How To Mirror A Narcissist

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  1. Asp Emp says:

    This was a good video to read. It is an interesting piece to read because the fact that the majority of children learn by ‘copying’ their peers. In fact, a child would not understand why, say, a narcissist parent is ‘reacting’ based on the narcissism. A child does not even know that narcissism exists.

    So, a child who is learning the ‘behaviours’ from a parent is most likely to become an ACON (and possibly turn out to be a narcissist themselves, depending whether they have the ‘seed’ as per genetic / environmental factors). And when that child becomes an adult and has has children of their own – the whole pattern of ‘narcissism’ and it’s affects gets repeated.

    It becomes even ‘messier’ if there are other personality traits and / or neurological differences genetically passed on. It can actually lead to individuals with ‘complex’ personalities – which would make it more difficult to be able to provide ‘assistance’ to those individuals.

    This is where more science & medical professionals need to become aware of narcissism. I would also suggest that teachers in schools need to know about narcissism – to aid children who are being affected, thus, potentially leading to less ‘issues’ developing into the teenage / adult years.

    More awareness is needed to understand the human psyche rather than just ‘mental health’. More needs to be done and included in training when these professionals are learning in their ‘chosen’ subject as their career.

    In the UK, we have the ‘Mental Health Act’, ‘The Autism Act’ and some more but not good enough.

    What a fkg mess.

    HG is doing more than his part and has done a fabulously brilliant job of providing KTN site, the resources, consultations, videos and so on. Thank you from me for your work HG.

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