Logic Bulletin : The Smear Campaign


This Logic Bulletin provides you with clarity, understanding and a further foundation in the creation of your Logic Defences so you reduce your Emotional Thinking and achieve freedom from the narcissist and narcissistic abuse.

This Logic Bulletin covers :´

  • What is the purpose of a Smear Campaign?
  • Who uses the Smear Campaign?
  • How are they used by Greater Narcissists?
  • How are they used by Mid Range Narcissists?
  • How are they used by Lesser Narcissists?
  • What prompts the Smear Campaign?
  • How your behaviour relates to the Smear Campaign.
  • How your actions will assist you in avoiding Smear Campaigns.
  • How you are actually overly concerned about the Smear Campaign when you need not be.
  • How smearing is used against the IPPS and Former IPPS
  • How smearing is used against the Shelf IPSS or DLS
  • How smearing is used against NISSs

This detailed Logic Bulletin is provided as an audio file which is emailed to you and only costs US $ 30 .

A very small fee to enable you to gain peace of mind and understanding.

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Smearing and Smear Campaigns


21 thoughts on “Logic Bulletin : The Smear Campaign

  1. Em says:

    HG is Michael Barrymore a narc?
    I watched the documentary with my narc detector head on last night. Never considered it before coz Hes so popular. But the deflections, lack of responsibility, facade, lies, fantastical thinking, denial, false empathy, victim mode, his need for attention from the public all seemed to be there.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Oh yes.

      1. Em says:

        Im getting the hang of this! (With your help and all this reading).

      2. Lorelei says:

        Drew Barrymore is a narcissist isn’t she?

        1. HG Tudor says:


          1. Lorelei says:

            Just one more. Pleeeaaasssee. Marilyn Monroe? I have to know or I can’t study.

    2. Alexissmith2016 says:

      It’s such a strange feeling Em. When someone from the distant past presents before us post knowledge, whether it be someone I know personally or a Celebrity and I recognise them for what they are I find myself almost adjusting my eyesight as if before it was a blur and now it is clear as day.

      It’s different somehow to meeting someone new who you promptly recognise is a narc or even the people we interact with regularly and worked out. Knowing someone previously not seeing them for some time and therefore not giving any consideration to whether they were a narc or not, when they represent and the realisation hits you it’s the strangest feeling ever. Once you thought they were real and genuine and now you know they are not and never were.

      1. Em says:

        Alexissmith2016 what a great explanation. That’s exactly how I felt. All of a sudden I’m thinking this is odd behaviour – then wait a minute, this is obvious. The blinkers are completely off now.

        1. alexissmith2016 says:

          You’ll definitely be able to see through it Em. For some it takes me a little longer, the UMRs and greaters are much harder to spot. But the signs are there. The silent treatment is usually my first clue. And as greaters are rare, whilst harder, it will be less likely in the first place.

          1. Em says:

            Thank you. I had just about worked out my LN ex husband when I fell into the hands of UMR which nearly finished me off. I feel more confident now though. My gut and the knowledge I’ve gained will see me through. Would be great to find a relationship this year x

          2. alexissmith2016 says:

            It is the worst and makes us so vulnerable. I’m glad you’re here and learning. I hope you find someone special this year too

      2. Em says:

        It’s actually reassuring me that I will now be able to spot flags in the future. Giving me courage to start dating and trusting again.

        1. Lorelei says:

          Em—I’m amused that I’m the recipient of the smears. So, for instance, my ex says I’m crazy bipolar horrible awful blah blah. For nearly two weeks no one has heard from him. His girlfriend looks bananas. She also has legal charges pending. So, I used to care if he took her to stuff. I want him to take her to a parent teacher conference (Separately) now. Why? Because I say nothing except, “We do things differently in my home..” That’s it. Anyone with a half of a brain can see what is obvious. Oh, but he’s never been to a parent conference and only five minutes of one doctors appt in the last five years at least and maybe ever. I guess the girlfriend was
          gyrating (is that a word?) in a field at some dumb concert this last summer and my daughter was uncomfortable. Like PLEASE take her everywhere. Tell people I’m horrible—but take her with you. I ran into them at Lowe’s and of course kept going but she was wearing green tight stretchy pants with holiday ornament designs on them, a Santa hat, and sporting years of Vodka wrinkles. Don’t get me started on the ankle boots. I may be a bitch but I this woman slept with him in front of the kids within a month of shacking up. Even in college when my ex’s kids came over I slept on the couch. I had more class at age 20 than this bimbo does now. I’ve had moments of compassion, although, she may be a narcissist based on assaulting someone and having legal charges & a restraining order against her. Never mind the trespassing charges, DUI’s.. I want more smearing!!!

          1. Em says:

            Loreli – green tight stretchy pants with holiday ornament designs on them! 🤣
            Sounds classy.
            But give her a break remember he may be turning her into the narc with his mind games.
            I remember going to a convention where he was, being so excited that I got drunk with him encouraging me then I spun round on the dance floor – outside and ended up in a bush infront of all his colleagues. Ugh.
            So embarrassing. Next morning at breakfast (I slept alone) he applauded me. i felt humiliated and stupid. And I consider myself dignified. Found out he had an Eastern European beautician IPPS – now I know it was for the residual benefits and facade.
            Sounds like yours is just an easy option. Just keep your focus on knowing it’s him. Keep your dignity in front of your kids. I love it when they smear and you rise above it with a ‘we don’t do that at our house’.
            My ex husband also a narc still tells people it was all my fault I was after his money, I’ve turned his friends against him. Still hasn’t spoken to me in 10yrs. Can’t see that damages and hurts the kids – not me.

          2. Lorelei says:

            Thanks Em! I know—I suspect there is a substantial alcohol issue so.. I took huge issue with the sleeping together in front of the kids. (Especially after a matter of a few weeks) Until my kids are at least adults they’ll never see an overnight with a man—and that would be only on a vacation or if I share a home again. Unless I re-marry. I’m not religious—it’s just the way my family conducted themselves and it’s ingrained. I don’t fault other people for it, but it coincides with a great discomfort for me. AND that is how my ex’s family conducts themselves as well—his narcissism overrides the value system. I am far from morally driven as anyone can see what I post—it’s about just not feeling okay with certain behaviors in front of kids. I want my girls to be ladies and my son to treat women with respect. This includes not appearing cheap.

          3. Em says:

            I totally totally get that. I would hate it too. Quite right. X

          4. Lorelei says:

            Thanks Em—I just can’t relax by behaving in that way in front of children. I can get quite spirited, but it’s a boundary as to when/where. I also appreciate my close friend “Marie” for her different boundaries—but they are healthy for her. We all define differently but I just know that certain things won’t occur in my home that are in happening my ex’s home.

          5. Violetta says:

            “green tight stretchy pants with holiday ornament designs on them, a Santa hat, and sporting years of Vodka wrinkles”

            People of Walmart

  2. Creative-N-Innovative says:

    I’ll be getting the book, actually a few of them from HG Tudor!! So, in reading them, I should gain plenty of insightful information!!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      HG approves.

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