavy yet we carry them with pride.

  12. It’s actually one of my favorite movies, “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. Alec Baldwin is the narcissist in this one. He is the cheating remarried ex-husband that hoovers his ex wife, Meryl Streep. I still enjoy the movie, but I find myself analyzing it every time I watch it. I actually I do that with all movies now that I’m am educated, thanks HG! I will never watch movies in the same way.

    1. GA, I adore that movie. I must have seen it 5-7 times. As a love-devotee, I love movies about older people falling in love but this one is particularly comical and both actors are phenomenal in it.

  13. Jude Law’s Alfie in 2004 Alfie movie. Finding it hard to settle down and commit himself to only one woman, the unrepentant philanderer and undeniable ladies’ man, Alfie, is a charming British bachelor who cruises the streets of New York as a limousine chauffeur. In his impeccable suits, the silver-tongued Casanova is simply irresistible; however, things will take a turn for the unexpected, when a night of unrestrained passion seriously tests Alfie’s frivolous approach to life. In the end, is Alfie happy, and, above all, what’s it all about, then?

    I actually enjoyed the end of the movie when he finds himself alone and says “What have I got? Really? Some money in my pocket. Some nice threads, fancy car at my disposal, and I’m single. Yeah… unattached, free as a bird… I don’t depend on nobody. Nobody depends on me. My life’s my own. But I don’t have peace of mind. And if you don’t have that, you’ve got nothing. So… So what’s the answer? That’s what I keep asking myself. What’s it all about? You know what I mean?”

    I like to think that this is what a narc ends thinking after a life of hurting and pain,

    1. I hate Jude Law in that movie. Also, she was dating Sienna Miller (one of the characters in the movie) at that time and he cheated on her. Guess he took “the method” too seriously.

        1. I haven’t. I despised the character so much that I didn’t want to see any other version of the film to be honest.

          1. At one point, he describes one girlfriend as “it”: something like “When it was upset, it would make a pie.”

          2. Mmm. HG’s Intertextual references never stop to impress me, I missed this one. In the context HG used it, though, it was justifiable and even just.

    2. Alice,
      i never watched that movie, but from the abstract you made, i think that this person is not a narcissist, he is obviously introspective and he questions his choices, his achievements and he ownes responsability for the situation he found himself in , if i understood correctly what a narcissist is, i think it is verry unlikely of a narcissist to act in this manner.
      a lesser wouldn’t even take the time to think of his or her situation, a mid ranger would say it in a more pitifull way and he or she will make sure to blame someone or something for this unfavorable state of affaire, and a greater will make sure to never finde him or herself in such a situation and given their level of awarness they know that they don’t do happy, so it won’t bother them as long as the achievements are here, and they will be here, so evrything would be deemed fine.

        1. lisk, i think he is more narcissistic than a narcissist, but i say this only based on Alice’s comment, i never watched the full movie and i don’t know in what context he is reflecting on that.
          the fact that he doesn’t have answers is doesn’t make him a narcissist, at least i hope so, because i myself have absolutetly no idea of hat i want and what will make me happy, and i like to think that i’m not a narcissist.

          1. I’m not sure, Liza. I would also have to see the film for more context. (I’m gonna go with the original Michael Caine version.)

            Come to think of it, a show of introspection doesn’t necessarily indicate narcissism one way or another.

            My Narcx could introspect like nobody’s business.

          2. lisk,
            there is the real introspection, where you think to yourself honnestly about what you did, and what you should do, and being objectif about the events and honnest with your feelings, but there is also the show of introspection, where you speak outloud and tell others just how you regret this or that, or how sad and aimless you are in order to have the attention and copation of others.
            a narcissist can fake introspection just as good as they can fake ampathy,love or any other trait that they think would serve them in a particular situation, especially if the person you are talking about is a mid rander or a greater, they just wanted give them confort and focus your energy on them that’s all.

  14. I remember we already had this entry August/September, so I’ll just line up my suggestions here again
    James Bond
    Jay Gatsby in the Great Gatsby
    Heathcliff and Catherine in Wuthering Heights (although the latter is not always portrayed as such in film)
    Regina George in Mean Girls
    Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey
    Edward Cullen in Twilight

  15. Does it have to be film? Is tv ok?

    I happen to have on sitcom Mom, at the moment.
    The Mom and daughter, recovering alcoholics, drug addicts, and strippers, are a classic Narcissistic/ codependent relationship.

    The Mom (Allison Janney, hilarious), can make anything about herself. Turns everything around, gaslights, blame shifts, denies…. she is classic.

