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If you are serious about understanding narcissism and achieving freedom, you must utilise these two Logic Bulletins. They will answer many of your questions and provide you with key insights. I make reference to this material and explain it in nearly every consultation that takes place because they are utterly central to the narcissistic dynamic and aiding your understanding.



You only ever have three key interactions with the narcissist. You need to know what those interactions are and what is behind those interactions.

This Logic Bulletin details for you what the 3 Key Interactions are with the narcissist.

You will learn

  • what they are,
  • what they look like,
  • be provided with examples to aid your understanding,
  • what your part in the interaction is
  • how to distinguish between the interactions
  • why the narcissist responds in a particular way with regard to each interaction
  • what the narcissist will do to you with regard to each interaction
  • fundamental logic to reduce your emotional thinking
  • fundamental logic to reduce the impact on you

This Logic Bulletin is easy to understand and utilises HG Tudor´s unrivalled knowledge, delivered in his accessible and direct manner.

For just US $ 9.99 you will receive in documentary form the Logic Bulletin for you repeated use and defence.
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You will threaten the control of the narcissist and you will do so on a repeated basis.

Whatever position you hold in the narcissists fuel matrix, your actions, inactions and words will threaten the narcissists sense of control over you.

What then will the narcissist do? Naturally, he or she, being a creature of control must maintain or regain control over you. How does the narcissist do this? The narcissist asserts control in one of three ways.

This Logic Bulletin addresses

– What those three methods are

– The most common method of asserting control over you

– Your status as the Primary Protagonist

– What happens when one of the methods of asserting control fails

– Enabling you to understand why the narcissist has responded in a particular way, so that you now recognise that this is actually an alternative method of asserting control over you

– Recognising the absolute necessity of the need for control and your role within that.

This demystifies the narcissists behaviour in a simple manner enabling you to add to your armoury of defences, reduce falling prey to the lure of emotional thinking and avoiding the effects of confusion and bewilderment.

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  1. Asp Emp says:

    Yup, I want to ‘Beat The Narcissist’……. that Bumbling Jidiot (and his Minions) for not managing the covid situation better. Another damned Lockdown, Fkg hell. In my opinion, Tier 4 is basically the same as Lockdown. Wasting Public Funds on stuff that is or was not needed, like PPE that was ‘unfit for purpose’ etc. FFS.

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