The Weighty Eighty

“HG, tell me, is Kylie Minogue a narcissist?”

“HG what is the assessment of Joe Biden?”

“HG, can you tell me if Tom Hanks is a narc?”

The hunger for knowledge about the famous continues and accordingly HG Tudor has produced more assessments of the famous.

Now, it is the Weighty Eighty – a collection of heavyweight individuals across politics, history, science, film, literature, celebrity and more. Drawn from around the globe, HG Tudor analyses eighty people and provides to you fifty narcissists with their school and cadre and thirty who do not belong to The Narc Club. Have your favourites escaped the determination of narcissist or have your suspicions been confirmed?

Where do Minogue, Biden and Hanks belong?

There is only one way to find out.


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3 thoughts on “The Weighty Eighty

  1. MommyPino says:

    I was also shocked with 40. She was actually one of my role models when I was a teenager. I don’t know anything bad about her. She is actually famous for being very empathic. This makes me want to read about her life.

    I knew that 56 is not a narcissist even though she doesn’t smile.

    I also knew that 51 was not a narcissist. Whenever I remember her I get really sad. I feel that she got entangled with a narcissist who introduced her to drugs and screwed her up. She was so beautiful and perfect but it just goes to show how being with the wrong person can make us forget about all of the beautiful things we possess. I feel so bad for her daughter too.

  2. MommyPino says:

    I have always known since I have learned about narcissism from Narcsite that 43 is a narcissist. I was just wrong about the school. Although my first guess about a year ago or so was UMR, it got demoted in my mind to an UL recently because of his recent actions and the personal bias I have. Apparently he is an UMR. I also didn’t think that Mid Rangers can have a foul mouth because the Mid Rangers that I had in my life, my half sister and older stepdaughter are both Type A’s and are too good for having a foul mouth. My younger SD is a Lower Mid Ranger though (disguised as Bipolar) has the most foul mouth when her fury is ignited. But I didn’t think 43 is a Lower MR. He stole his wife from a former friend who campaigned for him. I think that alone says a lot about his lack of empathy and sense of entitlement. His son is a narcissist as well in my opinion.

    I’m shocked at 17. I really like her but I don’t know anything about her personal life. I just always love her smile and she’s really beautiful even without makeup. She’s also good in her job or trade.

    I had a discussion with someone here before that 7 might not be a narcissist because she helped someone who was severely punished for something. I thought that it shows she has empathy. I have also not seen her get in nasty fights with people. Now I know it’s because she’s a Type A.

    Thank you for this excellent material HG. It’s really helpful in differentiating various manifestations of narcissism in different schools and cadres. Very generous of you to us.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome, MP.

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