    Just A few examples

    The daughter is trying to apply to law school, inspired by a history of seeing her Mom hauled off to jail.
    The Mom only hears “I inspired you”

    The daughter tells of the Mom deserting her off and on
    The Mom refers to it as “Trying to find her a father”

    The Mom also has an ex gay partner that appears, that she had lied about for yrs as the daughters aunt

    Best show on tv

  16. Oh, I’ve been looking forward to something like this! Ever since I started studying your work, I was forced to re-evaluate the essence of not only my relationships, but also oh so many movies and TV series. What I once considered the greatest romances of the centuries turned out to be nothing more than a narcissistic dance (Wuthering Heights, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Gone with the Wind etc). My favorite Casablanca is, luckily, full of empaths. Or so it seems to me.

    What I really would like for you to analyze is Sex and the City the series, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love, Actually (since ‘tis the season). Main characters are numerous in each of those, so the choice is yours whom you deem necessary to put under the Tudorscope.

    Thank you in advance, HG!

    1. Dolores, HG has done sex and the city, but I don’t know where the post is. I watch movies and things on TV very differently now !! There’s usually a narc somewhere in a movie , Scarlet being my favourite Narc😀

        1. Dolores Haze
          I think this is it. Enjoy!

          HG Tudor says:
          August 18, 2017 at 11:04
          Hello Yolo,

          I do not have a huge familiarity with Sex and the City but I know of it. Purely for entertainment, here is my breakdown of each of the characters from my perspective of Greater Elite

          1. Carrie Bradshaw

          A clear target for an IPPS or Shelf IPSS. Why? She is an empath and exhibits the empathic traits of honesty, decency, moral compass but especially love devotee. She is a firm believer in the concept of love and is dedicated to finding that lasting intimate partner. She has her long-standing friendship about people she clearly cares about.
          In terms of class traits, she appeals to an elite because she has some intelligence and creativity (she writes a column), is interested in fashion, dining out, attending bars, she is highly sociable and therefore has a good mix of cerebral and somatic traits.
          I do not know her childhood story (or if it was ever revealed during the show) but I suspect there is some damage there because she is very susceptible to our kind because:-
          a. She is pursued repeatedly and succumbs to the overtures of Mr Big – clearly one of our kind;
          b. She can be lured away from a relationship – thus is a Dirty Empath – as she commences an affair when she is with the interior designer chap
          c. She succumbs to love bombing – Petrovsky (another narcissist) love bombs and controls her

          Bradshaw will provide significant fuel owing to her empathic traits, her collective class traits appeal to an elite and she is clearly damaged as she falls prey to at least two of our kind.

          2. Charlotte York

          A clear target for an IPPS. ‘fish’ ‘shooting’ ‘barrel’ all spring to mind. Nearly off the charts in terms of empathic traits – compassionate (deals with Trey’s impotence and does not let it stand in the way of getting married), love devotee (utterly obsessed with finding the one and her knight in shining armour), moral compass (strong religious background), honest, decent, animal lover – the empathy just flows.
          In terms of class traits also appealing to an elite – over achiever therefore strong academics, but was a model when a teenager, prom queen, has a degree, always well-turned out, perfectionist – therefore classic mix of the cerebral and somatic traits. She also targets men who of professional and impressive standing (finance, law, medicine) and therefore would be naturally drawn to a Greater Elite since many would be in those professions.
          In terms of special traits, she is a perfectionist and therefore this suggests she has a strong need to control everything around her. This smacks of being generated by some kind of damage but also means that if she is losing control she will react in an emotional fashion very easily, thus lots of fuel.
          Would be very easy to ensnare.

          3. Miranda Hobbes

          Shelf IPSS. Has evident empathic traits (she cares for Steve when he has testicular cancer and also his dementia-suffering mother). She has a child and cares for her child as a single parent for a period of time. Has clear honesty, decency and a strong moral compass. Not so much a love devotee.
          In terms of class traits probably leans more towards a cerebral choice rather than that of an elite, hence I would choose her as a shelf. Her status as a lawyer ticks the boxes with regard to cerebral traits and she will have decent connections too (residual benefit) , but on the somatic side does not have the strength of traits and indeed she accepts a lower league partner (the bar-tender) and lives in cramped accommodation. Miranda would be a useful bolt-on from time to time re character traits and residual benefits, but her fuel provision would not be good enough to make her a consideration for an IPPS for me. She has an inherent cynicism of men and relationships (thus denoting her logic often prevails) which means she may prove costly in terms of control for an IPPS and is better served as a Self IPSS.

