How To Stop The Hoovers


The hoover and the narcissist. They go together like gin and tonic, cheese and onion and Laurel and Hardy. Where there is a narcissist, there comes hoovers – whether they are benign or malign, they will happen and you need to know how to stop them.

In this detailed Assistance Package you will learn about

  • How the different schools of narcissist operate with regard to hoovers
  • Why does the narcissist hoover?
  • What does the narcissist want to obtain from you?
  • Why do victims struggle to prevent hoovers?
  • What the two fundamental elements are with regard to hoovering
  • Your part in the success or failure with regard to preventing hoovers
  • The role salami slicing plays in hoovers and how it is so dangerous
  • The Hoover Carriers
  • The need to Close the Bridges
  • A wide range of tips and techniques to help you Close the Bridges
  • Identification of the key areas to enable you to stop the hoovers
  • What forces the narcissist to go elsewhere
  • How to avoid advertising yourself for hoovers

This material is unsurpassed and will not be found anywhere else. It is available for a limited time at the discounted rate of just US $ 50 for a jam-packed audio file delivered by email and is an essential part of your toolkit for Knowing and Beating The Narcissist.

Do not delay, get weaponised today.



How To Stop The Hoovers

3 thoughts on “How To Stop The Hoovers

  1. Vicky says:

    I’ve never been hoovered and I don’t believe I ever will. It is a long story, but I will tell you, the last few encounter’s with my Narc. of 15 years, pushed him over the edge. to mention a few incidences, I torched his extensive wardrobe ( all of which I bought ) brought him to my house ( after he had left ) called the cops the next day and he went to prison for 2 years, as a result of charges I brought again him for stealing. I just don’t think he will take the chance, ever again.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are wrong.

    2. Kim e says:

      that is an empaths fantasy. Narcs live in a completely different reality than we do. With time, he will be back. All done in the past doesnt matter to him……..unless you killed him…and then you are free.

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