H.G Tudor - Manipulated e-book cover

You are being manipulated and you may not even know how.
The first stage to combatting the narcissist is to
understand. Understand what the manipulations are that are
used against you and why.
This book will tell you what the most common
narcissistic manipulations are and why they are
used by the narcissist. Acquire this knowledge
and reduce your vulnerability
to the narcissist.
Beat the narcissist and know their machinations.

One thought on “Manipulated

  1. Asp Emp says:

    It takes being educated via KTN site & recognising -understanding the methods used, the different types and strengths of manipulations that narcissists had used on me in the past. I would recognise some manipulations in the future – when it comes to ‘dealing’ with narcissists ie at work, in friendships etc.

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