Let Me Take You On A Trip



When I first take you on board my yacht you will no doubt admire its sleek and pristine appearance. From the polished hull through to the crisp and pressed uniforms of its crew, my vessel exudes expense, opulence and desirability. You marvel at how magnificent it looks, the white of the hull contrasting with the gently lapping azure sea. I take you on an impromptu tour showing you the master bedroom, the well-equipped kitchen, decadent living areas and inviting bathrooms. Every detail has been carefully considered in ensuring that this is a yacht you want to always sail in. The flowers that have been placed on your side of the bed are your favourite. You see the bathrobe hanging on the back of the door and can already feel its soft embrace as you slide it around you following an invigorating shower.
Back on the immaculate deck,I show you to a sun lounger and invite you to relax as we set sail, a hot sun blazing in a sky where there is not a cloud to be had. You lie down enjoying the caress of the sun’s rays as you are waited on by my crew, a succession of delicious and cold drinks brought to your side as you slip into a gentle sleep.
A sudden lurch of the vessel rudely awakens you and you shiver. The sun has vanished, a canopy of dark grey clouds having covered it. You sit up as you hear a crack and the sun lounger fractures, not from your weight, but as a consequence of its decayed state. You jump up and the vessel leans alarmingly as it is buffeted by a large wave. Spray combines with driving rain as you scurry to the nearest door into the yacht to escape the storm that has appeared out of nowhere. You halt on the threshold and frown as your gaze sweeps over stained and tattered carpets. Paint peels on the walls and the ceiling has fallen in on one side. You call out my name but there is no reply. Concerned you move from room to room but find nobody. The crew have vanished. The kitchen is smeared with grease and dirt, rotting food has been left lying around. The bathrooms are grubby, the tiles cracked and the mirrors broken. You make your way around the yacht but the scene is similar everywhere you go. It is run down and dilapidated from long-term neglect.
The yacht tips and you hear plates smash as you make for the bridge of the vessel, increasingly concerned for your safety. The bridge is similarly deserted and you see the yacht’s wheel has been lashed in place causing the vessel to continue on a course into a mass of black clouds and forked lightning which you can see ahead despite the cracked glass in front of you. You reach for the radio but it has been smashed. There is a mobile ‘phone which you pick up in desperation. It will not allow you to dial any numbers however and will only permit you to call three pre-programmed numbers. The first displays the word “Coterie”. Somebody answers but all you can hear is the sound of celebrating, the noise of the party is deafening and your pleas for help are drowned out by the noise of excitement and reverie. The second reads “Lieutenants”. Again it is answered and you ask the person answering for help. You are told that they are busy and you got yourself into this situation so you will have to sort it out yourself. You try that number again and a different voice answers but it tells you that you are crazy to have sailed into a storm and they cannot help you. With fear and desperation rising you ring the final number and the word “Me” comes up on the display.
“Hello?” I answer.
“What’s happening? Where are you? I’m in trouble, something has happened to the yacht. Everything was fantastic but now, I don’t understand, it has all gone wrong and I am in the middle of a storm. It’s happened so fast, help me, please help me.”
“Head onto the deck,” I reply calmly and end the call.
You do as instructed and above the noise of the wind and the crashing waves you hear the unmistakable sound of a helicopter. You look up and see me controlling the winch as I lower a harness down to you. The yacht pitches and you lose your footing. You clamber back up and try to grasp the harness but I have begun to yank it back up away from you. Still clutching the mobile you call me again.
“Help me, please, send down the harness, I need your help.”
I begin to lower the harness again but as it nears and you try and grab it you feel a stinging sensation on your arm and draw it back. A weal is already forming from where the pellet has hit you. You look up and see me grinning as I wave the airgun at you. The harness is still in front of you and you try to grab it but another volley of pellets drives you back before the harness begins to rise again.
You call me a third time.
“Please, why are you doing this? I don’t understand. Help me, I will do anything, just get me off here.”
“Anything?” I answer.
“Yes, anything, just please, lift me off here.”
You look up as the harness begins to lower and I train my sights on you once again.
“Please don’t shoot at me, I don’t know what I have done, this yacht, it has turned into a nightmare,” you shout into the phone begging me.
“Didn’t you see the yacht’s name when you came aboard or were you too in awe of it?” I ask. You glance at one of the life rings and see the yacht’s name printed on it. You paid no heed to the name when you glanced at it when you first boarded the yacht as you were indeed taken in by its grandeur. As the yacht rolls and threatens to throw you off your feet, your eyes settle on the black letters on the red and white ring. They are unmistakable.

