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Dear Readers and Supporters of the Angel Assistance Fund,

In an effort to offer a transparent view to the Angels in Waiting, I have created a sponsorship programme.

Every Angel is pre-vetted and anxiously awaits assistance through my counsel. When you select an Angel you wish to sponsor and make the associated donation for their assistance, your Angel will be provided with life-changing assistance.

After their consult, you will receive a personalized followup from your sponsored Angel and you will know how you have directly influenced positive change in their lives. This will be provided through me in order to preserve anonymity and confidentiality between Sponsor and the Sponsored.

The programme will be updated regularly. Thank you for your generous sponsorship. Only you can can change the life of an Angel.

Angel ML

Angel ML, a  parent, requests assistance with the cost of a How To CoParent With the Narcissist Assistance Package and an audio consultation to discuss the marshalling of evidence with regard to ongoing custody proceedings where her ex spouse is seeking to extend involvement with the three children of the marriage. ML is also concerned about the behaviour of her ex’s new spouse who appears to be a Lieutenant and has sought a restraining order against ML.

She will contribute US $ 50 towards the cost of this assistance and requests help to reach the balance required.

To help Angel ML please use the button below. You can adjust it accordingly to contribute as much as you wish towards the top-up of US $1, if you wish to make a smaller donation than the full amount required, by selecting more than one, in the quantity section.

AIW Donation


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