A Letter to the Empath – No. 2


This is a series whereby you get to write to the empath, namely yourself in order to impart your knowledge wisdom from where you are now to your past self at the beginning or in the midst of the narcissistic entanglement. If you wish to submit a letter, send it to narcissist1909@gmail.com with the heading “Letter to the Empath” and the name you would prefer to be used if it is chosen for publication.



O’Sweet child you are only ten
But wise beyond your years
When that monster walked into your life
And feasted on your fears
Your innocence and purity
Such a potent mix to his own kind
His abuse of power and need for control
Now had you both entwined
There is no escape and you are trapped
You pray on a daily basis
‘Bless me father for I have sinned
I’m scared of his many faces’
But you are strong and full of song
The monster would say defiant
He’d shake with anger and with rage
Until you were utterly compliant
You took the beatings and the thrashings
The marks laid bare across your skin
And on your face the tears would fall
As they did with Anne Boleyn
Your inner light shines bright and proud
It can never be put out nor dimmed
A force inside fights back with venom
For your surface he has only skimmed
Do not feel guilty for feeling evil
It’s what keeps you alive and surviving
Play his game and watch his moves
Soon dear child you’ll be thriving
You are not alone, your inner warrior is always with you
Remember this in times of adversity
Stand tall, stand proud, remain stedfast
And show your monster no pity!
Freedom beckons and it will come
Thy day edges ever nearer
And when it happens oh what joy!
History in the rear view mirror

10 thoughts on “A Letter to the Empath – No. 2

  1. Asp Emp says:

    Wow. Absolutely wow. I can see myself in some of these words of this letter.

    From the line starting “Your inner light shines bright and proud…..” to the last line – the words explain themselves.

    I would add the following:

    As I become more weaponised,
    I become less blind and more wise.

  2. lisk says:

    The adult in me abhors most rhyme. But the ten-year old in me read on anyway.

    She loved it, like she always loved rhymes. She is inspired by it.

    And the adult in me recognizes the “inner light that shines and proud” and is amazed at and admiring of how we’ve each made it this far and grieves for those whose light was snuffed out by overpowering evil.

    Thank you, J, for this “age-appropriate, moving piece.

    1. Presque Vu says:

      Thanks Lisk!
      Kind words 😘
      Rhymes, poetry and prayers I would say in my head during punishments. It helped me.

  3. MB says:

    I know who’s letter this is! Beautifully written. Warrior is right ❤️

    1. WhoCares says:


      It IS beautifully written. Heartfelt and skillfull too. Favourite lines:

      “Freedom beckons and it will come
      Thy day edges ever nearer
      And when it happens oh what joy!
      History in the rear view mirror”

      What a lovely tribute to someone’s child self.

      1. Presque Vu says:

        WhoCares when I ran away at 16, I had never known such freedom! It hit me with such force!! I lived in the YMCA and it took me months to get out of routines I had and to realise I didn’t have to do them anymore!
        Thank you for your kind words!

        1. WhoCares says:

          Presque Vu,

          That’s so beautiful – I didn’t know that was your letter! I know what you mean: when the sudden sense of freedom hits you. It’s like you never knew how trapped you truly were until you taste real freedom.
          I have happy tears for you that you found that. ❤️

    2. autiempath says:

      Yes! Very Beautiful 😍

      1. Presque Vu says:

        Thank you kindly autiempath

    3. Presque Vu says:

      Thank you MB ❤️

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