Are you or somebody you know chained to the narcissist? Are you a co-dependent? What does this mean? How did you become this way? How does the narcissist know what you are? How does the narcissist exploit this condition and how might you escape him? These questions and more are posed and answered in this fascinating book. Delivered direct from the dark-hearted master, the narcissist provides his unique observations on those who are co-dependent and find themselves chained to the narcissist.

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19 thoughts on “Chained

  1. Bibi says:

    I plan to order more HG this Christmas and so I will need some recommendations. This is one on my list.

    1. NarcAngel says:

      If you haven’t already done so – Sex is a fascinating read whether one is in an intimate relationship with a narc or not.

    2. Bibi says:


      I actually just finished that. It was HG’s best from what I have read thus far. For the future I am looking more towards emapths and knowing myself. Chained and his latest collection, as example.

      But I took your 4 Group recommendation: Sitting Target, Fuel, Fury and Sex should be the basic 4 pack for any newcomer. They make a great volume set.

  2. Dearest HG: My goodness. Welcome back. HUGS, anyway.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you

  3. MB says:

    Is the new cover on the paperback yet? I want Santa to bring me that too. It’s on my list.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Not yet but my designer is working on ensuring that all the new covers will be available in paperback for Christmas. More news to follow.

      1. MB says:

        *MB squeals again*

        1. EmP says:

          Ha ha. MB you’re cute!

          1. MB says:

            Thank you EmP. I just love surprises and HGs are the best!

          2. EmP says:

            MB, they are, aren’t they? Never a dull moment on Narcsite!!!

          3. MB says:

            So true. Narcsite is a bit of an addiction. I can honestly say that HG is on my short list of things to be thankful for in my life, this year and last. ❤️

          4. EmP says:

            MB, I understand! Narcsite is informative, entertaining and absolutely addictive.

          5. MB says:

            My heart swells with thanksgiving for all of the beautiful people that gather here and support each other through some of the most difficult times of their lives. There is no place like this on Earth to get the best information and loving support combined. Join me in growing the Angel Assistance Fund to lift those up that are struggling with abuse during this Holiday season. (Besides, it’s not often we get to relieve HG of his cash!)

        2. NarcAngel says:

          Haha, I so would have loved to see you as a kid at Christmas.

          1. MB says:

            I’m just as excited now, but I was much cuter then!

        3. AR says:


          I think I became addicted to narcsite as well. I will take a break from both blog and youtube for 1-2 months soon.
          I have kindle versions of some of HG’s books in case i will have to handle my emotional thinking again.

          1. MB says:

            I will miss you AR, but I understand. I’ve taken breaks as well.

          2. AR says:

            I will miss you all.

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