Knowing HG


You read his words.

You listen to his videos and interviews.

You may have consulted with him.

But how much do you know about him?

Here is your chance to learn more about who HG Tudor is as he provides you with an exclusive insight into who he is and his life, his family, his romantic interests, his hatreds, his operations and more besides.

(The material is contained in a sound file which will be emailed to you.)

Knowing HG


437 thoughts on “Knowing HG

  1. Cloudy says:


    The partner you live with that does the TRASH TALKING make you feel?

  2. Cloudy says:


    Does a two face individual make them with narc traits?

  3. Cloudy says:


    Is the full monty email a consulation & what would be the price?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is and it is US $ 100.

      1. Cloudy says:

        Your prices are cheap!

      2. Cloudy says:


        What is your fee for a full audio consultation?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          US $ 150

          1. Cloudy says:

            Very reasonable

            Time duration?

          2. HG Tudor says:

            1 hour. See the description in the menu bar.

          3. Cloudy says:

            Ok great

          4. Cloudy says:


            Great Price.

            I will probably need 3 hours on consulation to understand.

            I ll do 3 sessions 2 weeks apart each other to process the info

  4. Cloudy says:


    Do naive people behave like children & lack experience to prevent themselves from danger?

  5. Cloudy says:


    Is psychopath a life long mental illness?

    Does it involve chemical inbalance?

  6. hahaha just seen this. okay sounds like fun!

  7. Dorion says:

    Re: the topic of discussing God.
    I don’t often get involved in these kinds of debates anywhere unless someone specifically asks for my view and/or it is abundantly clear that it is a very open-minded discussion, just would like to point out one thing. The reason why people believe or not can be a million different things and, for many, there hasn’t ever been any negative (or positive) experience or influence to push us to think in a certain way. For example, I am an agnostic person and have always been, even during the times I explored a variety of spiritual systems, which I did quite a bit in the past, mostly out of curiosity and because I just like “big questions”. No religious upbringing, no negative experience with it either, simply just getting into certain questions, studying for a while, them making my own conclusions. I know that many people have similar experiences and this is what’s usually described as a free thinker… I also know that people with this mentality can sometimes get a bit upset if someone makes universal, definitive statements either way, because it kinda irritates our sense of freedom. I think people like these prefer to believe it is a personal choice, like any specific belief.

    In my experience, what can really make a difference in these types of discussions is starting descriptions with phrases such as “in my view…”, “I personally believe…”, “I like the idea of…” and so on. It makes it clear upfront that someone is aware of natural diversity and is respectful of the variety of beliefs and opinions, or even if internally they aren’t, they follow a certain courtesy of social interaction that is appropriate to the 21st century. If not, I believe 🙂 that expressing universal statements about things that are not and cannot be proven in ways that will appeal to everyone will always provoke some level of disagreement or, at times, irritation. Not necessarily offense, but it can sound a bit of invalidation of someone else’s belief and life experience. I personally tend to feel the same way when people express atheism too forcefully or claim any other spiritual belief as the one, universal truth, without implying it is their own or a specific community’s truth.

    Not the same level, but I know many people don’t even believe in narcissism and are irritated by how it’s often used in contemporary society! 🙂 Not on this blog, of course, because this brings together people interested in this particular topic… but our other backgrounds are very diverse.

  8. Bubbles 🍾 says:

    Dear njfilly,
    Thankyou for your reply lovely
    Japan is very highly populated, therefore space is precious …. accommodation is small and Japanese work very long hours
    I have a dear Japanese friend (he’s 86) and works 6.30 am to 8.30 pm every day … he is extremely expertised in his field and cannot find replacements, he has recently downsized …and no there is no correlation re suicide (theirs is high education and work work work)
    “Chrissy deccies” is our Aussie slang for Christmas decorations and believe me we have so many our home, it looks like a department store ….I find the echoness from taking them down very “empty” (maybe a subliminal reminder of my childhood) me thinks
    Oh my oh my …having children, you accumulate big time and it never ends ….. even with just having one baby ……. seriously, where did all this “stuff” come from ?
    I think your collection of feathers are from feathered friends you loved and cared for which makes it very personal, heartwarming and almost symbolic and a reminder of a true warm caring love, you were forfeited from your family
    My empath status is a magnet ! It seriously sucks !
    I just want to be left alone !
    I have an over abundance of many things over the years, jugs, antique cups n saucers, antique plates, crystal, candle holders…. its as if I’m over compensating for not having a proper home when growing up , we rented and were always on the move …. nothing stable for long….so many school changes !
    My mother is reluctant to let go and have a clean out, I have to be very strategic in her acceptance of throwing anything out
    My brother is a minimalist, compared to me (he’s also ex Airforce, so that explains it) kinda
    Thank you njfilly I enjoyed your reply immensely….two interesting scenarios I must say
    Thank you for your kind thoughts regarding our country ..we are pretty much totally stuffed at the moment
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  9. Alexissmith2016 says:

    Larruping! What a great word!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Work it into a sentence today. Feels good in the mouth when you use this word.

