Famous Empaths (includes Famous Narc and Empath Romantic Relationships)



20 Famous Empaths with details of their schools and cadres.

HG Tudor details for you following examination of each individual those who attain the status of being both famous and an empath. The school and cadre are also included, so you can find out whether your favourite film star is a super empath or whether that politician is of the saviour cadre. What about that musician? Is she an empath and if so, is she a Contagion or a Standard Empath. Discover whether your favourite  people are empaths and what kind. Have your suspicions confirmed and learn some surprises also.

Bonus material included – Famous Narcissist and Empath Romantic Couples.

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One thought on “Famous Empaths (includes Famous Narc and Empath Romantic Relationships)

  1. Paul says:

    What is your understanding of progressives?

    I have spent a lot of time debating progressives and believe that they are driven by fear, not empathy. They actually lean towards left-wing authoritarianism and can be very intolerant. They tend to see only victim and oppressor groups rather than individual people and don’t actually want to interact much with people in their chosen victim groups and need them to stay in their place when they do so.

    In my view, progressive policies are an appeal to left-wing authoritarianism at heart. Left-wing authoritarianism appeals to progressives because it provides a set of simple rules for living clearly articulated and strictly enforced to allow them to keep their feelings of anxiety at bay. What progressives were actually objecting to when they objected to Donald Trump was the fact that he was dismantling the system of simple rules for living that they had come to rely on to deal with their feelings of anxiety. On the other hand, the real reason why Trump supporters supported Donald Trump was because of the fact that he was dismantling the system of simple rules for living built up by progressives that Trump supporters, not being driven by fear, had no need for and found stifling.

    Any thoughts?

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