          4. Samantha Jones

          Dirty Little Secret. Why? Ms Jones is a narcissist, clearly Somatic. Self-centred, opinionated, high jealousy, infidelity, poor boundary recognition, no emotional empathy, multiple sexual partners, sexually fluid. She would serve well as a DLS for intense bursts of fuel provided through sex and also manipulating her in terms of triggering her huge jealous streak. She also has PR connections so there are some residual benefits. Her narcissism means that she is unsuitable for IPPS and even a Shelf IPSS, one could only countenance her in small doses but treating her that way, as she would seek to seduce and find the resistance of romantic interaction compelling and would heighten her attempts to seduce resulting in increased fuel provision.

          I could go into more detail but time prohibits.
          Of the four characters I would target install Jones as a DLS, have the other three as IPSSs, making York candidate IPSS and then eventual IPPS. Hobbes and Bradshaw would be placed on the shelf but interacted with as NISSs during the golden period of York (since as a Greater one would easily maintain them in the fuel matrix) with Jones being disengaged from. Once York enters devaluation, Jones would be hoovered and used to triangulate with York, Hobbes and Bradshaw would be returned to IPSS and used as shelf IPSSs (Bradshaw has potential to become a Candidate IPSS). I would look to organise a threesome involving Jones and York premised on this being York’s (ill-fated) chance to escape devaluation and save the relationship, but in reality it would just be a fuel fest. Disappointed with Bradshaw failing to make the grade she would be maintained as shelf IPSS as I turn my attention to Wendy Rhoades of Billions who would be a Candidate IPSS within moments.

          1. How horrendous all this machination sounds and also that I see myself and my narc story so much in Carry’s character… glad I’m out! I don’t have any Manolos unfortunately.

  17. Spirits in the Forest, by Depeche Mode. Released mmm… last night? Guess who the narcissist is. PS: It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 🖤

    1. I was going to ask if anyone had seen it yet.

      Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. Not just for conceit, but for the way he doesn’t care which bystanders gets hurt by his actions: Belle’s father, the Three Silly Girls, the animals he hunts for trophies rather than food….

      His actions on hearing that Belle prefers the company of a “hideous beast” to his are textbook Narcissistic rage.

    2. Ohhh SP was it that good? I sooooo wanted to go, but we had a death in the family a few days ago so I didn’t have the opportunity.


      To answer the question of narcs on screen, absolutely and completely the main character from the 90s TV series Profit.

      He was abused and neglected as a child. As an adult he joins a big business type of company and basically makes it his mission to climb his way to the top… by any means necessary.

      It’s twisted and chilling and very good.

      1. TPoT, I’m sorry about your family loss. The film was really good!!!!! My friend and I were sitting at the front row so I took really good pictures that I wish I could share with you. I was the only one singing and raising my arms because I have no shame. In a way I wish I could have taken a ride with my … haha JK, I was saying I wish I could have taken my friend to watch it in my hometown with my Mode friends, people in my country are much more passionate in public events. But we had a great time.

        1. Ahh that sounds like you had a great time!

          I can’t imagine anyone in England waving and singing in the cinema! (Not unless it was maybe some Mamma Mia sing-along or something! I wouldn’t know though, I’ve never been to a sing-along film showing.)

          And thank you for your sympathy. It was my mother-in-law. Cancer. We knew it was coming but it was still an awful blow. She was a very kind woman who really doted on her family. Time will help with grief, I suppose, as with all things in life.

          1. I’m sorry, TPoT.
            Angels with silver wings
            Shouldn’t know suffering
            I wish I could take the pain for you.

            I hate cancer. ❤️

          2. Thank you SP xx

            Cancer is the devil. It took my grandfather in 2003, it took my cousin in April last year (he was only the same age as me, 34 at the time), and now it has taken my MIL.

            Another cousin of mine went through it a few years ago when he was in his early 20s and thankfully come out of the other side, and my step-brother’s son (he’s only 11) also went through cancer last year and touch wood he’s okay at the moment.

            It’s evil. Don’t get me started on how absolutely and utterly useless Cancer Research as a charity actually is.

            Back to the thread, I just thought of another film with a narc in it. Heartburn with Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep. JN is so definitely a narc, and MS his IPP.
            If I had to pin what type of narc the character is, I would say lesser.

          3. TPOT:

            Why is cancer research useless? Or are the charities useless?

            Sorry about your MIL, but I’m impressed the two of you had a good relationship. That speaks well for you both

Vent Your Spleen!

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