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This is a complete set of transcribed texts of the audio recordings of the Knowing HG series which will allow those detecting the series greater access to information by having it all set out in text. It will also allow better understanding of the names, places and references to be able to link them.

In addition, each Part has additional clues and explanations provided to allow the clue hunters to learn more, deduce more and start to piece together who sits at the Low Table, what their names are by reference to the Low Table, why they are there and what the Grand Design is going to do.

KHG contains the password and link to the Protected Discussion Forum where you can learn even more and share your findings with the other Clue Hunters from the readership.

Intriguing, riveting and a key to open the door…..

Obtain the key here

2 thoughts on “Clue Hunter

  1. FYC says:

    Hello HG, May I please purchase the transcription for 8″S”? I would be most grateful.

    1. FYC says:

      Sorry! I have this already and did not see it. I was so engrossed in audio, after listening I forgot to look at the other attachment! These transcriptions are a very much appreciated time saver and add to the accuracy of the interpretation. Thank you.

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