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The Knowledge Vault is absolutely packed with an array of excellent material which will enable you to understand so much more about yourself and narcissism. You will gain insight, protection and entertainment. The material is unrivalled in its ease of access, application and depth. As August draws to a close and we move into the final third of the year, ensure that the progress you have made so far his year is not undone or accelerate your march to freedom by entering the Knowledge Vault and drinking deep of the information you will find there.

For the remainder of August you will receive 50% discount with regard to EVERYTHING in The Knowledge Vault by applying the discount code brouhaha50 at the checkout.

Enter The Knowledge Vault here

(Note this applies to Knowledge Vault products only – therefore not consultations or detectors)

3 thoughts on “50% Discount : Knowledge Vault

  1. BC30 says:

    I spotted a Narc in the wild. It was so obvious to me now that I know what the signs are.

    She wanted to borrow jewelry– umm, no. We just met. No boundaries.
    She berated some of the other women there. Control/Challenge Fuel
    She demanded free wine and other such things when the staff were, in her opinion, not up to par. 🙄 Entitlement

    The best part was during the formal dinner. I wore a shimmery red dress with strassed heels. As I walked past her table. I was called over. While everyone was admiring my outfit and hair– you should have seen the FURY on her face. 😂

    With a sour tone she said, “I would never wear such a bold red.” Her attempt to demean me failed. I said, “You really shouldn’t! It’s not your color, but this black looks lovely.” I tried to sound as genuine as possible, not snarky or sarcastic. 🤣

    One last thing…we were at the floating cabana and everything is complimentary–champagne, lobster, all of it, so she really made a fool of herself demanding “free” things from the cabana attendant because he wasn’t quick enough bringing things from the island.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      BC30, this was really funny to read. I’ve been ‘displaying’ a similar ‘attitood’ towards a couple of the very low end of the echelons this week and it feels so good…..laughing. Indirect ‘revenge’ – how sublime.

  2. BC30 says:

    What a great surprise to return to! There is way too much to catch up on, so I think I’ll just hop in.

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