The 3 Assertions of Control

You will threaten the control of the narcissist and you will do so on a repeated basis.

Whatever position you hold in the narcissists fuel matrix, your actions, inactions and words will threaten the narcissists sense of control over you.

What then will the narcissist do? Naturally, he or she, being a creature of control must maintain or regain control over you. How does the narcissist do this? The narcissist asserts control in one of three ways.

This Logic Bulletin addresses

– What those three methods are

– The most common method of asserting control over you

– Your status as the Primary Protagonist

– What happens when one of the methods of asserting control fails

– Enabling you to understand why the narcissist has responded in a particular way, so that you now recognise that this is actually an alternative method of asserting control over you

– Recognising the absolute necessity of the need for control and your role within that.

This demystifies the narcissists behaviour in a simple manner enabling you to add to your armoury of defences, reduce falling prey to the lure of emotional thinking and avoiding the effects of confusion and bewilderment.

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3 thoughts on “The 3 Assertions of Control

  1. Alt28 says:

    Great, insightful.

  2. DAB says:

    So….. just to make sure I get it. If I desire to unmask my “middle level“ narcissist to others, my best approach would be to unemotionally criticize him. A factual AND unemotional deliverance while reviewing our relationship in counseling could bring me much joy? 😏

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Your best response would be to apply GOSO and not seek to expose the narcissist to others. You will be inviting the Narcissist´s Pitchfork to visit you.

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