The Creature : An Introduction


Want to know what lurks beneath in EVERY narcissist?

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3 thoughts on “The Creature : An Introduction

  1. Bekah B says:

    I’ve just recently downloaded this and listened.. I’m looking forward to the book detailing the origins of The Creature, how it interacts with the narcissist day-to-day, and what would happen if it ever escaped its prison..

    This has piqued my curiosity as of late because I recently had an anger-fuelled, argumentative text exchange with my children’s father.. He claimed some preposterous things, essentially trying to make me out to be an abuser, and this pushed me to the point of calling out his abusive behavior over time and ultimately me telling him I hate him (for the first time ever in my life, after nearly 14 years).. I repeated I hated him a total of four times..

    Towards the end of that whole text conversation, he called me a very very different individual, causing him to tap into emotions he told himself he’d never, ever feel again in his life.. He said he recognized he wasn’t a man, but instead a “Hollow, Cursed Being” that would be haunted by this and future experiences forever.. He told me I didn’t care and this has caused him to become one with the “Being”, tasting and feeling “It” in full effect.. He said It burned, but that he was looking forward to the pain and he realized his Being wasn’t worth saving anymore..

    I’m thinking this was a reference to some type of Creature he has within him.. I’m hoping the book sheds some light on exactly what that is, and hopefully it can lead me to relate it to how my words made my children’s father feel as though he became one with this “Hollow, Cursed Being” recently..

  2. mollyb5 says:

    I asked the narc if he thinks he has a creature inside him …..when we were watching a paranormal show . Lol. He said “no”. But he pondered for a moment

  3. E&L says:

    This is my high school graduation photo (sorry it is from the ’80s) before instagram and the flattering filters that come with! Caption…Trappedin the recesses of my mind.MOST LIKELY TO GIVE IT UP, THROW IT UP, FUCK IT UP!!!

    But fear not graduates! Sans death, there exists a new day to get things right or better.

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