78 thoughts on “Let Me Take You On A Trip

  1. christianmelchizedek says:

    Another literary masterpiece, the ending was not what I expected;
    “Please, why are you doing this? I don’t understand. Help me, I will do anything, just get me off here.”
    “Anything?” I answer.
    “Yes, anything, just please, lift me off here.”
    I did see the name of your Yacht, hurry lift me off it.

    The Narcissist unable to resist a tempting Hoover does lift me off with his usual reptile smile.

    Once I was safely aboard the Helicopter I depressed the button on my neck chain that he always thought was a locket…the C-4 I planted in the engine room was successfully detonated.

    “Yes…” I reply, as I see the look of shock on his face to see his beautiful alluring Yacht sink in to the azure sea…” that is why I brought my favorite plastic explosives on board with me. So your ship will never be sailed again.”

    Now I have a little left and another detonator, tell the Pilot it’s time to take me home before I decide to make my own exit, requiring a hole in this vessel as well. Can you swim?”.

    1. SoldierOfLuv says:

      Change off heart 😄?

      1. christianmelchizedek says:

        No…you all just don’t know what you are talking too.

        1. SoldierOfLuv says:

          Oh okay luv , enjoy

          1. SoldierOfLuv says:

            I just really do not take anything too serious or personal about what this individual is posting . I’am just only highlighting the more positive approach towards HG .

            I follow the comments I can relate too or understand , with all due respect I’am not amused by this way off commenting at all . But everyone finds their own way/reasons to this blog .

            But what I’ll never do is go back and forth with someone online . Especially someone who tries to provoke me to react in a negative type off fashion .

            That’s why my sarcasm “ Oh okay luv , enjoy “

            Was my only response .

            Lets continue the supportive and positive vibes together .

            Stay blessed 🤗

          2. NarcAngel says:

            I’m confused as to what message you are trying to convey and to whom.

        2. Renarde says:

          An unaware psychopath. Upper middle Som, I’d say

          1. NarcAngel says:


            You flatter. The sleep inducing fantasy based self-aggrandizing tirades are more the stuff of a psychotic mushroom eating middle schooler glued to their phone is it’s mother’s basement. Narcissist’s at least bring some excitement. This wanna can’t and is a real snore. A below average attention whore. A nothing.

          2. Renarde says:

            Oh agreed. Hes still very funny though.

          3. Kim e says:

            NA & Ren
            I am so over it…him…her…whatever. I see a reply and skip it……..Not worth my time or the little bit of fuel it is getting from me.

            But you 2 ladies can just keep going on as I love your replies,,,,,,,,,,,:-)

          4. Renarde says:


            Hes a bloke.

          5. Presque Vu says:

            Could be right.
            I find him quite entertaining 😆 is it a he? I dunno

          6. Renarde says:


            Hes fricken hilarious!

          7. christianmelchizedek says:

            Ha, Ha, ha

          8. Renarde says:


            Would you like me to provide you with some of Crowlets

          9. Renarde says:

            Crowley’s leser goetic workings?

            Might help.

          10. christianmelchizedek says:

            Crowley was a fraud. Blavatski was the one who had the information neither knew what to do with it.

          11. Renarde says:


            He was a showman but not a fraud IMO. He was getting up very intresting things in the US, spy stuff.

            I probably know more occult practitioners than you. Including ceremonalist who have never said that him. If he was we would know.

            I’ve been in the occult in one way or another since 1994. Incidentally it is fundemental to understanding NPD to understand energy. Fuel. Some narcs really GET it. Which is a tad frightening because they are unaware.

          12. christianmelchizedek says:

            Well alrighty then…those who truly know–do, those who think they know–teach.

          13. Renarde says:


            What on earth makes you think I teach the Occult?

            You have a point on a teachers though. Half of them I wouldnt trust with a potato gun.

          14. Violetta says:



            I’d be lucky if me git sheets wives U.

            And ting.”

            I’m not sure it appreciates the subtle nuances involved in ChavSpeak.

