Sex : How the Narcissist Views Sex and The Role It Plays In Your Entanglement

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No holds barred and no strings attached

The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform

Read about how the narcissist views and uses sex and how you are central in that

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One thought on “Sex : How the Narcissist Views Sex and The Role It Plays In Your Entanglement

  1. Notme! says:

    I realised early on that me laughing at his jokes delighted him. Instead of writing ‘hahaha’ or ‘lol’ at a joke on whatsapp one time, I recorded me laughing and sent it. He immediately phoned me and carried on with the joke to keep me laughing. Even when I had stopped laughing and it became repetitive, he wasn’t able to move on or he needed to keep going back to it. He would often deliberately take a conversation off on a tangent in order to crow bar a joke into it too. It came across as needy at times.

    Although he was a very polite guy, he would get ‘teasing’ really wrong at times and hurt my feelings. He didn’t understand why it wasn’t funny to suggest I might shag the Amazon delivery guy simply so he could use the lines ‘he could put it in your secret place’ or he could ‘pop it through your back door’.

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