How To Beat The Narcissist At His Own Game

One thought on “How To Beat The Narcissist At His Own Game

  1. Asp Emp says:

    “empaths can manipulate it is rare it is unusual and it is usually as a consequence of operating on the basis of either a misunderstanding or an erosion of emotional empathy caused by an external stressor where those manipulations take place by the empath they are invariably aimed at the narcissist because the narcissist is the protagonist” – this, I now understand.

    “we look at the world through a lens of control you’re either with us or you’re against us” – a higher-up at work has used similar words to me.

    “putting the phone down on you” – mother did this a number of time to her mother or mother-in-law. Obviously something was said that mother did not “agree with”.

    “you can’t manipulate a manipulator” – I have used the phrase “You can’t outsmart a smart-arse” when I have done or said something that made someone else stop in their tracks, ie against the Lesser. A ‘404’ moment for the narcissist. More than once.

    The only time a narcissist cannot ‘win’ is when they are not in a management position at work and are going against the policy / procedures when you show them the ‘rules’. The one time, I flatly refused to ‘falsify’ the accounts against the “suggestion” from a senior manager narcissist at work, they backed down because they made the mistake of saying this to me in front of two others (who backed me up).

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