The Addiction Double Package



Usually US $ 60, available for just US $ 44.99

As part of the implementation and maintenance of your no contact regime, it is necessary for you to understand a very important person – you.

You need to understand that you have an addiction, an addiction to the narcissist.

Why do you have this addiction? What is its foundation? Why is it so powerful? Why does it prevail even when you gain extensive knowledge about escaping the narcissist? Why do you know the narcissist is bad for you yet keep engaging with the narcissist in some form? Why is it so hard to overcome? Why does it have such a grip on you?

This Assistance Package answers all of these questions and more and is a FUNDAMENTAL necessity of achieving freedom from the narcissist.

The addiction to the narcissist creates the Enemy Within – Emotional Thinking.

This Assistance Package addresses questions including –

What is the relationship between the addiction and emotional thinking?

How does emotional thinking affect me?

How is the addiction fed?

What do I do that increases my emotional thinking?

What are the three things which arise from the existence of emotional thinking? What do they look like?

What is the impact of the three things which arise from emotional thinking?

What will emotional thinking do to me

Is emotional thinking permanent?

In order to escape the narcissist you need to understand everything about the narcissist to defeat the Enemy Without but you must also understand yourself and the addiction to the narcissist, which includes the Enemy Within.

This Assistance Package is provided through a detailed audio file, packed with information and examples. Obtain it here

3 thoughts on “The Addiction Double Package

  1. Asp Emp says:

    I was given the Triple Package via Angel Assistance Fund application at the start of my journey when I joined KTN. I have come a long way since. Thank you, HG for your support & generosity, at the time of my joining KTN and since. It has been so valuable.

  2. A Victor says:

    I have the Triple Package, but two of the parts in it are these, they are very useful and informative.

  3. Truthseeker6157 says:

    Funnily enough I listened to the first part of this again over the weekend. I had utilised the later parts regularly but had listened to the first part only once, very early on in my voyage of discovery. It’s outstanding. It explains so much about how empaths were formed and why it is that we carry the addiction. I appreciated it even more second time round. If there are readers here who haven’t accessed this package yet, please consider doing so whilst this generous offer is on. I can’t emphasise enough the difference it made to me in terms of my understanding of my own predicament and in aiding my recovery.

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