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The advent of sending pictures by mobile telephone and then social media resulted in a proliferation of one particular phenomenon, the “dick pic”. Whether it is an in your face, up close and throbbing , picture of an erect male member or a more relaxed pose demonstrating this fellow is a shower and may also be a grower, there is evidence of the sending of such pictures all over the internet.

And it is not just the men.

There are plenty of women who have sent pictures of themselves naked, either with a hand cupped coquettishly over themselves providing a sneak of what lies underneath, a confident pose in front of a mirror, a shot from behind with skirt hitched up or a no holds barred legs apart shot.

The sending of such pictures and the behaviour of the recipient provide interesting insights into the dynamic of narcissist and victim.

This poll is seeking information about your own experiences and will be the basis of a future article concerning this behaviour within the narcissistic dynamic.

Please see the options below and you may answer as many as are applicable.

Do expand with your observations in the comments section.

Thank you for participating.

Your Experience Concerning "Dick Pics"

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  1. Lorelei: I hate nylons, but after encountering natural fibers through reenactments, I can definitely say that cotton, wool, or (if you can afford it) silk are way more comfortable.

  2. I only where stockings when I need to appear conservative and uptight. Always pair with pearls and a black pencil style skirt of knee to lower length. Otherwise—stockings are itchy and miserable.

  3. I’ve released quite a few nudes “into the open”. I used to model a bit (catwalk, ad and photo art, nothing close to porn), did and still do tons of Pilates and have a couple of professional nude photographs of myself on display in our master bathroom and bedroom (hubby wasn’t too keen on having me place those in our guest bathrooms… I wonder why). So if any of my solicited nudes ever get “released” years from now… guuuurrrrl, didn’t I look hot.

    Oh, I will regret posting this tomorrow morning. Put the kids to sleep early and had too much Margaux.

    I’m in my late thirties and it’s really high time I retired from the naughty world, embraced my empathic self and became a model wife and mother.

  4. I read a funny story once about the best Tinder bios, my favorite was by this girl who wrote: “I’m Thai, so if you send me a dick pic, I might send one back”.

      1. I apologize, Mr. Tudor. I will stop asking questions about your crotch. That was very rude of me and not very lady like.

  5. So, speaking of “dick pics”, you have stated that the hair on your head is blonde and you have shown us that the hair on your legs is brown, so I was just wondering…….never mind.

    1. He says his hair is blonde—and was provocative once on IG and posted a photo of (possibly) himself from the back of his hair. I think that means he has brown hair.

      1. I thought he said his hair was blonde. I did not see the photo on instagram and know nothing about it. The photo subject had brown hair? I think he’s purposefully confusing us.

        I will no longer talk about his crotch.

  6. Re: females sending unsolicited nudes
    I never heard of a woman doing that. What motivated them to do so, did they think it would keep your interest or were they fishing for compliments aka narcissists in search of fuel?

  7. “I thank my own personal God for that”
    confirmation that HG prays to himself at night and worships at the altar of his mirror.

    1. I try to, but there are so many other people crowding around it Desiree, it really is an intolerable intrusion of a gentleman’s privacy.

      1. “Privacy” he says as he basks in the admiration of his adherents.
        Come now, you’re surrounded by swedish virgins as we speak! One feeds you grapes, one massages your feet.

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