          15. Renarde says:

            I think you may be correct. But looking at that post, I’m now not quite sure I understand it!

        3. Intrepid Traveller says:

          Someone who can’t spell?

          1. christianmelchizedek says:

            Huh..I thought my spelling was as good as most of yours considering I’m typing with my dick on such a small keyboard, that takes talent.

          2. Renarde says:


            I think what takes serious talent is how you can even bare to post considering the largely female contingent of NS hates your guts?

            Sterling work fella.
            Please say something genuinely useful. Redeem yourself.

            Go on. Be a Devil

          3. christianmelchizedek says:

            Ok, if you insist Renarde, BUT only because you are the only one with any real wit in here and you’ve made me laugh a few times. Good on you.

            For the useful part, You are the first in a very long time to the correct designation for me; it’s been so long in fact, the last person to do it correctly used the prefix “little”. I’ve grown since then and I don’t need ANY REDEMPTION that is fools gold you can peddle to someone else.

          4. christianmelchizedek says:

            Your answer was served up

          5. Renarde says:

            You really do babble the most arrant nonsense.

            Hows yer mum?

          6. christianmelchizedek says:

            She should be better once she receives my gift

          7. Renarde says:


            If you think any lady on here thinks you are more than a solid 5, I will show you a liar.

          8. christianmelchizedek says:

            Once she gives it a ride she may not be so disraught.

          9. Renarde says:

            My clit gives me more pleasure than you will ever do.

            You’re a standard roll on roll off.

            In your mind you’re Casanova. My Tom gives the lady kitties better times than your feeble cock could manage.

            If I was to say CAT, what would your response be?

          10. christianmelchizedek says:

            Shoot it before it infects you with a parasite. I Hate cats as much as the Diety over cats hates Humans.

          11. Renarde says:


            Considering you hate everybody, I find that point a tad moot.

            Hows the callous on the right hand coming on?

          12. christianmelchizedek says:

            You do have a way of making me giggle.

          13. Renarde says:

            Good. I’d far rather that than you be offensive on here to largely women who have gone through so much pain.

            You’re welcome.

          14. christianmelchizedek says:

            Renarde, sympathy is an emotion that does not serve me. I am aware of your plight as women however there are those who suffer more than you and they suffer at your hands as well. Don’t think for a second that I have any compassion for women.

          15. Renarde says:


            So I’m going to let you into a secret.

            If you dont say nice things to women, they don’t sleep with you.

            Maybe that’s not important.

            Have you heard of this app called Grindr? I hear its ‘quite’ the thing.

            I’m not judging.

          16. christianmelchizedek says:

            Since you want to share secrets, both male and female are unacceptable. Females have never qualified and a worthy male is rare.

          17. Renarde says:


            I’d completely forgotten, actually I hadnt but never let facts in the way of a good story, that you referred to gays as ‘covid mask wearing cock gobblers.’

            You are brave. I mean really brave. The mask between true fearlessness and idiocy is wafer thin. As I’m an Empath, I’m politically saying brave.

            Violetta will be around soon.

            God have mercy on your soul.

            To come onto a blog where the readership is 95% female and say the above is so bonkers, you must be brave!

          18. christianmelchizedek says:

            Politics? It’s quite safe to say I’ll never be POTUS as I am not into the theatrical arts. Idiocy is when a cock gobbler is afraid of catching something from me whilst wearing his mask, do they not really work? Don’t you all pray to some god? Doesn’t he protect you? Isn’t he the god of love? Why are you worried about dying?

          19. Renarde says:


            My days of sky God bothering stopped when I was 15.

            I’d hardly call Odin the God of Love…

          20. christianmelchizedek says:

            It’s a bit presumptuious to think I’m right handed. Besides what makes you think I even need to use my hand?

          21. Renarde says:

            Presumptuous is my middle name.

            Telepathy? Well that’s a turn up for NS!

          22. christianmelchizedek says:

            Telepathy? It is my first language, english is my second.

          23. Renarde says:


            Do you really believe that?

          24. christianmelchizedek says:

            I not only believe it, but it was proven time and time again.

          25. Renarde says:

            Well, Project Monarch springs to mind.

            I’ve wondered when my mental health would finally snap because of what I’ve been through. Yet others just go tonto. That’s not a value judgement its an observation of what ive personally witnessed.

