How to Make the Narcissist Suffer Forever

One thought on “How to Make the Narcissist Suffer Forever

  1. Asp Emp says:

    This video was interesting as it refers to ‘reduced’ emotional empathy, especially in relation to an ‘abusive narcissist’. I certainly felt ‘reduced’ emotional empathy when I saw the Lesser last autumn. Even though it had been quite a period of time since the previous time I saw this Lesser, my ’emotional empathy reduction’ was sudden (instant).

    “it becomes tomorrow’s fish and chip papers”….. laughing…..

    Actually, in relation to the Lesser, there are other people who had ‘dealings’ with him ie at work – they know what he is like so I have no need to explain myself to anybody.

    “the fact that you have torn yourself out of the narcissist fuel matrix” – I liked the way this is worded.

    “you’ll put a huge dent in the fuel matrix maybe removing 80 to 90 percent of that narcissist fuel and possibly tipping the narcissist towards a fuel crisis” – wow, I had no idea how much ‘fuel’ would be ‘with-drawn’ and that percentage is huge. My jaw dropped at this fact.

    My ’emotional thinking’ response when I saw the Lesser was that of ‘flight’. No words spoken, no eye contact on my part. I don’t care or give a s**t how he ‘felt’ (by his instincts, as he has no emotional or cognitive empathy) or ‘thought’ at my reaction.

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