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HG Tudor provides you with a detailed and expert journey through a host of different manipulations matched to the different sub schools of narcissist that would be most likely and least likely to commit them, including instances where certain manipulations would never be used by particular narcissists.

If you want to understand more about the Middle Mid Range Type A, The Upper Lesser Type B, The Lower Greater and all of the various sub schools of narcissists, this is the book for you.

Understand which narcissists will not use Pity Plays, gain insight into the use of the Stepford Devaluation, understand the role of the facade with regard to the way the narcissist behaves. Which narcissists will use physical violence and in what circumstances, which narcissist will triangulate you and which ones might sleep with your sister.

Simple explanations, useful examples and insightful analysis which makes this the ideal companion to your work in beating the narcissist.

An expansive and informative work which gives you the information that you need and crave to enable you to understand more about the manipulations that narcissists use, why and especially why some narcissists use a particular manipulation and not others.

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3 thoughts on “Match the Manipulations

  1. Kat says:

    Hi HG,

    I have a few general questions, when you have time.

    1. Would you mind divulging if this content provides greater detail than what you explain in your videos and blogs?

    Until I am in a situation where I can purchase the Narc Detector (and purchase everything pertaining to my children), I’m trying to learn as much as possible to distinguish which sub school my partner belongs to – assuming that I am, indeed, ensnared. I have a few dollars left to my name, but want to make sure it goes to the best possible resource.

    2. If there is an alternative product that would better guide me in making an educated guess (below $24), would you be willing to point me in that direction?

    I have been listening to many of your videos trying to make the distinction, but it’s proving to be very difficult. Your video titled “Obligation and Guilt: How the Mid Range Narcissist Manipulates” was extremely helpful – but at the same time, left me feeling very confused. I heard his voice a bit in the phrases of the Lower Mid-Range, many times in the Middle Middle Type A and Type B, and some in the Upper Mid-Range.

    3. I was also wondering… You have made it clear that the Middle Middle Type B is the crybaby. Is this particular narcissist someone who would incorporate this into both the facade and the veneer?

    My partner definitely portrays himself as the victim when it comes to me, but otherwise, he has a seemingly justifiable arrogant (yet overall kind) facade. He’s not the Overwhelming Angel as he doesn’t trip over himself trying to help anyone and everyone – he may do this at work, I can’t be certain, but he doesn’t do this anywhere else. Generally, he is not violent, but he is prone to the occasional match with me (I wouldn’t say more than twice a year) and giving a wall his fist – and when he does get violent, of course, he’s the victim, I made him do it, feel sorry for him – his knuckles are bleeding. He relies heavily on the pity plays, but he has been haughty from time to time. All this to ask…

    4. My partner seems to display a myriad of manipulations throughout these sub schools. Is this typical? Is this a matter of choosing which sub school contains the majority of his behaviors?

    Thank you for your time!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I would recommend you utilise the Narc Detector and cut straight to the chase. You may wish to seek help from the Angel Assistance Fund along with a contribution of your own.

      1. Kat says:

        I have been itching to obtain your Narc Detector consultation. I saw the Angel Assistance Fund in passing, but didn’t feel it was fair for me to request it, given there are others who are likely in much more dangerous situations. Mine is problematic, certainly, but I do have the advantage of being able to identify many of the manipulations employed against me. Then again, I consider my two small children who are actively involved in this dynamic, and my own inability to control my emotional thinking much of the time… and that makes me believe that I really should do whatever is necessary to take the next step.

        I’ve managed to squeak past his attempts to keep me out of work and have obtained a part-time job this past week. While it won’t do much (since he’s now ensuring that every penny comes back to him in some way – his latest stunt: blowing several hundred dollars, knowing that the budget only allowed for just over $100 to be spent, forcing my entire upcoming check into his hands), I’m trying to secure at least $5 from every check for so long as I’m able to keep the job.

        All this to say that if I am fortunate enough to secure help through the Angel Assistance Fund, I would love to slowly replenish it, and even add to it further, if I’m able to.

        I had read in one of your articles that we’re to email you to seek assistance.

        Is there a particular subject that the email should have, and anything in specific in the body of the email?

        Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, for helping us out so immensely with all of your insight, and for allowing us all a way to help one another through this fund.

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