Famous Empaths (includes Famous Narc and Empath Romantic Relationships)



20 Famous Empaths with details of their schools and cadres.

HG Tudor details for you following examination of each individual those who attain the status of being both famous and an empath. The school and cadre are also included, so you can find out whether your favourite film star is a super empath or whether that politician is of the saviour cadre. What about that musician? Is she an empath and if so, is she a Contagion or a Standard Empath. Discover whether your favourite  people are empaths and what kind. Have your suspicions confirmed and learn some surprises also.

Bonus material included – Famous Narcissist and Empath Romantic Couples.

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2 thoughts on “Famous Empaths (includes Famous Narc and Empath Romantic Relationships)

  1. Asp Emp says:

    The film ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ was on last night and I was really watching Angelina closely……

  2. A Victor says:

    These, as well as the Famous Narcissist etc ones, are fun and educational. They help me see the schools and cadres in action, so to speak. And I recently submitted a Narc Hunter 20 Bullets, to see how many I could guess correctly, 12 correct out of 20, not the best but it will improve and, more learning happened which was the objective. I recommend obtaining these.

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