The narcissist survives by confusing and perplexing all around him or her. The narcissist operates in a different reality where what he or she says will means something entirely different to what you perceive. This results in argument, pain and a lack of understanding, with victims unable to comprehend why the narcissist behaves in this manner. Now you can understand what the narcissist is really saying to you with a whole host of familiar comments and phrases used by narcissists. Realise that is meant when a narcissist claims to be your soul mate, what does he or she mean when they declare they need to be alone for a while and what does “just a friend” actually involve? An enlightening and mesmerising insight into what the narcissist really means.

Want to know what the narcissist  really means?

This is the answer.

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One thought on “Decipher

  1. Asp Emp says:

    When I came to KTN site, I had somehow ‘lost’ my own ‘identity’ because of the narcissists of my past and in some way, I am still allowing the past to hold me back from ‘letting’ go of what happened to me. So effectively, I am allowing the ‘past’ to affect my present and it will affect my future if I do not ‘let it go’. A whole life-time of being affected and then all of a sudden, it takes one person to say to ‘let go of the past’ and they are right. The logical thinking in me tells me to let it go. The emotional thinking knows it needs to ‘be set free’ of the past.

    In a way, I have been trying damned hard to ‘decipher’ myself as an individual. It was a matter of unravelling the ‘messes’ in my mind and my emotions. Sometimes it is quite easy to ‘fall backwards’ and it takes someone else to ‘nudge’ me back to the present. I know how it can be done. And it will be done. I just need to trust more and stop repeating the same mistake of allowing the past to ‘dictate’ who and what I really am.

    Sometimes, it is so easy to allow my own “darkness” to ‘creep’ back into my mind and emotions. On this note, I can understand how it could be for narcissists as individuals. I cannot allow the narcissists of my past to ‘win’.

    That is what KTN site is here for. For us, as ‘victims’ to understand and educate ourselves about narcissism and how it affects us and narcissists themselves. I do wish that the friends that I have had in my life all these years, knew and understood about narcissism, but they don’t. At least, I have the people I have ‘met’ on this site. So, I thank you all for listening. And thank you to HG for listening, providing the hard logic, the resources of your understanding about narcissism and your cognitive empathy.

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