            But we all have our limits I guess.

          26. christianmelchizedek says:

            The first words I ever spoke was a complete sentence, “How does this work?” I was almost 3 years old and had never uttered a word. I didn’t need too.

          27. Renarde says:


            Yes it’s quite a pity you didnt keep up that habit tbh…

          28. christianmelchizedek says:

            That is funny. Many people wish I would stop talking. However they soon find out when I do, they seem to suffer headaches. Be careful what you wish for.

          29. Renarde says:


            Oh good oh! It’s been yonks since I’ve had a good old flame war!

            HPS. The worst and most effective practioners of left hand, never reveal it.

            They just do it.

          30. christianmelchizedek says:

            Hahahaha it’s quite safe to say I don’t teach

          31. Renarde says:


            And why bother with that nonsense!

            Do you just put your forefingers to your temple, close your eyes and make a ‘whoo-hoo’ noise? Now THAT’S energy efficient!

            I must try that!

          32. christianmelchizedek says:

            Put the wine down, I don’t teach, I don’t lead and I don’t follow.

          33. Renarde says:

            Aww, I thought that was quite funny! You should be been hear the other day when I told HG that he wasnt my Dad. I thought I was in for a right OTK!

          34. Renarde says:

            Anyway, I wish everyone a Merry Beltaine for tomorrow.

            Wont be the happy event this year though.

          35. christianmelchizedek says:

            A “standard roll on roll off” that is enough dumpster diving for you! That was so dry, even the powdered sheets couldn’t find the wet spot.

          36. Renarde says:


            I’d be lucky if me git sheets wives U.

            And ting.

          37. christianmelchizedek says:


          38. christianmelchizedek says:

            Well that works for me. I thank you.

          39. Violetta says:

            Christian’s mama got so many butt-lifts, people think her last name is “DAMN.”

          40. christianmelchizedek says:

            After she had a wingnut implanted at the top of her head she was affective in removing her wrinkles. However it wasn’t long before she was complaining again, this time it was about the bags under her eyes. I told her if she gives that wingnut another twist she’s going to have a mustash to complain about.

          41. Violetta says:

            “Yes it’s quite a pity you didnt keep up that habit tbh…”

            Somebody gonna need the Lanacane.

        4. WhoCares says:

          We are talking to a troll.
          Unique part: Corona troll.

          End of story.

          1. christianmelchizedek says:

            You aught to hear what I say after a few Corona’s, especially if you run out of fucking limes!

          2. WhoCares says:

            I’m on the edge of my seat wondering.

          3. christianmelchizedek says:

            Waiting…..Anticipating……Always waiting and wondering, always hungry…….

          4. WhoCares says:

            Get some new material.

          5. christianmelchizedek says:

            Just wait… LOL

          6. WhoCares says:

            Paint’s drying.

          7. christianmelchizedek says:

            And you are getting older by the minute.

          8. WhoCares says:

            Yep. But I am going to age gracefully; betcha a Corona – with lime – that you don’t.

    2. SoldierOfLuv says:


      I mean the way of commenting of christianmelchizedek I do not take personal or serious . I do not agree with his way off commeting . But that is out off my control so I don’t let it bother me personally .

      I follow the other comments on the blog I can relate to learn from or understand.

      I don’t know what to do with the response to my comment from christianmelchizedek so I decide not to go back and forth about it with that individual.

      I actually Liked your comment .

      My last part is about the supportive comments I enjoy and read . Seperated from the comments between this individual.

      Hope this gives clarity .

      My english isn’t the best , it’s obviously not my main language 😅

      1. NarcAngel says:

        Thank you for the clarification. Your english is fine, I just wasn’t sure if you meant the comments of other people to these ridiculous ramblings were upsetting you or who you were referring to in asking to continue in being supportive and positive. I don’t take the comments serious or personal either. You can’t – they’re merely absurd delusions meant to impress HG (with epic fail) and to demonstrate to the rest of us certain behaviours.

        1. zwartbolleke says:

          What happened to narcipuss? Is he replaced by this chap or is this the same?

          1. HG Tudor says:


        2. SoldierOfLuv says:

          I can understand. Why you weren’t sure .

          Agreed NarcAngel

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