Chrissy Teigen : A Very Sinking Narcissist? Part Five

One thought on “Chrissy Teigen : A Very Sinking Narcissist? Part Five

  1. Violetta says:

    Is anyone who engages in snotty celebrity gossip also engaging in narcissism, or at least in highly narcissistic behavior? Here on KTN, we may focus on analysis of the narcissism of a celebrity, but I have to admit I read more generalized snotty gossip reader comments with possibly excessive glee, as well as contributing my own.

    Granted, most people probably don’t express a wish that someone take a dirt nap or slit her wrists (unless such comments just aren’t making it past moderation), but we don’t just rip into people for bad behavior: we get personal. Comments on Teegan-Taygan often bring up her chipmunk cheeks as well as her malice, those on Markle mention her chicken-legs and butt-pads no less than her remarkably limited talents as an actress and author, and there was a list of Scottish insults about Donald Trump that I thought attained actual poetry.

    Can it be considered mitigating circumstances if we reserve this sort of derision for people who’ve acted like jackholes, while sparing people like Courtney Stodden or Britney Spears who haven’t harmed anyone but themselves? I’ll be honest: I LOVE ripping into people who remind me of narcs I’ve known personally or professionally. I didn’t like Trump as a president, but I didn’t detest him personally as much as Markle and Teegan-Taygan, each of whom reminds me of a distinct school bully.

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