  10. NarcAngel says:

    You look for the intent behind a comment instead of assumption. You present interesting information. You consider the views of others while exchanging information and not feeling that you have to compromise your own. I am always left feeling that even though we may not agree, that we are able to have a conversation and are left respecting one another. That is an art. Your blog name is apt and your presence and contributions here very much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. FYC says:

      You are most kind, NA, and the respect is mutual. Thank you.

  11. Bubbles 🍾 says:

    Dear njfilly,
    Interesting you’re a minimalist, I tried, but it wasn’t for me
    The Japanese are minimalists but they have a high suicide rate as well
    My home is now “echoey” after taking the Chrissy deccies down .. haha
    I’m a gatherer of collectives, so to speak …. haha
    As an empath and not receiving parental love …. I tended to surround myself with items I do love, replacement for, I suppose
    It can build up at times but we’ve always had a very busy active family with requirements
    I used to be a bit obsessive, eg cleaning, everything immaculate, neat tidy and perfect, but calmed down after kids
    In my younger days, I went thru the no eating stage, drank coffee n smoked ciggies, ”twas all the rage ! I was skinny, when I look back at my photos, but in my head, I thought I was fat!
    As I write this, I’m decluttering big time and have just finished organising my pantry and going thru all my handbags
    I have two massive drawers of scarves and only wear a handful of favourites and same as we all do with our clothes, only wear 20%
    I now realise the enormity of it, as I will have to sort thru all mum’s stuff when she passes and she’s a hoarder ! 😱
    Not looking forward to it one bit !
    My mother has mentioned on many occasions she doesn’t have an addictive personality …… yeah right ! Haha
    Thank you njfilly for your comment …it really caught my eye!
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

    1. njfilly says:

      Dear Bubbles,

      Thank you for your interesting reply. I did not know about Japanese being minimalists or their suicide rate. I hope there is not a correlation in that.

      I don’t know what “Chrissy deccies are” but I assume it is a collection of some sort and now that your home is free of that collection it is “echoey”. Very funny and I know the feeling of an empty echoey home very well and I love it!

      Yes, things do tend to accumulate very quickly, even for me and I am very aware of it and I don’t like it. Also, I have no children so I assume it’s more difficult to be a minimalist when you have a family.

      I am also an empath, Carrier Super Empath per Mr. HG Tudor, and I also had a difficult childhood with possibly both parents being narcissists, and it is my parents who both have hoarding tendencies so it was always very difficult for me and still is now as they are elderly and live with me. I’m always decluttering and I enjoy getting rid of things as much as other people enjoy buying things! If I have not seen it or used it in 5 or more years I no longer need it.

      I will also have a very big burden of clearing out my parents belongings when they pass, especially since they have collected so much and have been very neglectful of everything in their lives. I have much resentment toward my parents. I understand what you mean about a mother not admitting she has issues.

      I have never collected much of anything throughout my life. Currently the only collection I have is a feather collection of various birds I owned, chickens I raised, and wild birds, which I found. I do have this strange attraction for feathers and I always did. I still have some feathers I collected as a child.

      I enjoyed reading your comment. I see many parallels to our lives. Do you know what type of empath you are? I believe from previous comments from you I read that you live in Australia? I hope you are well due to the fires.

  12. NarcAngel says:

    Haha. Amen brother.

  13. Violetta says:

    NarcAngel: Milton and Byron did that already. The Brontes took it up, and girls have been fantasizing about sociopathic men ever since.

  14. njfilly says:

    I dated two men who were 6’7″. One was just tall and thin so it didn’t last very long. The other man was a body builder with shoulder length hair and a beard. He was humongous. Abnormally large. It was literally like dating a gorilla. I noticed he was always very polite and soft spoken when he spoke to me as opposed to when he spoke to his friends. I interpreted this to mean that possibly women were intimidated by him due to his size.

    Sex with him was very difficult as he literally crushed me with his weight when he was on top, although often times I liked it anyway. Also, as you could possible imagine, his dick was very large in proportion to his body size. Again, I didn’t mind. His job transferred him out of state and I didn’t want to go with him. I think about him often and I wonder what he is up to.

  15. Lorelei says:

    6’1”—6’3” is indeed a plus. Men that can toss a woman around basically and not into a wall.

  16. Cloudy says:

    I will be shortly.

  17. Cloudy says:

    Can payment be made with Gift Card?

    1. HG Tudor says:


      1. Cloudy says:

        Looking forward

  18. Cloudy says:


    Im definitely interested & will be consulating

    Which email can I do the narc detector & audio consult

      1. Cloudy says:

        Im looking into exercising my mind into finding a solution that will mutually benefit myself & partner into working on understanding each other without any doubts.

        The narc traits most of the population has them which Im aware of.

        I recommended marriage councelling and my request with my partner was declined.

        Hopefully, Your knowledge will assist.

  19. Sweetest Perfection says:

    Hahaha me too, NA! I actually believe my narc has that, no doubt! The MOFO…

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